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Council / Re: Where does the Sub fit in the 2:5 ratio?
« on: Today at 05:53:32 am »
So are you saying that a rule change to 3:4 instead of 2:5, or is the proposal to get rid of the ratio system altogether?

Council / Where does the Sub fit in the 2:5 ratio?
« on: August 16, 2017, 05:39:24 pm »
Recently Yomi brought up an interesting conundrum that could be a problem during the relatively long tenure of current biju holders. I am currently a summoner to the 5-tails and a member of the Council. Optimal is currently a jinchurikii to the 3-tails and primarily serves as a substitute for Sabumaru, a non-jinchurikii. If Rusaku successfully wins the 9-tails from Jay, then there is the possibility of, in the case of Optimal subbing in for Sabu, there definitively being 3 jinchurikii/summoners on the Council (which violates the 2:5 ratio rule regarding tailed beast holders).

My topic title question, depending on the answer, means that the ratio issue will be a problem either sooner or later regarding this substitute position that Optimal holds. Sooner if Substitutes are counted in the ratio by default and later if substitutes would only be counted if they have to sub in for someone.

Either way, it is a problem I'd rather discuss now rather than later now that it has been brought to my attention.

Council / Re: Current List of Biju Council Members
« on: August 15, 2017, 02:39:30 pm »
The 3rd Cohort has been appointed! The number of candidates was equal to the number seats with an excess of one, so there was no actual election of this cohort's members. Congratulations all the same, and thanks for rising to the occasion!

Council / Re: Council Election Volunteers, 3rd Cohort
« on: August 14, 2017, 12:47:29 pm »
I like the idea that my constant unavailablity won't cost anyone for once, but I'll still be able to help out. Saiteki can be my stand in.
Eric I'll send you my email as well.

So in other words I'd like the council seat, if all are okay with that. Don't want to step on any toes.

Then it's settled, we have our 3rd cohort + a stand-in.

Council / Re: Council Election Volunteers, 3rd Cohort
« on: August 14, 2017, 02:29:42 am »
I think it's a fine idea, I wonder what Sabu's thoughts on it though. Cause if yall both say give it to each other then that puts us back at square 10.

Council / Re: Council Election Volunteers, 3rd Cohort
« on: August 13, 2017, 04:06:29 am »
I only really offered to get you to 7. If you've got enough without me, don't worry about voting.

That is similar to what Saburamu said, so between the two of you, availability vs interest, which of you two are more available for the task? Not that I think it will be particularly arduous, but it's when the going is easy and we get complacent that something crazy random pops up.

Council / Re: Council Election Volunteers, 3rd Cohort
« on: August 11, 2017, 01:46:19 pm »
So let me run the list of volunteers just to be sure:

1 ) Eric
2 ) Hades
3 ) Dato
4 ) Rusaku
5 ) Xia
6 ) Ethaniel
7 ) Saburamu
8 ) Optimal

Are there any of these volunteers who are no longer interested in being on the Council? If not, then we move on to elections to get us down to 7, and if more than one person on this list has lost interest then I'll make a proposal to reduce the # of Council members down to no less than 5 for the sake of finally having an active Council again.

Village Square / Paradise Found [ Summon Island RP, PM to join anytime]
« on: August 10, 2017, 06:31:28 pm »
Eric woke up. Some birds were singing, the clouds above were puffy and shady, and so far, no insect seemed interested in bugging the Nara. And yet, he felt hot, or more accurately, his arm felt rather hot.

Rolling up the sleeve to his hooded robes, he noticed the distinct glow of his summoning tattoo. That was weird. Looking around, seeing himself on some sort of tropical beach-jungle front, the man only became even more confused. This was far from any of his hideouts, that was for sure.

He had to be dreaming. And yet, it felt very real, as if he were in some sort of trance or genjutsu. The man pinched himseslf, bit his lip, and even reached for the suddenlly appearing tools pouch for a kunai to cut himself with. The shaking of the ground interrupted his last gesture, as if something as wildly stomping towards him. As Eric listened closer, his heart seemed to race; that was not just random stomping. It resembled galloping.

Either he was in a place with giant horses, or his glowing summoning tattoo for the 5-tails was an indicator that he had the beast hot and incoming. The man got up just in time to see a large number of trees crashing to the ground, as the galloping drew closer and closer. Eric leaped from the palm tree that he was on, his back to the beach and his front forward, as he reached for his sword.

His not present on his back sword. Before Eric could will it into existent, Kokuo burst from the jungle cover, frothing at the mouth with wild eyes that had a pattern like that of the sharingan. Atop its head was a man with spikey hair and crimson armor, lazily pointing in Eric's general direction as if he could hardly be bothered to direct.

