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Who trained you in SL? [If you had anyone]

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Suishou Koji:
It's one of those nights where I actually feel like posting something that I'm actually curious about.

And for those older me...who can't remember, just say 'Too old to remember' or something like that.

Koji's had many people who trained him throughout his long life so it's going to be a long list. I'll name a few along with those who just helped out here and there.

-Sytachi [Don't know if anyone remembers that name]



-Uetto [Kirk]

-Rare [Fifty]

Same as Koji, a here a there sort.

•Timid {Someone still around now but wants to stay secret using a new name}
•Fifty {With 1-3 questions}

Reimu Hakurei:
Gyururu, Varu and... I want to say Ace.

Three people long-since gone.

I got trained in so many ways. xD

Teachers (sort of):



Some unnamed guy who taught me how to level [he cleverly didn't leave his name in the PM I archived.] Funny, I only actually follow parts of it, but I still have it. xD

Zoning partners:

Nathan (practice buddy)

Kyuubigirl (practice buddy)

(others whose names I fail to remember)

Murcielago (practice buddy)
Mokoto [Unless account changed hands] (Not every fight that is important to me am I gonna win. xD)

How to build and run a clan:

LightningX (recruitment)

(someone else, though I forget her name; she taught me that nice looking rank titles can be attractive too)

I don't think I've forgotten anyone here. If I have, remind meh... Much of this was before my 'break' from SL, during which break everything seemed to go towards madness here on SL.

Only person who trained Bocch in rp (in more ways than one) is Zen.


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