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Rules/Foundation / Repeated Mastery Time Reduction (vote)
« on: March 24, 2017, 04:39:57 am »
If a player has previously mastered a tailed beast, then they are permitted to have a reduced time for mastering the beast(s) again on the character that mastered the beast. See:,9317.0.html for that call. This vote topic is to establish what the reduction rate is.

5 segments lasting 2 weeks each: 0

4 weeks total: 1

3 weeks total: 7

7.5 weeks total 0

This vote topic will close on 3/30/2017.

Rules/Foundation / Hosting Status Clarification (Vote)
« on: March 24, 2017, 04:33:26 am »
I propose that hosts be mandated to specify whether the character is hosting the beast or is the master summoner of the beast in the appropiate challenge threads. Simple Yay or Nay on this one.

Yes: 6

No: 3

This vote topic will be open until 3/30/2017.

Sakon congratulates you, you have now attained Curse Seal Level 2!

" Do not overuse this! It is very dangerous and it will erode your body! Take this as a warning..." reminds you Sakon.

So happy that I didn't even notice that grammar weirdness at the end on my first read.

Bijuu Arena / Current Biju Rules
« on: March 19, 2017, 03:17:33 pm »
Current Rules as of: June 16, 2017.

Bijuu Rules and Guidelines

1] Forum Account and Challenging the Host
  • A host must have/create an SL forum account.

  • Challengers will also have/create an SL forum account.

  • Challengers and hosts may have more than one OOC match going on at the same time.

  • A single player challenger may issue 3 challenges at a time.

  • A host must create a thread with the name of his or her bijuu in the title to the Bijuu Arena board, and use this thread to: state his or her preference for battle, keep a list of challengers, indicate if he or she is a new host and when his or her grace period will be over, and post any notices of absence.

  • Hosts are required to specify whether the character with the beast is a summoner of the beast or a host to the beast in the appropriate challenge threads.

  • A host cannot be challenged for his or her biju until after his or her 14 day grace period is over. After a host's 14 day grace period has ended, a challenger posts/issues a challenge to the host of preference as a reply to the thread of that particular beast for which they are interested in competing. The challenger must post to the host's preference thread to make a valid challenge. The host should also be notified by the challenger via SL PM (Shinobilegends Personal Message) that the challenger has issued a valid challenge.

  • After losing a challenge, the defeated challenger may not challenge the same host for the same beast for 3 months. However, he or she may challenge this same host for a different beast in his or her possession without waiting.

  • Challengers must check forum host preference threads to stay informed of the current status of the host.

  • After arrangements have been made between the host and challenger, a post to indicate what terms have been accepted will be made to the host's thread.

  • Challengers must also post a notice of absence in the thread of the host they are currently combating and/or challenging.

2] Activity Clause and Biju Match Time Restrictions
  • The purpose of making a notification of absence post is to permit life to happen without wrecking your participation in the bijuu activity, while making it clear that there will be punishments for those who abuse this leave of absence, like forfeit of match, loss of biju, and bans pending a review by the council.

  • Hosts must make a RP post in public once every 14 days while not engaged in an active challenge. Hosts who fail to do this will have their bijuu stripped by the council.

  • Extenuating circumstances during the 'idle phase' of a host: Most events occur so as to permit making a post at some time during your 14 days to alert the community that 'something' is going on. Your leave of absence notice will reset the clock to a 14 day absence max. Should you need more time than that...which adds up to possibly a whole month if your notice occurs on day 14...then you will step down as a host and try again later when your life will permit participation again. You will not be banned from challenging someone for another bijuu. But the SL community will be permitted to move on. The council will handle requests for concessions on a case by case basis and their decision will be binding.

  • The challenger and the host have 1 week to set up and begin their biju match.

  • Challengers should notify the host of forseen inactivity via SL PM, the host's preference thread, and, if applicable, the forum match if the match has already started. After 14 days of a notified inactivity, challengers will bow out gracefully and may challenge this host for this bijuu again after 3 months. 

  • During a match, hosts and challengers must make a post to the match once every 7 days.

