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Bijuu Arena / Re: Jestar vs Ray (7-tails OOC Battle)
« on: July 31, 2017, 04:14:30 pm »
This could be put into village square now, since there are no Biju on the line and all.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jestar vs Ray (7-tails OOC Battle)
« on: July 27, 2017, 08:11:51 pm »
Spinning yet still, Jestar, seeing Ray being pushed back successfully, decided to press what he had left of his sword. With the sword on its last legs, Jestar, seeing Ray forming the spear, would bend forward slighhtlly, causing the still Raiton charged blade portion to fly from Jestar at speeds rivaling the at this point just thrown spear (4-5 seconds to reach Ray). The intention of the blade would be twofold; Jay might would keep the smoke spear solid in order to have the projectiles bounce off of each other, removing the threat to both combatants. Or, he would make the smoke intangible and the projectile would continue through and threaten Ray.

Not that Jestar seriously was under the illusion that Ray could be impaled by the sword, which would have enough momentum to go right through the average person, leaving a jagged hole through his torso (not even bothering with the Raiton since dark release armor kind of makes that a moot buff for the thing). No, Jestar more realistically expected Ray to dodge the attack with relative ease, and then begin yet another barrage of attacks.

Indeed, whether the incoming smoke spear were to still come at him or not, Jestar, would return to a more natural posture and kick off from his standing place, arcing off to dodge the spear with hands weaving in a flurry. Imbuing the local blades of grass with his chakra, Jestar summoned a "leaf storm" from the surrounding leaves, intending on concealing his movements and physically hindering Ray's mobility.

Hidden in the Leaves Technique

 Jestar's intentions would be fairly clear from a 3rd person perspective; having been barraged by Ray (nevermind the shunshin act) he was ready to take back the initiative that he had practically given away with his testing shots. If not interrupted, the entire battlefield would seemingly be covered in the grass blade jutsu storm within 3 turns, though for the time being it would start within a 20 meter circle with Jestar as the epicenter and spread outward from there.

Thus, after performing the jutsu, Jestar would practically disappear within his jutsu from Ray's perspective after a second or so of finishing the handseals.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jestar vs Ray (7-tails OOC Battle)
« on: July 24, 2017, 08:59:13 am »
While trying to not be drained with the swamp, Jestar is now confronted with a distance closing move by his quarry, using shunshin to quickly move to where Jestar is located at. Now, since he used shunshin, Jestar's  byakugan by virtue could detect his general movement, even when sheltered from the extreme light by the slightly shifted mask; the explosions that would occur at Ray's feet the moment he set foot on the earthen swamp would also help spot the man.

Since he had to physically move to Jestar's position, then the earthen swamp could not have been particularly large; after all, unless he triggered a chain of bakuton explosions on his way to Jestar, the swamp could not be covering the entire battlefield, or even the distance from Jestar to Ray; it would not be to Jestar's advantage to assume that the swamp then only covered the space immediately below him, so let's assume it's a few meter around and about.

Since Jestar had been facing Ray, then for Ray to get behind him, he would have had to go around him; again, since Ray used shunshin this process would not take particularly long to happen, but the timeframe during which it happened allowed the Hyuuga-Nara to guess that his opponent was trying to flank him. Though there was no predicting the exact attack in question as Jestar has never fought a dark release user before (I will probably regret admitting that later), it could be predicted at this point that Jestar was not going to escape the swamp unharassed.

Already in the shocking mood, Jestar would have one defense that would prove valuable in keeping his internal bits from being jangled into oblivion; his Blade of Thunder, combined with his ANBU armor. Yes, against something as powerful as this the armor alone was nothing to boast of, but the Blade of Thunder, the large sword strapped to Jestar's back, especially with some Raiton, could serve as a reasonable defense against the attack.

