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This is where I think I should post this. Maybe I am wrong... But as many people know, the SL wiki still shows a lot of old game info prior to the now updated version. The stat formulas seem to be accurate still, but it looks like Neji is updating them once again (or doing something with the stat display due to the red question mark in-game).

Or for example, Rai ninjutsu is unlocked at a certain DK count with no stat requirement, but on the wiki it said it required ___ dex/strength/intelligence or something like that. To prevent people like me from wasting DK points on stats or for meeting certain requirements, as well as giving more accurate and up-to-date info on the game, the SL wiki should either be updated or open to changes as a community (like wikipedia).

Agreed, the wiki is where I spend little time at.

I have a few editors, but information updates are slow.

Stats are not changed - I simply add a visible calculation in. Not playing with hidden tricks, I am a friend of open communication.

Might do a few baseline things too.

Alright, cool. I pieced out the stat formulas from the visible calculation and it is still the same.

Looks forward to these "baseline things"


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