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This is by far my worst idea EVER. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it.
Some people who donate already have kyuubi and thus are basically donating to the server without much of a reward (Other than the kindness of giving and some DP). Well what if once you have donated a certain amount of money you can choose between getting kyuubi or an amount of gems equal proportional to what you donated.
Grand hokage _______ has donated 100 dollars to the server since he started playing...But now that he is a Grand Hokage and already has Kyuubi he wants a different reward so lets say he decides to donate another 10 bucks he could have the option between 20 gems or 20 kyuubi days...What do you guys think?
I dont think this is to extreme but it would be nice for those who exceed in donating and supporting the site

Neji said before no donation gems or any sort of cheap gems gainage.

Alright thank you i searched but found nada

Uchiha, Rares:
Even so the idea of rewarding those that donate and already have kyuubi is pretty good..

Raifudo Oppa:
Oh my flippin' jesus dude, you've been reviving topics with worthless things.
I've already seen you post like 15 times today with meaningless things that are just idiotic, stop already!


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