As Ray's attack closed in and Jestar's feet became more free, he turned as if to spin about and try to hit Ray, all the while using some of the Raiton from earlier to store into his sword, which began to glow. The glow was very brief, as a part of Ray's attack, and thanks to the explosions that disrupted Ray's footing, not only would Jestar have enough time to make this maneuver (after all, the sword already covered most of his back anyways) but also to begin releasing more Raiton chakra.

What is the point in surging Raiton into the sword strapped to his back? Well, the moment that the Super Revival jutsu hit the sword, then while the dark release chakra may have absorbed any electricity that might would hit the attack, the sword would still emit its signature, thunder-like roar that has been described as a "boom" by those nearby as result of the dark release chakra not encompassing the entirety of the blade. Now obviously at such close range this loud boom would hurt the ears, deafen had Jestar enough time to fully get the sword charged up, but the point of the boom was, as the force of the attack drove Jestar further into a spinning motion, the sound might would startle Ray and again trigger his Bakuton armor.

Now hold on, chief, why are you trying to hit Jestar with yet more force? Using the force of the initial dark release attack, while it would certainly be enough to fracture the sword itself, the bakuton explosions, based upon Ray's ability to stand on the earthen swamp at all in order to attack, were weak enough to not add so tremendously that the big picture would be affected.

Rather than the force of the blow merely sending Jestar in one direction, if fully successful in his endeavor, Jestar would turn much of the force from the Super Revival Jutsu into torque, spinning him about like a beyblade top. The Raiton he was now emitting from nigh every pore would, combined with the spinning, form a shield of sorts that would not only block out the bakuton rebuttal from the sound blast, but possibly send the force of the explosions right back to Ray, ultimately leading to him being blown backwards and upwards (explosions directly below him and now in front of him if this all comes to pass) with the stinging blast of Raiton perhaps singing at his flesh. To be caught in the rotation without protection at all, at the speeds that Jestar was going, would have likely cost him a limb altogether.

Lightning Release: Rotating Shield of the Lightning God

Of course, this method of counter had its, drawbacks, in that, as earlier mentioned, the chakra nullifying/disruption/consumption power of the dark release chakra (Jestar would not exactly have the time to determine which it was from his brief look at what it did to his Blade of Thunder's raiton chakra) was a likely counter to the attack, potentially delayed by the blowblack from Ray's own Bakuton armor. Additionally, due to the force of the attack, while Jestar had kept from receiving a fatal blow this time, the strike would be enough to send the spinning Raiton sphere of protection (with a diameter of about 180cm, or 1.8m, about Jestar's arm span) spinning 3 meters forward (relative to where Jestar was initially facing, opposite of where Ray would be blown back), carving out mud and grass and dirt as he went. His sword had taken irreparable damage and would be fractured close to the center, nearly completely separated from its lower half and the hilt as Jestar spun.

Probably would be best to leave this post here. Longer I make it the less put together it gets. x.x Hopefully enough detail to put my head picture onto forum paper. This was my more interesting, but much riskier plan, so if I need to repost then I'll probably go with my less risky plan (if permitted) to save time.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Ray v Jestar 7-tails fight discussion thread
« on: July 24, 2017, 06:39:31 am »

... As for the revival fist, it's clear based on what Jay wrote that he's using the super revival fist. Additionally, the page itself says that the regular revival fist causes "tremendous internal damage" and the Super Revival Fist hits with "tremendous bone-shattering force". Presumably the latter is a stronger version of the original technique, so Ray's description of it seems appropriate to me.

Well, using Jay's repost for highlight, I think my confusion can be seen at least:

Original ~
The orb, if it hits Jestar, would create a shock wave that would cause severe internal damage, likely throwing his organs around inside him, which would be more than any one could handle and easily kill. In addition, the shockwave caused by the orb, correctly known as Revival Fist, would send the man flying with plenty of force that he'd attain damage from every bounce he'd make on the ground.

New ~

The orb, if it hits Jestar, would create a shock wave that would cause severe internal damage, likely throwing his organs around inside him, which would be more than any one could handle and easily kill. In addition, the shockwave caused by the orb, correctly known as Super Revival Fist, would send the man flying with plenty of force that he'd attain damage from every bounce he'd make on the ground...

