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Author Topic: Death Country Hidden Oni Village  (Read 4555 times)


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Re: Death Country Hidden Oni Village
« Reply #15 on: May 17, 2007, 02:53:53 AM »

Username: Maria
Character Name: Akizakura, Maria(her true last name is unknown)
Gender:  Female
Age: 18
Rank: Hunter nin
Personality: Calm, Intelegent, quiet
Alignment: Neutral
Status: unknown
Sexuality: straight
Type of Jutsu :  Weijutsu & Taijutsu
Custom Jutsus : Teliporttation jutsu: It speaks for itself,
Blades of Light: Summons Swords made of light around the opponent and when she commands it, they stab into them (works with multipule enemys)
Summoning;Bauhmut: a large black dragon comes down to Maria's aid. Sometimes a red or silver dragon appears
Blood Blade: She smears her blood onto her red sword while she distracts the enemy by throwing her giant fan she slashes at the enemy, leaving a glowing red trail after each slash

Clan: None
Kekkei genkai: None
Hobbies: Traveling for unknown reasons and practicing new jutsus
Physical Description/Appearence: Aburn hair that stops mid torso, Hazel eyes, Pale skined and a thin build
Clothing/Acessories: Fingerless leather and fishnet gloves, her shirt is like the top of Lulu's dress (but without any of that fir but it goes over her chest) and shorts Sometimes she wears a leather jacket
Equipment/ Weapons:  Shuriken, two katanas (one with a blue leather handle another with a red handle with many intracate criscroses with the cloth.) and a giant fan with a dragon and rose petals on it
Color I Will Be Posting In: Red
History: Not much is known about Maria. She has recently appered in the village. The local preist beleves that she has been around many demons because of a strange aura that surounds her

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