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 on: March 28, 2020, 07:46:05 PM 
Started by Eric - Last post by Eric
As Draco's forces had been fully expelled and the dragons' enemies would have been Eric, Jay, and Pyro, Jay had timed it fairly well in recalling his tagged treasure from earlier, as the Gate would begin closing shortly after their departure.  However, said closure would be interrupted by the hiraishin disappearance of the entire earthen coffin. Though no one possessed such sight on that side of things, one with the sharingan would speculate that the entire thing had been sucked into its own horns (paradoxal considering they were inside the coffin that Jay had made earlier, but for continuity sake, let's make the point that the gate itself manifested partially outside of the coffin).

The disappearance of the corpse startled all of the dragons into stunned silence. Even Reibi was at a loss of communication, whether telepathic or verbal, upon sensing what had occured.

Meanwhile on the other side, in the ninja world:

Jay's sudden move towards the sky confused both Eric and Pyro, the latter of whom had not exactly came down off of his anger as of yet. When the large corpse appeared in the landscape, it can be assumed that Jay's movement away from Eric and Pyro had been intended to make sure the crushed landscape did not include them. The appearance of the corpse caused Eric to temporarily re-enter fight-or-flight mode, only for it to vanish again. By this point he picked up on the disturbance of the surrounding natural energy.

 Seeing Jay drop towards the ground, the Nara connected the disturbance with the appearance of the corpse and its subsequent disappearance. Summoning air and wind style chakra about his person, Eric created a sizeable collection of Futon and air that he then re-shaped into a large claw of wind, reaching out with its Futon palm to slow Jay's descent to the ground until he more gently hit the ground.

Jūha Reppū Shō no Yoroi; Beast Tearing Gale Palm Armor

As his standard beast tearing gale palm would not have had the range to catch Jay in a timely fashion to slow his descent, Eric had relied on creating the armor version and extending the range with the increased volume (after all, he didn't need much of that extra for defense at the time being). Assuming Jay did not resist or anything of the sort, Jay's landing would resemble a thud more than a crash, though he would likely still be knocked out of sage mode from his exertions.

Much like his dragon counterparts, Pyro was initially stunned at Jay's feat and thievery; his anger shifted into urgency, hardly waiting for the younger Nara to reach the ground before exclaiming, "Wherever you put the Spyral Gate, you must hand it over to Draco at once!"

Pyro, though still quite drained, finally shifted to weary excitement as he walked up towards Jay who, by this point, would have been dropped off to the ground by Eric's technique (assuming Jay went along for the whole ride down). "Yes, Draco will be quite pleased with this..."

 on: March 27, 2020, 05:20:49 AM 
Started by Camel - Last post by Camel

Kamui was nearly caught off-guard upon his eyes transitioning into the next stage, but thankfully he was able to react defensively against such tactics. He used a elemental technique that was similar to what he used earlier against the explosive technique used by Jay. However, Fire Release chakra nature was used instead of using Sound Release. In an instant, Kamui would wrap his entire body in multiple layers of that specific chakra nature, allowing him to withstand the tremendous heat given off by that chakra bomb. This would allow him to negate all of the damage that would've normally resulted in a rather serious injury. Kamui was cunning in the executions of certain techniques in his arsenal and this one was unique to the clan that he belonged to. Which meant that this was a technique that could not be easily copied and could only be learnt from those from within the Uchiha Clan. 

With all of that out of the way, there was the issue of expending so much chakra within the short duration of tine that has passed since this fight started. There was an abundance of chakra that the bomb expelled around the area and most importantly is that didn't belong to him. Which meant that it would be easy for him to absorb this fire nature chakra by using his chakra mode as a medium to make this transition much easier for him. Kamui took a couple of steps back and steadily reversed his chakra flow with each step, clearing the area of most of the flames that surrounded him. Jay would be able to see his figure emerge from the wall of flames as a majority of that chakra was quickly absorbed into his own chakra pool.

"Pretty ingenious of making use of those markers like that. I regret to inform you that I won't fall for the same trick twice."

Kamui said and saw in the distance that Jay had came out of his close encounter mostly unscathed. It would come as surprise to his opponent that everything came out fine on his end as well, since at the moment, the merged tomoes in his eyes were spinning clock-wise upon focusing on the location where his opponent was. There was a proverbial storm brewing in the midst of this battle and the calm before the storm was evident by the stare down that was taking place between the two of them. Kamui wasn't someone that could accurately predict someone's fate or future, despite a man of his stature. There were limits to his abilities and they were in charge of their own fate. What would happen from here on would be anyone guess, but through the midst of all this. He didn't forget that there was a marker nearby, in fact it was the reason why he took a couple of steps back while absorbing all of that chakra. It was better to widen the distance, just in case that marker would be used again and he had a containment plan in the event of another surprise like that chakra bomb that was used earlier.