Up went the foot, and then down, Eric shadow migrating through the rather large shadow of the 5-tails. It was still marked with his level 2 curse; that meant that he might could bring it to heel. Just as he appeared from the back end, his connection suddenly seemed cut off. A harsh cuff to hiss right cheek brought the Nara to the ground, the flash of a grey kunai catching his attention. With hardly enough time to react the man activated the earth spear technique of his robe.

His sleeve magically pulled itself up just in time to guard from the threat of... a triple pronged kunai? Confused, Eric looked up to see Tomi standing there, with a single kata. It looked familiar, that handsign, but then Eric's surroundings changed, and he found himself tied to a set of palm trees by kanji, with a wooden table down below.

There sat another famaliar face; Nathan. Why was he here? It now being obvious that this was a dream, what with all three of these characters being in the same place at the same time being incredibly unlikely if not outright impossible, Eric concluded that he must be having some sort of nightmare.

A nightmare that he conventionally was not waking up from.

"You two are matches made in heaven." Nathan winked, scrawling something onto the Mokuton desk. "Prideful, non-confrontational, and above all else, runners. Tell me man, have you EVER actually stayed true to anything in your goddam life?"

That sounded more like his personal conscious than Nathan, Eric noted. He was not really in a position to challenge it, though, as even shadow migration failed him now. Probably the 4th's jutsu, Eric reasoned.

"Tell me, do you like vore, Eric?"

"Don't ansnwer, that is not important." The Uchiha, now easily recognizable as Kamui the previous first Hokage, appeared next to Nathan, his sharingan giving off an eerie glow as if he were more spectre than man. He still had those cracks from when Eric had last seen him, the signs of Edo Tensei. "Anyways, coward, Konoha is taking back what rightfully belongs to it."

"Since when were you a member of Konoha again, 'lord first Hokage'?"

"Since when were you anything more than a coward posing as a legendary shinobi?"

"I know my limits, I know my strengths. I do not want to be all powerful, and frankly, I have never attacked Konoha no matter how rogue I have ever been."

"Listen, Nara. You hear that?"

The wind howled, but it howled in a way that he was famaliar with. It howled, like a voice, famaliar. No, sensei, it could not be? Had his voice also came to echo into his ear? About how he was supposed to be strong enough to keep the contract? About how he had failed him as a student and as a dragon sage?

No, it whispered something different, but Eric could not make it out.

"In this world, you either stay strong enough to be a legend. Or you stay stagnant long enough to be cannon fodder. Enjoy, my new pet."

Kokuo appeared again, Uchiha bloodlust in its eyes. Eric entered sage mode and absorbed the chakra of the kanji that bound him. Before he could get far though, a bolt of lightning from Nathan struck him dead center in the chest, temporarily flat-lining him as he hit the sand below. Recovering motor function only 3 seconds later than he had anticipated, the giant hoof of Kokuo again threatened to smash him into the sand.

Eric dodged, but found at his back a row of sharp teeth that clasped down on his body like a wine bottle's cork the bottle opening. Eric could sense the chakra of his attacker, and that was when this dream became a nightmare. The salty tears that burned his wounds  as the teeth gnashed through his body, each bite breaking him up into more manageable pieces.

Not that Rita needed him in manageable pieces. Out of desperation Eric called out to his companion, but his own voice seemed gone, his lungs collapsed and his dream body unresponsive. Out of despair he even tried reaching out with shadow imitation; that too, failed. The last look that he got was of the 5-tails hovering a hoof over Rita in preparation to stomp.

This nightmare's persistence frigthened Eric almost as much as the actual events of the nightmare. His vision faded to black, and his entire body felt as if he had just knocked his funny bone all over the place. It was not painful, but it was uncomfortable.

Eric started awake, wings flared open and tail thrashing as he saw darkness all around him. The heat was great, and the air ashy and stuffy. He looked to his left to see Rita, adorned in her jewels held together by pearls (an oddity for sure) with the wing of Pyro over her. Both slept soundly.

Eric left his little corner to see outside, to see the molten world that he had been resting in for the past few days. Bandages were around his arm and waist, but he no longer felt pain there. No, as he overlooked the revitalized land, he noticed a gaggle of dragons below. Among these dragons was also a man, who seemed just as entranced by the lecture of the old dragon as the younger ones.

Eric wondered if the man had been there all night, listening to the stories of the old kingdom. Maybe, maybe not.

Eric looked back towards the entry to the cavern before returning his gaze to the ashen horizon. It was scorching, but it was obvious that something was haunting him.

Eric shook his head. She was here, she was safe, there was no need to be worried about that. Nnone of them could get here, not to Eric's knowledge, and even if they could, she was more than capable of handling genjutsu, as she had demonstrated.

So the question was, what was really on his mind? In his heart? In frustration Eric clawed at the ground, only to sigh heavily again. The answer would not come to him here, and it probably would not come to him now.

But it would come.

Sometime later...

The Grandmaster to the Nara Order stood in the depths of what could be best described as his recovery hole. For his guest, bound by shadow threads emanating from the Blade of Shadows stabbed into the ground, it was a prison not unlike the one it had suffered before.