  • A Host or Challenger who fails to make a post to the RP match once every 7 days, without posting a notice of absence to the forum host thread in question, will forfeit the match. During this forfeit, the bijuu will either remain with the host, in the event of challenger inactivity, or be transferred to the challenger, in the event of host inactivity.

  • Extenuating circumstances during an active match: Here the activity clause is 7 days, in order to keep the fight moving along to a conclusion. Posting for a leave of absence is essential to holding your slot in the match. Should this not be possible, the council will determine how to handle the situation at the time of your return upon request dependent upon a challenger waiting list, if the beast has already been transferred, or how it impacts current RP. All decisions of the council will be binding.

  • OOC matches are 1v1. Preferences can alter this upon agreement of all parties involved.

  • Cool down periods are an optional break from back to back fighting in order to permit the host to heal and train with his or her beast. As such, a cool down period can only be announced after the successful conclusion of a match, and is not intended to serve as a general leave of absence. Should a host opt to take a cool down period, this may last no more than 7 days and must be announced with dates of duration to the host's forum thread for each beast that player hosts. A cool down period from one beast a player hosts cannot be applied as a cool down period for all beasts under his control but must be bijuu specific.

4] Mastering a Biju Clause
  • The beast must be completely mastered before the Jinchuriki can access Tailed Beast Mode. 

  • The Bijuu Bomb can only be used while in Tailed Beast Mode.

  • If a host goes over their mastery for any reason at any time during a biju match, it is considered an automatic forfeit by the host.

  • The Bijuu’s passive ability can be accessed immediately upon being sealed with the beast, but the power will be weaker than someone who has mastered the beast. It takes time to master the passive abilities of a bijuu. 

  • Players' characters who has previously mastered a biju may retain the passive abilities of the previously mastered tailed beast.

  • If a player has previously mastered a tailed beast, then they are permitted to have a 3 week re-mastering period in place of the normal mastering period only on the character that previously mastered the beast. 

  • Mastery will occur in five stages consisting of 3 weeks each, with a mid range evolution stage to access partial transformations:

                    - 25% grants access to C ranked jutsu in the beast's passive ability. The host has access to the Initial Jinchūriki Form.

                    - 50% grants access to B ranked jutsu in the beast's passive ability. The host has access to the Version 1 Cloak.

                    - Mid-range EV grants control over the transformative stages now includes the finesse to perform partial transformations.

                    - 75% - grants access to A ranked jutsu in the beast's passive ability. The host has access to the Version 2 Cloak.

                    - 100% - grants access to S ranked jutsu in the beast's passive ability. The host has access to Tailed Beast Mode. The host may also combine biju chakra with senjutsu and use Amphibian technique and similar techniques to merge with a summon in order to maintain sage mode.

5] Bijū Summons
  •   A Summoner is bound by the same rules as Hosts in regard to challenges and activity unless otherwise stated.

  •   Summoning Tattoo: The Summoner will be marked with a tattoo, through which they call forth the bijū for use. This Tattoo counts as a bijū chakra signature which can be detected through the sames means as if the beast were sealed within a host and is subject to the same restrictions against metagaming during a RP hunting event.

  •   Chakra Cost: Bijū cost 20% of the user's total (not current) chakra to summon, even in succession.

  •   Controlling Mechanism: Bijū must be under the influence of genjutsu at all times while used as a summon. Regardless of the genjutsu's potency, it will tax 5% of the summoner's total (not current) chakra while it's actively being used as a summon, the taxation only ceasing when the bijū has been removed from the battlefield.

    Techniques capable of transferring chakra from the bijū to the summoner are strictly prohibited from being used in this context, and summoned biju will not willfully transfer chakra to any of the summoner's allies, and moves to take it by force will result in the tailed beast resenting its summoner.

     Outside of battle or training, summoned biju do not continuously drain the user's chakra.

