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Author Topic: Item Forging  (Read 1260 times)


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Item Forging
« on: February 16, 2008, 06:25:46 am »

Just some ideas I thought of it's late here so don't kill me over some of them.

Blinding Spike Bomb- Requires- Spike bomb (1) Smoke Bomb (1) and 200 gold
Description- A deadly combonation that explodes blinding your enemy, and thowing waves of spikes at them
Effects- 3 rounds of random 2-6 Damage 3 times per round, lower enemies Attack and Defence 30% for 3 rounds. (Blinding Spike Bomb)
Battle Description- You throw you weapon in front of your opponent and shield your eyes, the bomb explodes showering your enemy with spikes and blinding them.

Giant Shuriken Smoke Bomb-  Requires 1 giant Shuriken and 1 Smoke Bomb + 250 gold
Description- A Giant Shuriken with a Smoke Bomb attached.
Effects- 4 Rounds of 1-7 damage, twice per round, Lowers enemy Attack 20% and Defence 30% (Smoking Giant Shuriken)
Battle Description- You take your weapon from your pack, you throw it at your foe, the smoke bomb starts releasing as it spins making a cloud of disorienting smoke around the enemy as it hits.

Shuriken & Kunai Bundle- Requires 2 Shuriken and 1 Kunai + 150 gold
Description- A special bundle of weapons made, allowing you to throw a barage of weapons at the opponent.
Effects- 1-4 damage, four times per round for four rounds (Shuriken and Kunai attack)
Battle Description- You take out your bundle of weapons and throw the Shuriken and Kunai with deadly accuracy.

Thats all I have for now, critism appreciated.

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