Kamui had yet to use his full power and these maneuvers that he did only allowed him to display only a fraction of what he was truly capable of. He had a feeling that Jay was holding back as well and from the look of it. This battle has shown that both of them had improved over a certain period of time from their last meeting. He smiled throughout this whole stare down with his opponent and awaited his next move.         

[Fire Release Chakra Armor]
[Chakra Absorption Technique]
[Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan]

 on: March 16, 2020, 12:41:23 PM 
Started by Camel - Last post by JayJay
Jay watched as Kamui protected himself from the initial burst from the boom-boom. Still, he continued with his initial plan and made his way forward with the close in. He was more than aware of the extinguishment of the layer of sound armor and even as he continued closing in, the magnetic chakra could be noted in pushing against the extreme heat in front of him and he had a plan for it as well. It wasn't anything new to his senses, so he was able to push his foot down to the ground just as he impacted the force. Because he had so much inertia behind him, he was able to resist the force for enough time to do what he needed to do.

Of course, before continuing further, there was a lot of information that was detriment to the Shodai's health. At first sight, the man was smart in protecting himself from the bang of his Fire Tech, but chose to stay in the flames for the remainder of his term. It was even worse, because the oxygen in his immediate area had been ignited, leaving nothing there to feed his lungs. So, not only would he be bathing in extremely hot flames at the minimum being enough to boil gold, and with the absence of the armor, he was highly susceptible to extreme burns.

And, back to present, with the man not allowing him to fling him out of the fire, the Nara would be forced out. Of course, he would leave a present for the HOtokage in the form of a three-piece combo via an instant delivery service.

The nature of this would be as follows, the first part would be leaving his Flying Thunder God Marker with his step. Of course, he would still be flung back towards the prescribed rock pillar Kamui designated for him, but in the midst of his journey, he would leave the rest of his surprise for the HOtokage. With a single thought, he would unseal The Ignis Bomb from one of his finger seals and he would immediately teleport it to the marker where the seal would crack upon impact with the magnetic debris, resulting in another boom.

Leaving the literal sea of flames in Kamui's vicinity would cost him zero chakra because of the work around. These flames would be 4,500 degrees hotter than the flames from the Sudden Ignition and several dozen meters in every direction around him. Kamui was still hampered by the veil of his chakra around him, so he would be unable to perceive his actions. By the time he made contact with the rock pillar, he would have long righted himself in the air and landed nimbly on the pillar like the feline inside him. In front of him was the sea of flames and the sight was beautiful. There was a large distance between the two of them now, Kamui now in the midst of a larger, more intensely hotter, pool of flames, all before he would be able to activate his own Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and the sea of flames would only continue to expand by several meters a second as time continued to drone by.

Flying Thunder God Stamping Seal
Unseal [Ignis]
boom via Flying Thunder God

 on: March 10, 2020, 01:26:39 AM 
Started by Camel - Last post by Camel
Kamui could discern the nature of his opponent's chakra and was well verse in defending against such tactics. Even though he didn't have enough time to complete his punch into the earth below him, the tomoes in his eyes would rapidly spin as a layer of chakra coated his body at the moment of this initial flash explosion caused by his opponent snapping his fingers as an ignition source. Kamui chuckled in response and would be seem to be unharmed by the technique that was used by his opponent, the layer of chakra produced was notably famous in the Sound Village. This technique formed a chakra armor made of the same elemental type, Sound.

Although it was strong enough to nullify any damage coming his way in this situation, it was also dispelled once it was hit with enough force from any chakra-based attack. Which meant that it was only good to use it defensively against that explosive technique that was used just a moment ago. Kamui could still hear pretty well in this environment, his field of vision and sense of smell was slightly obstructed by the explosive technique from earlier, but there were other senses that he could still use afterwards. Kamui raised his right hand with his palm facing forward towards the sound of the debris being kicked off the ground by Jay, a slight humming sound could be heard as he channeled magnetic chakras throughout his body.

"Hey! That's my line...Tenma Kōfuku!"

Kamui would apply shape transformation to it and formed a layered barrier around him that would repel not only the multitude of earthen debris around him outward away from him, but would also effect his opponent as well. Kamui was running somewhat blind at the moment due to the explosive technique from before, so he deducted that his opponent would try a more close-range approach right afterwards. It wasn't such a wise choice on his opponent's part to rush in so recklessly, at least not without assessing the situation first.