  •   Severing the Summoner's Control: Acceptable means for attempting to sever ties between the Bijū and summoner include dismantling through means of a contract seal via touch attack or dispelling the genjutsu [cost is 20% of your chakra]. For Bijū controlled by means of  Rinnegan users, the chakra rods have to be extracted in addition to dispelling the controlling genjutsu. Success results in a rogue Bijū situation and will yet need to be subdued.

  •   Restrictions: Player character summoners are reduced to 2 actions per post while the biju is summoned and under their control. If control is lost, then the restriction is lifted until control is regained.

  •   Bonding: Summoned beasts will no longer infinitely hate their summoner, but will not bond with their summoner as much as a sealed biju bonds with the host. Something to do with not being as close as a breath.

  •   The tailed beast must be "located" somewhere in the physical world when it is not summoned by the host; the beast cannot be in a pocket dimension while not summoned.

  •   Death of Summoner: If the summoner dies while the bijū is unsummoned the challenger/hunter will transfer the summoning tattoo to themselves.  However, if the summoner dies while the bijū is summoned then the challenger/hunter can attempt to capture and subdue it, in the event that the beast has not already been captured prior to the death of the summoner. Now, if the summoner is also a host, and dies, the hosted bijū will respawn in 7 days at the location of the host's demise: the bijū will be GM'd by someone of the council's choosing.

  •   There are no prohibitions to enhancing a summoned bijuu.

6] Judging a Match
  • Both parties choose a judge and abide by their decision.

  • In the unlikely event of the gross incompetence of the judge, both parties must agree upon a new judge and this second ruling shall be the final word for good or for ill. 

  • After agreeing upon a judge, if he or she then gives a ruling that you find to be in error, the participants can agree upon another judge to settle the issue. If a second judge is requested his or her word will be final. No additional replacements of the judge will be possible and the new judge will be responsible for settling disputes for the remainder of the match.

  • No unresolved issues will be tolerated. Compromises must be made in the event of a deadlock. Failure to come to terms after every option has been exhausted will result in a stripping, challenger forfeit, and the bijuu handled according to the Stripping Rules. Both challenger and host will be denied access to all things bijuu for 3 months due to gross incompetence.

  • Council members are ineligible to be chosen as judges.

  • Attempts to commit fraud by providing a judge who is an alt [for your own match] by either party will result in a perma-ban of all things bijuu.

  • Judges will acquaint themselves with the rules of all things bijuu, the preference list of the host, the terms agreed upon by the participants, and commit to activity.

  • Judges may have to play crowd control in the event of a public, verbal, and abusive fight. In the event of such an issue, the judge should make one post requesting that this behavior cease, to arrange to mediate between the parties in private, and place the match on hold. Should this warning/request be ignored, the judge should refer the matter to a site Mod/staff and not be drawn into participating in such behaviors.

7] Stripping a Host
  • Breaking the activity clause constitutes stripping. You may participate again once your life permits the time commitment SL requires of their hosts. No ban is issued and when to try again is up to the participant.

  • Attempting to commit fraud by providing an alt as a judge to your own match results in a perma-ban from all things bijuu.

  • Breaking any of the other rules results in one warning to be issued by the council. A second violation of the same rule will result in stripping.

  • Hosts who are stripped will be on a 3 month cool down period in which they may not participate in bijuu matters, but can serve on the council. During this time it is hoped they will train and refine their RP/participation in order to become a host in the future. This cool down period does not apply to breaking the activity clause.

  • 14 days after stripping a new host must be chosen.

  •   7 days after host is chosen an RP to seal must be completed. OOC sealing must be completed within 2 days of being chosen. If the RP exceeds the 14 days, the host must default to OOC sealing and post his grace period dates immediately.

  • In the event that a host/summoner is stripped during a match, the beast goes to the current challenger.

  • In the event a host/summoner is stripped outside of a match, the beast goes to the first challenger on the host's challenge list.

  • In the event that a host/summoner is stripped, and no challenger exists, the bijuu council determines how to handle the reassignment of the beast in question.

