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need tips on what skill points to add to my character..


so as you already may know..

--- Quote ---a) SPEED
Your speed rating = 1/2 * dexterity + 1/4 * intelligence + 2.5

your defense will be = 1/4 * wisdom + 3/8 * constitution + 3/8 * speed -9 + misc defense points

your attack will be = 1/3 * strength + 1/3 * speed + 1/6 * wisdom + 1/6 * intelligence -9 + misc attack points

--- End quote ---

what would be the advantage and disadvantage if i went pure dex build or a dex/const/str build?
need your opinions  :o

Raifudo Oppa:

Going pure dex = faster and harder to hit. Each point in dex. should be .5 added to your stats.

I suggest mixing and matching like the mentioned.

I like working up to gain Hyouton and then dumping everything into Dex and Int from there on out.

I have had people advise me to Do Int the first time, then dump a bunch into forest fights. The rational being that the more turns you get the faster you can level.

I really don't like that cause I am addicted to the way I can employ hyouton in the Forest fights so I want to get it as fast as possible.

I have a character who builds strictly Int. and boy does he have a lot of chakra points!

play around and see what you like the best.


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