Whatever Jay had planned would be cut short in an instant, since his body would get violently flung backwards upon contact with the layered barrier around them. Sending him straight towards a rocky outcrop in the distance and into a large rock pillar, shattering it upon impact. Kamui had all sorts of tricks up his sleeves, his defensive techniques were just as dangerous as his offensive ones and his vast knowledge of battle strategies made him a force to be reckon with. So it was better to be safe than sorry in this spar that was starting to become more serious and judging from the attempted actions of his opponent. There was no pulling any punches in this match and any wrong move could prove to have dire consequences as proven by his opponent, whom had attempted to kill him. Kamui laughed it off, brushing aside such thoughts and decided to clear his mind, since muddled thoughts could affect the actions of person whom harbored such thoughts. 

"I've dealt with a lot of Sennika users in my lifetime, so your tricks would fool me." Kamui said as the tomoes in his eyes would rapidly spin clock-wise and would merge together to form the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. With the area cleared of any more obstructions, Kamui scanned the field with his eyes and more importantly scanned the area that he sent Jay towards to. Jay would notice a slight change in his demeanor and his chakra as things started to heat up in their spar. He wasn't lying about his brush with Sennika users, since once upon a time, he was a leader to the Sound Village. It was one of the many perks of being the Rokudaime Otokage at those times, learning about the various techniques and clans in that area was mind-blowing, but after all was said and done. He came out more informed than ever and who knew such knowledge would come in handy in the future. Kamui was also eager to find out if Jay would satisfy his curiosity to learn more and there were an arsenal of techniques that he hasn't even brought out yet. Considering that he hasn't even entered into his respective Sage Mode, Kamui was still able to keep up with Jay in his base form. It was an impressive feat to say the least and it was all thanks to his past bout with Naruto that allowed him to break his limiters to the point that his base form was even more stronger than ever.     

[Sound Release Armor]
[Tenma Kōfuku]
[Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan]

 on: March 08, 2020, 11:49:45 AM 
Started by Camel - Last post by JayJay
Jay looked towards the opposition and noticed the chakra pooling towards the right appendage and allowed the energy making up his Apex Aura to fill the air in front of him and Kamui. He could perceive what the man was going for as he began that particularly predictable, and long, motion. He was more than certain that its final result wouldn't affect him in the slightest, but he also didn't care to allow the man to finish what he wanted to do. "Too slow." The man would ignite the area with a loud, resounding, snap, his hand having already been in the position to do so.

Quite suddenly, Kamui would find his field of vision being engulfed in the epicenter of an explosion of pale orange fiery chakra and natural energy, leaving the man blind because of the veil of chakra. It was more than capable enough to swallow even a two-story home thanks to the Senninka Ability that constantly keeps his area bathed in Natural Energy. The extreme heat spread outwards rapidly and blasted the Nara in the face, though he was largely undisturbed by his heat thanks to his previous training. He wasn't finished, his eyes gleaming brightly in their transition as he rushed into the flames of his sudden creation to grab Kamui by his face, using his right hand, with his immensely high speed momentum (with enough individual blunt force to break the neck) to burst out the back of the flames in mid explosion and pulse his chakra into the hand to sever the optic nerves behind both of his eyes in front of that hand, hopefully before an Izanagi could be performed. If everything went as planned, he would thrust his arm forward as he dropped his feet to a stop and send the Shodai over to one of the pointed mountains with his eyes slipping out of their sockets.

If Kamui was unable to avoid his flames, he would suffer immense burn damage, but not for long if he wasn't able to avoid the next bit. If he was still unable to act quickly enough, the Shiokage would render the Hokage into a searing husk with empty eye sockets, all before he would be able to touch the mountain. The whole situation would be akin to freshly revived Six-Paths Naruto rushing to punch Six-Paths One Rinnegan Ten-Tailed Jinchuriki Madara, to give one perspective of how quickly the distance was crossed.

Sudden Ignition
Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan
Chakra Scalpel

 on: March 05, 2020, 06:11:29 AM 
Started by Camel - Last post by Camel
Kamui smirked as he began channeling chakra through the entirety of his right arm, the maroonish chakra would become visible as he concentrated that chakra into his hand that was balled up into a fist. Kamui cocked his right arm back and pivoted his body slightly with his movement, after which he brought his fist down towards the ground in grand display of destruction. Kamui let out a grunt as the ground below him erupted into multiple fissures that spread outward, the ground below Jay would experience earthshattering tremors that would threaten to send this rocky debris from the ground towards his person in a shotgun-like effect.