  • When the Bijuu Council is called upon to assign a new host, the Bijuu Council can handle the reassigning of the bijuu in any manner they agree upon. Some ways they might to choose, for example, might be: Assigning to a new host they all agree upon, Asking for volunteers, Calling for a GM to host an RP for a wild bijuu hunt, Host a lottery of applicants [meeting in a paid zone and using the random die generators], or a tourney[not to exceed 2 months from start to finish]. However, judging the tourney matches will default to judge rules. Council members may not serve as judges.

  • A GM rp led event must begin no later than 2 weeks after it is called for and be concluded within 2 months of its beginning. Additionally, any SL GM staff who are trying to be hosts may not participate in aspects of a wild bijuu hunt but rather must confine themselves to being a contestant.

8] General Information
  • The maximum number of Bijuu a player is allowed to capture and hold onto is no more than 3.

  • Using Telescope Technique to circumvent the quest of seeking out *any* Jinchuuriki is not permitted.

  • The challenger list of the former host/owner is inherited by the new host/owner of a bijuu. You may still take the 14 day grace period before beginning discussions on setting up your first match even though your new bijuu comes with challengers.

  • If a biju is gifted, then the gifter's grace period, if the gifter is still within one, is transferred to the new owner without any extensions or reductions in time. If outside the grace period of the gifter, then a 3 days grace will be given to the receiver.

  • Player characters are not allowed to host multiple biju.

  • Tailed Beast chakra cannot be split in a fashion that creates psuedo-jinchurikii or multiple jinchurikii. In other words, no division into Yin-Yang, gifting of the biju chakra like Sora or Naruto in the series, and no Gold and Silver Brother shenanigans, etc. 

  • Biju Tournaments and FFA are required to have a honor system that all participants are bound by, with punishments enforceable by the Biju Council.

Bijuu Council Rules and Guidelines

1] The Bijuu Council will consist of 7 members.

2] The ratio of jinchurikii to non-jinchurikii will be 2:5. 

3] Council Member elections will occur every 6 months.

4] Hosts who have been stripped are eligible to run for a council seat.

5] If the number of Candidates is equal to the number of Council Members possible, then the Candidates will be automatically appointed.

6] Council Members cannot be judges for Bijuu matches.

Rules/Foundation / Repeated Mastery Time Reduction (discussion)
« on: March 19, 2017, 05:33:19 am »,9317.0.html

Per the above linked thread, it was decided that mastery time would be reduced if a player character has previously mastered a tailed beast. What kind of reduction time are we looking at? It has to be greater than instant but less than the regular amount of time needed for mastering. Refreshers on that:

* Mastery will occur in five stages consisting of 3 weeks each, IE, 15 weeks total for mastery across the board.

Rules/Foundation / Host Clarification Mandate (discussion)
« on: March 19, 2017, 05:16:50 am »
To my current understanding, Athos has only one tailed beast inside of him (9-tails) and has the rest on a summoner's leash. With that said though, at the moment, you wouldn't know that just by looking at the challenger lists that Athos in particular is current master of.

I propose that hosts be mandated to specify whether the character is hosting the beast or is the master summoner of the beast. It's a simple switch of words, nothing painstaking as making the challenge threads in the first place, and removes any ambiguity chances someone might have rolling up on the threads and seeing "host: same player name" for like, the vast majority of them, regarding which ones are being hosted and which ones are on the adamantium leash.

This topic has been moved to Rules/Foundation.

It's basically a vote/discussion topic about rules. I'll go through and check votes by post before adding to the primary rules though.

Naruto / Hero of the Hidden Leaf?
« on: March 14, 2017, 12:21:47 am »
If Nagato wouldn't have revived everyone he killed in Konoha, then would Naruto have still been as big of a hero as he would have been? What other likely changes to the story arc would have occured?

~ ~ ~ Fight ~ ~ ~

You have encountered ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer which lunges at you with 六道仙人 - Shakujō!