Crouched before Eric was the 5-tailed beast, Kokuo. Its gaze seemed to burn a hole through Eric as the two just watched each other. Eric had not been able to summon him in the Plains, so he had come here instead, to face the beast directly.

It was hardly a more fitting situation. Silence, as neither seemed eager to speak to the other. Neither seemed too interested in bringing up the dolphin-horse in the room. Only one, however, would speak.

"It's time for you to get a new home."

The expansion required to accomodate the beast was staggering on its own, but the work had been decreased thanks to shadow imitation; how did Naras get along before space-time ninjutsu?

The beast was here in Fire Country, vulrenable to certain figures having a go at capturing it; or freeing it, depending on your point of view. Eric had regrown his arm in this very facility after his altercation with Neala; having the huge ball of chakra here had no doubt drawn attention to it, and moving everything sensitive to the Shadow Realm still put it at risk to the likes of Jestar.

This beast needed to be moved. But how? The old fashioned way, obviously, which is why Eric privately needed the beast to cooperate somewhat in this delicate procedure. The real problem, the real question:

Was where.

Council / Re: Council Election Volunteers, 3rd Cohort
« on: August 10, 2017, 04:53:30 pm »
I volunteer as tribute.
Seriously if you need a seventh, then I suppose the most reliable man around should do it.

But really seriously like why can't you just have 6? <_<

But extremely seriously have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

The biju rules state that there will be 7 members on the Council. To change that would only require a member vote on the proposal, which is not really all that hard. In the grand scheme of things though, changing around the # of seats whenever we are short seems like a bad idea, so I only wanted to do that if necessary. Was definitely getting to that point.

I have heard of the tragedy of Plageius. He with the power to save others from death. But not himself.

Too bad he got killed by his apprentice. Derp.

He'd fit in in the narutoverse with that added to his rap sheet.

Well.. I can be your last resort before you go to dropping a seat. Though a dropped a seat might actually be more reliable than me.

Is it an activity thing or an interest thing?

Bijuu Arena / Re: Jay v Rusaku (discussion)
« on: August 09, 2017, 05:08:41 pm »
I would still prefer if the judge and two combatants were the only ones participating in this thread. I don't know if it's any different now considering it's a separate thread than the fight, but I don't want the community jumping in an muddying the conversation. It could lead the a mod attacking one person or another and that's never fun. 

About the potential metagaming, I want to make it known that I don't want there to be any particular ruling about this. I would just like for there to be maybe a warning, so it won't keep happening.

It is up to the combatants, but the thread was separated for the benefit of the main talkers to not have to dig through commentary to find the post and to keep a record of what was already talked about and hashed through.

Alright my bad. I figured this was open for public discussion at this point.

It's preferable to keep it to the combatants and the judge. Getting jumped by a mod without any of the main participants taking issue with it first is unlikely, especially since this is not the main battle thread.

Council / Re: Council Election Volunteers, 3rd Cohort
« on: August 09, 2017, 05:01:42 pm »
I volunteer as tribute.
Seriously if you need a seventh, then I suppose the most reliable man around should do it.

But really seriously like why can't you just have 6? <_<

But extremely seriously have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

The biju rules state that there will be 7 members on the Council. To change that would only require a member vote on the proposal, which is not really all that hard. In the grand scheme of things though, changing around the # of seats whenever we are short seems like a bad idea, so I only wanted to do that if necessary. Was definitely getting to that point.

I have heard of the tragedy of Plageius. He with the power to save others from death. But not himself.

Council / Re: Council Election Volunteers, 3rd Cohort
« on: August 09, 2017, 02:03:14 am »
But seriously, do we have a 7th person or should we propose a revision to the rule for a 6 member Council? Because it's only a matter of time before it is needed, and it will be troublesome not to have it there.

Council / Re: Council Election Volunteers, 3rd Cohort
« on: August 04, 2017, 07:35:16 pm »
That's 6 so far. Getting close to our target number of 7 before we can either appoint all volunteers or hold an election to mitigate one or two.

All That Is Bijuu / Re: Centralized Storage for Summoned Biju?
« on: August 04, 2017, 02:06:43 am »
Okay, topic revive, is there still interest in this particular event? I am ready to help get the ball rolling on it.

Council / Contingency Plan?
« on: July 26, 2017, 04:40:34 pm »
If we cannot get more volunteers for the 3rd Cohort, then what is our contingency plan for that? We do not have one set in stone, but currently 3-4 people have announced their intentions to volunteer, and if we do not get more by a certain threshold, we will have to assume that there are not that many interested in Council-ship.

While we could delay an election and extend the current Cohort, some of the current members of the Cohort seem ready to have their time at retirement. Another alternative would be to drastically reduce the size of the Council, which as a rule measure would take at least a week to be put into effect.

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