Simultaneously as this volley of debris headed Jay's way, Kamui formed a single handseals and molded his chakra accordingly. A small puff of smoke emerged right next to him and once the smoke had settled, a single doppelgänger of the Shodaime could seen in the same state as the original was. This clone had about half of the original's chakra reserves, so he had to be careful on how he used his chakra from here forth and not waste it in such a reckless manner. For now, both of them would observe the damage, if any was done to his training partner. Kamui had a feeling that Jay would be able to handle his own in this situation, but he was eager to see how far Jay had come to hone his abilities as of lately since their last meeting.   

[Chakra Enhanced Strength]
[Cherry Blossom Impact]
[Shadow Clone Technique]

 on: February 28, 2020, 07:06:07 AM 
Started by Camel - Last post by JayJay
Jay listened to the words being spoken by the Shodai and nodded his head accordingly, understanding the reasoning behind it. He didn't attempt to joke outwardly about what ran through his mind about the location and figured that it was indeed a good spot for their bout. Of course, the phrase all-out filled him with an alien sense. He'd been suppressed for such a long time, that he'd forgotten how it felt to do so. "All-out, that's a term I haven't experienced in such a long time." He would notice Kamui slipping on his headband and pressed a finger against his lips as he thought about doing the same. After a second to think about it, he did so, unsealing it from one of his seals and wrapping it around his forehead to proudly display the Uzushio Whirlpool even more proudly, the cloth matching his gi perfectly.

Sooner, rather than later, his senses would receive a jolt of excitement and he would shudder and shiver in euphoria as it got his heart pumping. He was positively getting quite excited and the feline inside of him got the mental image of a certain clown, [Please don't.] Luckily her words stopped him like a cold shower and he had to clear his through, knowing that his facial features had shifted marginally to display the level of pleasure he experienced from the small taste. "Excuse me, I must prepare." He would merely say as he proceeded to stretch out his muscles and hop around to loosen himself up more.

As soon as he was finished, a process that only took a few seconds, he would ready himself with the activation of his own Three-Tomoe Sharingan, and form the same Seal of Confrontation. The look in the man's eyes had changed drastically, and as such, the air around him had shifted once more. The pressure wasn't uncomfortable for the Nara, but the heat around him began to stir, waft off of him and distort the air around him.

He was ready, but not eager to make the first move. The stance he was classic Strong Fist and while he was in it, he was studying the Shodai with his eyes devoid of emotion, calm and calculating.

[Unsealing his Headband]
[Three-Tomoe Sharingan]
[Seal of Confrontation]

 on: February 28, 2020, 05:45:43 AM 
Started by Camel - Last post by Camel
Kamui rubbed the back of his neck and let out a small chuckle in response to Jay's inquiry into this location that was chosen. Normally he would have chosen an area closer to civilization, but there was the issue of collateral damage occurring due to their level of power at this moment. Something about Jay was different from before their last meeting, the man in front of him would also notice that this also applied to the Shodai as well. There wasn't any feeling of malice in his presence nor was there any trace of evil intentions in his posture. Kamui had a calm aura around his person and his mind was uncluttered, a sign of a hardened warrior that had broken through the walls of his limits many times over.

"Sorry about bringing you all the way out here, but I figured that this location would suit us best. That way we don't hurt anyone or damage anybody's property, when we decide to go all-out in this session of ours." Kamui said as he brushed aside his bangs and pulled out a small black cord, the man could be seen using it to tie his hair into the style of a ponytail. Once that was done, he would pull out his village's headband and tied it across his forehead accordingly. Kamui decided not to inquire on any newfound abilities that was gained by Jay and instead, figured that it would be better to show him what was gained in his epic battle with the Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails later on in their session. Not to be rude, but Kamui wanted this revelation of any new gained abilities to be a surprise between the two of them. In fact, it was more interesting to keep his training partner in dark and it seem that Jay was a doing a good job at only showing subtle hints of these newfound abilities.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Jay. I am ready whenever you are." Kamui said as he flared his chakra towards Jay and formed the seal of confrontation with his right hand, signaling that he was more than ready for his training partner to make the first move in their session. Kamui's eyes would take on a crimson hue as his Three-Tomoe Sharingan was activated in response to his readiness for this training session. Jay would feel a slight heaviness in the air as his chakra created a change in the environment with all the air pressure being directed at him; it was almost similar to being inside of man-made wind tunnel. At the moment, it was time to test the differences in power between the two and hopefully these two warriors could learn a thing or two about each other. Shukaku could be heard snoring in the mental realm of the area where Jinchūriki met with their respective hosts. It seems that Shukaku was uninterested at the moment, but that could all change whenever his host decide to call upon him to loan him some of his chakra.