★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer (Level 15)
Nara Eric:
You hit ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer for 41 points of damage!
You try to hit ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer but are RIPOSTED for 1 points of damage!
★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer tries to hit you but you RIPOSTE for 18 points of damage!
Next round:
You try to hit ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer but are RIPOSTED for 9 points of damage!
★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer tries to hit you but you RIPOSTE for 18 points of damage!
Next round:
You try to hit ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer but are RIPOSTED for 9 points of damage!
You try to hit ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer but are RIPOSTED for 4 points of damage!
You hit ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer for 6 points of damage!
You try to hit ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer but are RIPOSTED for 5 points of damage!
★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer hits you for 2 points of damage!
★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer tries to hit you but you RIPOSTE for 12 points of damage!
★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer tries to hit you but you RIPOSTE for 13 points of damage!
Next round:
You hit ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer for 34 points of damage!
End of Round:
★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer (Level 15)
(-19/225) DEFEATED
Nara Eric:
The gods have restored all suspended enhancements.

You have defeated ★Ziggy Stardust ShinobiIceSlayer!
You receive 839 gold!
***Because of the difficult nature of this fight, you are awarded an additional 1 experience!
You receive 4 experience!

You have destroyed a person... strangely, it makes you more good.

You have destroyed a person... strangely, it makes you more lawful.


What...? I thougth he might be a sitter so maybe dangerous, but turns out he's got hardly a lick of XP. Those are almost as bad as the surprise sitters who just haven't been active in awhile. x.x

Spam / One Turn Stahmp
« on: March 09, 2017, 09:07:31 pm »
Something Special!
The hooded Figure stands, and the the keys glow brightly around his neck. You feel their power draw you in, and you can't help but lunge at the figure with your Blade of Shadows
~ ~ ~ Fight ~ ~ ~

You have encountered Keeper of the Keys which lunges at you with Power of the Keys!

Keeper of the Keys (Level 7)
Nara Eric:
You try to hit Keeper of the Keys but are RIPOSTED for 35 points of damage!
You try to hit Keeper of the Keys but are RIPOSTED for 16 points of damage!
Keeper of the Keys hits you for 35 points of damage!
Keeper of the Keys hits you for 109 points of damage!

You are dead... stroke down by Keeper of the Keys .
You lose 10 percent of your experience and all of your gold.


This was turn 1.  :cry:

Village Square / Burdens of the Sage [ Eric and Jay RP]
« on: March 03, 2017, 01:52:08 pm »,8773.0.html

Fiery plumes seemed to touch the sky and burn the ground, incinerating most life unfortunate enough to be caught in its embrace. Even metal grew bright and hot to the touch, as Fire Valley seemed to be the location, the volcanoes and seeming ash appropriately dotting the landscape.

But this was not just Fire Valley. No, this was Jigoku no Kubochi, otherwise known as Hell's Basin. It was obviously not named such by the original residents, though the name seems to have stuck. Normally even the air itself was hot enough to melt the flesh off of an ordinary man, but for some reason, the temperatures seemed cooler, though no doubt an ordinary man would still sweat from the intense heat. The sky was clouded, and it seemed that the lava was the only sources of light in the entire area.

It is here where A Dragon's Treasure picks back up, it is here where Pyro journeyed on a mission of his own, unaware that he would soon be having company. Half of which said company would be in quite the bad temperament.

Pyro winged downwards, searching the valley for any signs of his summoner. No, not Eric, the other summoner that had called him here. Native to the deserts of Sunagakure, the heat did not particularly both Pyro as it would some of the more aquatic sorts, but even for him the scenery lacked a certain friendly flare. Neither friend nor foe in sight, the desert dragon pressed on with some frustration evident in his wingbeats, flustered that he had been called out by ghosts.

Ghosts indeed, for after zooming past a certain crag, a bright light burst forth from a jagged set of rocks, startling Pyro. Before he could react, a very strong force knocked him from the sky, forcing him to crash into the ground, narrowly avoiding a small stream of lava.

Three dragons, garbed in metal armor and about the size of a man appeared, having previously been transformed as rocks. Their armor was of a ashen color, with seals inscribed all about them; they also had an insignia on their chestplates of what looked to be a dragon's head. Each dragon had ashen colored scales and horns that protruded from their head in a spire-like fashion, and spines that ran down their back in a fashion akin to spikes.

