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Suggestions about things game related.

My suggestion (my first input) is to ponder whether, if longer and more in-depth missions are created, could we possibly RP them out here on the forum somewhere? After all, it is alot easier to record, and this is the official forum for SL, so it wouldn't be sapping away from Sl too badly.

Finally, it'd be more time friendly to do the missions here on the forum, since with constraints and restraints, the zones and village boards tend to get... Occupied or ran over, the mission eventually disappearing if you don't do anything within a few days due to some sort of RL, or maybe if you just wanna break from SL.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Maybe some cake?  ;) ;)

I have said this before and will say it again, the forum should work for the game.
Meaning, after some of these on going behind the scene work finishes or simply in the future, I was going to plan to either talk with Neji and get something going role playing wise incorporated into this official forum.

As far as this request, I assume you would like a new simply mission board...
More boards can be created to expand the mission board of course.

When conducting role playing in a forum, the past has shown us what *NOT* to do. Clearly, what has happened should not happen again, period.
Hence why trying to incorporate actual heavy role playing into anywhere, especially a forum setting is very difficult. There are many different sides of the issue that needs to be accounted for, and many other issues.

Note: Neji's approval with significant forum changes is required.

I was actually asking specifically if places on this forum could be used to RP out the Missions on the Mission Board (in my suggestion).

As in creating actual villages here to conduct missions...?

What are these "places" you are asking for?

Maybe a general area for specifically Missions to take place, or maybe even a place to archive zone fights or RP events.


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