[Chakra Flare]
[Seal of Confrontation]
[Three-Tomoe Sharingan]

 on: February 28, 2020, 12:44:50 AM 
Started by Eric - Last post by JayJay
Jay was rather pleased with himself about predicting Pyro's anger and he greatly understood it as it was completely justified. Though, that could have very well been his fault as well, not informing the duo of Nara about what that mission was in the first place. He was about to retort on that matter when Eric shot back with the point that he hadn't even thought about. It made sense, they were definitely on the Wanted List and only them getting stronger would make it possible for them to overcome such a large mob of intelligent dragons.

Again, the young Nara was pressed to make his response when he realized something. It was faint, immensely so, but he was still able to sense that particular marker he placed on the earthen cocoon that housed the ancient dragon. He let his chakra flare, activating his Corrupted Sage Mode and leaped into the air, away from the others. His demonic aura was stifling to the Sage Dragon and uncomfortable to the elder Nara as he left the Natural Energy around them diseased for the time being. Jay acted quickly and with an outstretch of his hands, palms outwards, he let out a guttural roar as he proceeded to call upon the large coffin of dragon remains to him, every single piece that was connected to the chakra he'd inadvertently left behind.

With the large amount of chakra he was he offering towards the recall, it would be surprising if his plan failed. Of course, even if the Gate would then be in the process of closing, considering their was no explanation of why it ripped open in the first place. So, Jay was immensely banking on it remaining open for just that split second so that he could be successful in his endeavor. If he was successful, the large coffin would appear in the clearing with a thunderous boom, destroying an unprecedented amount of the landscape with its larger than life structure. Its appearance would vanish almost nearly as quickly as it would appear, because in the very next instance, Jay planned to seal the structure in one of his many tattoos that were lining his fingers. If he was successful, not only would his chakra be drained because of how large the remains were, but because he was high in the air, he would proceed to fall down and crash onto the ground which would knock him out of Sage Mode and leave him drained from his activities.

 on: February 26, 2020, 05:38:02 AM 
Started by Eric - Last post by Eric
In a flash of light their quarries vanished all at once. The dragons were, initially at least, perplexed by this turn in events. After a brief search of the vicinity, they concluded that it was not shunshin, but rather, a space-time ninjutsu that had allowed their targets to escape. By this point Draco's forces would have been completely expelled.

Reibi half-scowled as he sensed the escape of his quarry's. Taking a mental note to be more careful next time, Reibi paced about the Strategic Room in thought. The scrolls that Jay had taken, if they were to get into Draco's possession, the next stage of their operation would become quite complicated. Assuming that their quarries would shortly turn the scrolls over to Draco, Reibi sent out a pulse of chakra and a signal to the other dragons.

They needed to move their timeline for attack up. Operation Crowne Jewel would need to commence without further delay...


"What's this?" Pyro felt a cool chill all around him as they went from Hell's Basin to their final destination very quickly. Pyro unfurled and rolled, allowing Eric to drop to the ground and himself to go onto his feet, albeit, somewhat shakily. Still on high alert, he did a brief scan of the area until he noticed that, save for Jay and Eric, he was alone.

And no longer in Hell's Basin.
"Where are we? Why are we here? We need to go back now!" Despite his shout, Pyro did not have much fight left in him, as any chakra sensor would be able to tell by this point.

Eric landed on the ground with a slight thud, groaning as he attempted to come to his knees, only to plop down to the ground. The reassuring presence of not being surrounded by dragon shadows allowed him to sigh in relief and exasperation. He then looked up to see Jay standing some distance away, from Eric's perspective, likely to avoid getting inadvertently rolled onto by Pyro.

"Thanks Jay. Was starting to think that maybe we should have just fought those dragons while we were all at full strength."

Pyro's eyes snapped to Eric. "You!"Then they snapped towards Jay. "And you too! You two not only interfered with my mission and handed me over to the enemy, you almost got me killed! I have to get back NOW!"

Eric shot to his feet, still aching mind you from his earlier feats, and visibly grimaced. "Go back for what? We are in no shape to fight; besides, even if we did want to go back, we would probably be attacked on sight this time. Besides, Jay spent some time with the enemy, I"m sure he learned a thing or two that might satisfy 'King Draco'."

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