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Shinobi Legends 2016

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There, we have a goal to have a convention sometime before 2016 or in 2016. Can we do it? Perhaps combine it with another convention that is happening  and set it up in a corner? Who knows.

Omega Purple:
Totally side note, at the moment I'm planning on going to AX on Sat/Sun, so if anybody is going then, I can say YO!!

But yeah, I know in the past SL meetings have always been talked about, but I never really saw it happen due to everyone being so spread out and such, and it would be difficult to figure out a good middle ground to meet at.

Well, we have a U.S. and Euro group. I know Asia has a growing community too. It is possible to have those unable to make it SKYPE in.

Where are the majority of the people in the U.S. from? I'm currently living in NYC

I be living in sexy ol Illinois. o:


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