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I was wondering if I could become a mod on the forum.
I tend not to argue with people.
I get along with most people.
I can also tell which topics need to be locked.
Plus SL is pure awesome and I want to benefit it in anyway I can.

I hope you select me for moderator.

Neji will tell us, like this last time, when he needs a moderator.
you will have to wait until a position is open, or when Neji decides that he needs more staff members.
Check the MoTD of few days ago and you will see that Neji told us about the Moderator positions, and that he with the staff had already decided who are the new moderators, and they are, Abyss, Rinoaheartily and Ace.

That was for the site, I meant for the forums. There's a low chance I'll get picked for the site any time soon.

I think all SL mods are Forum ones too.

There would be no point of this section if that were the case. I think he put it here so other people could be moderators too.


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