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Who would you like to rp with?

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Alright, we've known each other for years.... Or known of. But, who would you like to rp with even though you never have or had the chance to. That certain person or group that you've heard or seen that just sticks out. And tell us why.

I wanna RP with a lot of people, anyone who would give me the pleasure of roleplaying with them, whether it's casual or zone fighting.

Boy that sure is a tough one, Asadi. Every time a name pops into my head its like...oh no, wait, I rp'd with them.

There are a lot of people in the Hidden Guardians I have never RP'd with though. And other than Kite I have never Gotten a chance to know anyone from the Hyuuga Clan.  I don't seem to run into Hyuugas very often. Oh and Jin Echizen.

Varu, Kamui, and Lebis... all rolled into one insane RP

Omega Purple:

--- Quote from: cmage on May 18, 2012, 04:06:55 AM ---Varu, Kamui, and Lebis... all rolled into one insane RP

--- End quote ---

That'd be pretty epic. I'd pay to watch that.  :cool:


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