He described the Super version from the get-go, yes, but called it the regular version, hence my confusion. And bone-shattering force and organ jumbling are not the same thing though they are not far off. Jestar could take the hit to his side and, with bone shatteirng force, lose a few ribs and some serious internal bleeding, but not get his intestines knocked out of place; if Jestar takes that hit to the side with organ displacing force, his intestines might find themselves playing pingpong with the spine and abdominal muscles, with a kidney as a wild ball thrown into the court.

One of those is lethal, one of those is not in this context. Bone shattering and organ sloshing can both be considered tremendous internal damage (the latter obviously more extreme) so naturally I wanted to be clear on which Jestar has to deal with before deciding between my options.

*I'd like to add that, in Jay's repost, only a single explosion occurs as a result of his stepping into the doton swamp. Since the armor reforms everytime it is triggered and the doton swamp with some bits of Raiton constantly beneath him, shouldn't there be more than one explosion if not a constant chain of explosions that disrupt his footing more than just a little bit? After all the explosions were strong enough to destroy streams of Raiton, and anywhere his feet touch the swamp technique the armor should be triggered if I understand this armor right.

Bijuu Arena / Ray v Jestar 7-tails fight discussion thread
« on: July 23, 2017, 05:57:20 pm »
Thought I sent a PM about it, but I'm not gonna spend 5 days beating a horse. I'll make the post here so you both can respond at your leisure.

My issues with Jay's post are that his bakuton armor did not respond to stepping into the mud swamp nor with getting close to someone using chidori nagashi. The bakuton armor so far has been shown to respond automatically to chakra based attacks  coming into contact with Ray. The dark release technique that he used also requires the use of two hands (he only used one without extra reason) and from what I see in the movie depiction does not cause as much crippling damage as the post suggests.

Other than that I've already got a response in mind,  was just waiting on the judge's opinion on these, apparently in vain if he didn't get my PM, so sorry about that.

Edit: "Don't be alarmed, but I fixed the subject header from Jay to Ray, since it was confusing me and a bunch of other people were probably confused with the typo." -Camelicious

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jestar vs Ray (7-tails OOC Battle)
« on: July 20, 2017, 10:11:29 pm »
Now obviously Ray's actions, at least up until the ball of light, could be seen by Jestar, primarily the bakuton armor that so protected Ray so effectively. The purpose of the Raiton even was visible, temporarily blindness. As the light was not particularly supernatural, all Jestar had to do was quickly shift his mask as to temporarily block out the light using his already raised hand (as already the lightning blasts had been let loose).

Of course, while he did that, he felt a sinking feeling that he was not yet done with his quarry's attacks; though concealed by the mask, his byakugan would have been enough to tell him that he had a doton attack incoming, but the sinking feeling was the tell on what he was falling towards. By surging Raiton throughout his entire body, Jestar would weaken the doton jutu's hold, allowing him to wrench himself free from the jutus's grasp.

Lightning Release: Chidori Current

Assuming that this would work, Jestar would continue channeling Raiton through his body like a fuzzy dog fresh out of the dryer, intent on deterring anymore doton attacks.

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jestar vs Ray (7-tails OOC Battle)
« on: July 20, 2017, 08:41:36 pm »
Jestar activated his byakugan, observing not just Ray, but his chakra network. Coming to the conclusion that he too had a beast of sorts, and noting the special layer of chakra that seemed to serve as an armor of sorts, Jestar hummed. He came to the conclusion that, at merey 35 meters away, as long as the wind blew to their right, using fire would be somewhat counterproductive and rather easy to dodge. While the grass did allow him to, if he wanted to, connect shadows with his opponent, Jestar decided on a less, obvious approach.

