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For staff only plz


Is there any room for staff at the moment the reason im am asking Ill will be stating college for Computer Programing  on March 17 2010
right now i have very little knowledge for coding but i am a very fast learner so i could most likely help out in a month  or as little as a 2 weeks  if there is room for help of course
of course i am newer to Shinobi Legends but i am also playing  Uzumaki Online  im fairly new to it though i have been playing for few day i am currently lvl 11
Staff plz reply back as soon as u can
Thank You For Your Time

To sum it up:

In any kind of application, a few basic skills are needed: grammar, punctuation and text structure.

As you provided us with a big chunk of text with absolutely no punctuation.

Sorry, but no.


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