"Is this...?

"Looks like it. Her description was vague, but this is the first one to answer the chakra ping. Our Lord mentioned him already being sympathetic to our cause."

"So why all the secrecy?"

One of the dragons recieved a cuff from one of the other dragons.

"Idiot, we don't know for sure if it's Pyro until he is Identified by our Lord. We don't want him knowing how to get to the Checkpoint is."

The three dragons went to work, unsealing glowing chains from their armors and wrapping Pyro up in them. Just as they had finished restraining him, two of them hoisted him on their backs while the other's horns glowed. Surging chakra through these horns, a portal opened. The three promptly stepped through it, appearing on the other side to have simply moved a few feet. However, much of the land looked much the same, save for landmarks such as the large mountain before them. More of the armored dragons patrolled here, some with leathery wings and others with feathery bodies. They were varied, but all wore the same signature armor.

Before the dragons could get any further with their prize, from the shadow of Pyro's tail would emerge two men.

Eric Nara was not in the best of moods. Rita had not ocntacted him in what seemed to be forever, he had no way of summoning her, and she had apparently both gotten knocked up by Pyro and conveniently forgot to mention such to Eric. While Eric had left the Valley of the End mostly upset at Pyro, he could not help but feel some anger towards Rita. Why was this a big secret? After all they went through, she trusted a relative stranger more than she trusted him?

Eric did not have long to brood over thoughts of betrayal when suddenly he found himself and Jay standing in front of a mountain fortress of dragons, three of which were in close proximity and apparently hauling Pyro off like some prisoner. Eric's anger replaced with panic, the first reaction of the Nara was to leap backwards from Pyro and his captors.

Game Related Discussions / Max XP from PvP
« on: February 27, 2017, 04:50:09 pm »

You have encountered Absolute Nigiri which lunges at you with 焔の剣!

Absolute Nigiri (Level 13)
Nara Eric:
You hit Absolute Nigiri for 11 points of damage!
Absolute Nigiri tries to hit you but you RIPOSTE for 8 points of damage!
Absolute Nigiri tries to hit you but you RIPOSTE for 15 points of damage!
Next round:
You try to hit Absolute Nigiri but are RIPOSTED for 1 points of damage!
Absolute Nigiri tries to hit you but MISSES!
Next round:
You hit Absolute Nigiri for 5 points of damage!
You try to hit Absolute Nigiri but are RIPOSTED for 7 points of damage!
You hit Absolute Nigiri for 23 points of damage!
Absolute Nigiri tries to hit you but you RIPOSTE for 13 points of damage!
Next round:
You hit Absolute Nigiri for 25 points of damage!
End of Round:
Absolute Nigiri (Level 13)
(-21/326) DEFEATED
Nara Eric:
The gods have restored all suspended enhancements.

You have slain Absolute Nigiri!
You receive 839 gold!
***Because of the difficult nature of this fight, you are awarded an additional 1017 experience!
You receive 6104 experience!

You have destroyed a person... strangely, it makes you more good.

You have destroyed a person... strangely, it makes you more lawful.


What is the max XP that people have gotten in PvP fights? I know that being a sitter would probably give an edge in this category so I'm already prepared to see something like that 20K for a sitter Jounin hitting a Hokage or something like that.

Character Profiles / Rita Drago (Land of Birds Event Version)
« on: February 26, 2017, 10:12:10 pm »
Rita Drago

Appearance: She is a large dark green dragon with a large wingspan of 24 feet, her body length being from nose to tailtip an impressive but manageable 20 feet. This makes her just over 3 times the size of her summoner and a very good shadow caster. She can change her length to a minimum of 16 feet if desired with propotionate wingspan, but generally stays full size.

The remaining thousand or so words to describe her appearance can be see in the avatar picture of player Eric.

Allegiances and Motivations: Having been Eric's traveling companion since the middle aged man was a young teenager, Rita is fiercely loyal to Eric, almost to a fault even. Though in the main RP her allegience is more complicated than this, for the sake of the Birds Event it is simplified. Her primary motivation for involvement is to keep Eric in check whenever he strays dangerously far from his ideals, and to protect him during his latest "glory to the Nara" scheme.

