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I wanted to be a mod In rpg games and i exactly know how to act like one.Mod should be fair at all time,they cant abuse their power ,and they have to be nice thats how ill act if i was a mod

Please Answer soon
(people comment fast)

Unfortunately we're not looking for Moderators at this time.  :oops:

i have seen a new post from Neji in the game...
SL is in need of a Moderator...

-what do Moderator/s do? (scope of work)

First off, Your spelling and grammar doesn't seem that good.

Omega Purple:
*sees much irony in the above statement.

Anyways, to my knowledge, moderators are in charge of keeping in line and making sure the site runs smoothly. People call them when there are problems in the game, or when there are problems with offensive players in the game. Moderators need to be able to respond to situations with maturity and common sense while being as unbias as possible. By responding to the situations, they have the power to mute, ban, and permaban people, depending on the severity of the situation. Basically they make sure everyone is following the rules, and if they aren't, then the moderators step in. I think they validate avatars too, and also look over our PM's maybe to make sure there's no vulgar stuff goin' on?

There's other stuff that they do, but I'm not a moderator, so I don't know what goes on behind the scenes. xD


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