He knew little of Ray, and he needed to learn more if he was going to formulate a working strategy on how to beat him. Performing a set of handsigns, Jestar would raise his hand in front of him, it sparking and staticing with eletricity in what looked to be a hyperactivity Chidori. But contrary to that, Jestar released the eletricity in a series of quick streams towards Ray in an attempt to see what kind of evasive and/or defensive measures. The streams would not be powerful enough to rip through Ray's body or anything, only enough to shock him and cause 3rd degree burns in the area of impact.

Again, the focus was to gauge Ray's reaction; after releasing these streams, therefore, he would ready himself for a counterattack.

One Thousand Birds: Thunder

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jestar vs Ray (7-tails OOC Battle)
« on: July 20, 2017, 07:59:07 pm »
It had been many months since Athos had handed over the beast. Well, a couple months to be more accurate but still off the mark. Since then, while Jestar the ANBU had not really built much of a relationship with Chomei over this time, he had developed some of the beast's techniques, somewhat, to fit his general strategem. Of course, in this plains area, normally not a place for an ANBU of his caliber, the knee high grass would hardly hide him from the glaring sun. He wore his ANBU gear and his ANBU cloak, his Tiger mask concealing his face, and strapped to his back was the large Blade of Thunder.

He had won his last fight with more cunning and luck than raw might, but he was both a Hyuuga and a Nara; he was no brute, though he could be written brutish at any point if it were advantageous. Such was the power of the shinobilegend. In any case, the young man, while he had trembled before the prospect of facing Athos, was more confident with his latest challenger; less of a reputation for curb stomping noobs, Ray's resume was by comparison to Athos' less impressive.

But that did not mean that Jestar was underestimating his opponent. No, not in the least bit. It just meant that he was not on the verge of shitting himself, a detail that his washing machine greatly appreciated.

The 7-tails remained silent. Jestar had not been much for conversation so far, so it did not expect him to get particularly chatty now, not now that he needed to focus on his upcoming battle.

Bijuu Arena / Jestar vs Ray (7-tails OOC Battle)
« on: July 20, 2017, 07:45:09 pm »
[ Information Post ]

Host: Jestar Holrew Nara

Biju: Chomei, 7-tailed beast

Method: OOC battle to concession

Location: Plains Zone, strong wind, tall grass, sunny with a 40% chance of rain (so some clouds), flat elevation all the way around.

Judge: Vail

Challenger: Ray Iburi

Stake: 0-tail beast

Restrictions: No Kamui Intangibility, no Boruto stuff

If everything looks good to you Ray, post you cool with it, and I will make opening post

We should talk to Vail to make sure he is onboard before we get too far. Since you also have a beast, I assume then that you are willing to put it up in this fight too. Other than that Im ready, though my mastery here is out of date since it's what, July 20th? I technically have 50% mastery, which gives me access to V1 cloak and rank B of Chomei's jutsu.

All that in mind, I'll make that intro post after shooting Vail a mail.

I would like to put forth a challenge for the 7 tails.

Okay. What kind of fight do you want? I'm feeling lazy so I prefer ooc with Vail as judge. I'm pretty lax with my conditions and terms and all that, but depending on what you would want restricted I might add some stuff of my own.

Feature Requests / Re: Committing Suicide
« on: July 13, 2017, 02:42:28 am »
The only way to die in a oro hideout is when there's a pit to fall in otherwise any good account with the dog out can't die.

Or wall smash. Don't forget the wall smash trap

Feature Requests / Re: Committing Suicide
« on: July 11, 2017, 05:50:08 pm »
Yeah no. I'd rather not get screwed 100% at the graveyard so a minority can kill faster, and I'm pretty sure other players wouldn't dig that either.



Feature Requests / Re: Clan Link Option
« on: July 03, 2017, 04:58:26 am »
Isn't there a secret convoy room in the gypsy tent for clan leaders? Why not just make that accessible to all and that be used as a public rping spot for clans? It's not like it's really being used now.

Game Related Discussions / Re: Removal of the Mod Event
« on: June 24, 2017, 05:34:27 pm »
Well 3 times I've died by this today.... This event is really annoying.

Isn't it normally pretty rare to get it?

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