Elements: Yin, Fire, Wind

Enhancements: Chakra Sensory (passive), Scale Hardening (active)

Strength: 10  + 20           
Dexterity: 10 + 10     
Intelligence: 10 + 10
Wisdom: 10 +  20          [+10 with passive]
Constitution: 10 + 20     [+10 with active ]

External Biographies: (History and Personality as related to Eric Nara),2144.msg27076.html#msg27076 (Brief description of main character, with jutsu and technique list, though any banned techniques for the Event will not be used)

Character Profiles / Eric Nara (Land of Birds Event Version)
« on: February 26, 2017, 09:34:44 pm »
Eric Drago Nara

A 6ft tall Nara with spiky black hair usually tied up in a spiky tail of sorts, Eric has taken to allowing his hair down. This is because of the dark blue robes that he wear, which seem to be able to expand and contract at will. The back of his outfit has several seals, one set of which allows him to access the Earth Spear and the Lightweight-Heavyweight earth style techniques. Another set allows Eric to use his shadow to manipulate the tightness or looseness of his outfit, the biggest change coming whenever he activates his Inner Beast Spirit Transformation.

The seal allows his growth, particularly his wings and tail, to occur without completely destroying his outfit. He has weapon pouches stiched to the back of the outfit, and when desired, he can use his shadows to manipulate this. Underneath the robe he has a mesh shirt and light body armor for his chest, and just light body armor for the arms. His hood and the openness of the bottom of the cloak allow for Eric to generate a much larger area of shadow around his vicinity than he could in his normal outfit.

When in his Transformed state, not much changes about the general appearance of his cloak, except the Nara Order symbol embroided in the front becomes more prominently gray, and his tail and wings allow even more shadow projection. His face becomes like that of a dragon's, with a full set of brille, a snout, and even a forked tongue. He can access Katon and Futon very easily in this form, but the robe's hood noticeably still conceals much of his eyes, making looking directly into them very difficult even for a sharingan user.

Allegiances and Motivations: A Chaotic Evil sort of individual, the idea of getting involved in the Land of Birds crisis was nothing short but expected among those few who knew him. While it might would seem surprising that he would choose the Bird Daimyou over Tommi's Miku faction, Eric has far more to gain by supporting a Minor Country in this time of need. The Nara Order, based in Jisiegakure for the time being, needs resources and more importantly, employers. To boost the reputation of the Order Eric has seen to it himself that he makes sure that they succeed in stopping the Miku Restoration from occurring.

Of course, he is not above treachery either, for the Nara are no longer the obscure faction that they were during the time of Yumei's reign. If it appears unlikely that he will gain what he wants, Eric is not above using his resources to attempt to start a full blown Civil War in the country in order to keep the conflict going, and is fully aware that he may need to face off with his old enemy, Tommi Uematsu, yet again to prove the superior of his Nindo:

Shadow Imitation will be my fame, all else is simply part of the game.

The Land of Birds is filled with large mushroom forests, and so Eric is fairly confident that he can use his shadow imitation to its utmost.

Elements: Yin, Fire, Wind

Enhancements: Shadow imitation sensory (passive), Yang release: Inner Beast Spirit Transformation (active)

Strength: 10               [+15 with active]
Dexterity: 10 + 20      [+5 with active]
Intelligence: 10 + 20
Wisdom: 10 +  20
Constitution: 10 + 20 

External Biographies: (Shinobilegend Version with full history and personality) (jutsu and technique list, though any banned techniques for the Event will not be used)

Game Related Discussions / Escaping Oro Hideout Alive!
« on: February 24, 2017, 09:01:44 pm »
Sat, Feb 18

... Nara Eric has found a path to Orochimaru's former hideout!
Nara Eric made it out of the Orochimaru's former hideout alive! In 12 moves!...

The fastest I have ever gotten out of Oro's hideout was 12 moves. Anyone else have that kind of luck with the Hideout?

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