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Neji, I find the special events kind of imbalance. You seem to lose more than what you could gain. The blood sucking event for example, I offer permanet HP for temporary attack or defend? And it get even worse if I flee. I just lose a total of 19 maxHP to

Why do they hold this crpa over our head? Keep us mods on top? Yeah sure. I don't die twice a day, I don't have problems at all. I'm perfect am I? Sure whatever.

I get mad at these events sometimes, but hey... I figure they're easy to avoid if you knwo

Keep the mods on top?! I'm a mod and I just lost 131 permanent HP's yesterday. That's 262 hard earned gems.  :wink:

Hehe, Baluski got robbed of his hit points from himself. That's somewhat Ironic.
Yea I lost some hit points from the random also. But can't you make that you lose reg hitpoints like every other random if you flee instead of Permanent hitpoints? I'm not t

Okay, so the mod gets hit hard by the events too. I'm okay with the other events but the blood sucking one really "sucks". You lose maxHP no matter which option you chose. Neji should do something about that unfair event  :roll:


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