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Author Topic: Shadow as game moderator.  (Read 2429 times)


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Shadow as game moderator.
« on: May 18, 2013, 03:24:18 AM »

Before anyone says it I realize that Neji hasn't officially said anything about needing new mods.

1.) If you caught somebody spamming excessively, what would you do? (Must be completed in 30 words or more.) First thing is to ask them to stop. Next step would be to remove the spam that this person posted. If this person has committed spam acts before this new one occurred then they may also be faced with a ban.

2.) Do you think Moderators should have a specific age level? If so, give specific reasons as to why you support it. (Must be completed in 60 words or more.) Age plays a big role in society, be it online or in real life. It's used to determine if you can drink, drive, do certain things. I say yes mods should have a specific age unless proven that their mental state of mind is older than their physical self. Age doesn't always signify whether or not a person is fit to do something. So to say should mods be chosen only based on age, I say no.

3.) What would you consider to be a banning situation and why? (Must be completed in 60 words or more.) Harassment seems to be a main issue on SL in terms of ban situations. Player one will not stop bugging player two or vice versa. A banning situation to me is an act that  breaks multiple game rules or impacts a player greatly, such as harassing. If (I'll use Face as player one and Book as player two) If face continues to bother book and book has asked them to stop and also blocked them, but face creates another account just to bother book even more. That's what I consider a ban due to harassment. I kinda touched on a ban situation in question 1 with the spam. Basically anything that is excessive and continues to happen even after the player has been warned.

4.) If you see a newbie, obviously confused and bugging other players, what would you do? (Must be completed in 30 words or more.) I'd ask them to stop bugging other people and advise them to check the FAQ and Wiki pages. If they require help with a specific question then I will do my best to answer it.

5.) You find a higher ranked character that is your friend bullying another character. What do you do in this situation? (Must be completed in 30 words or more.) Friend or not if someone is breaking the rules and aware of it they need to deal with the consequences. Depending on how long this has been occurring and the severity of it the player doing the bullying can face a mute to a ban, or worse. I believe in giving players a chance to redeem themselves and not straight out ban them.

6.) A fellow moderator sees you doing something they don't approve of. And they have been a moderator much longer before you have. They demand an explanation. Once they question you, how do you reply? (Must be completed in 50 words or more.) Mods are supposed to abide by the rules that they enforce. If another mod is unhappy with my actions and I am not breaking the rules then... If my actions are however breaking the rules and I am unaware of it then I'll explain why I am doing such things. I don't see what difference it makes if they have been a mod longer than me or not while they are senior to me in the job another mod newer than me could also see me doing something wrong and question my actions. Which ever it be I'll stop doing it if it is affecting them.

7.) You have discovered a fight in the gardens! You ask them to stop, but they don't listen. Now what? (Must be completed in 30 words or more.) Mute. Simple as that. I told them to stop and they didn't listen. They broke the rules by arguing and when I stepped in and told them to stop, they continued to fight. They were given the chance to dodge punishment.

8.) You find an advertisement for another LotGD game. Is this alright? NO. Other LotGD are competition and can affect the game heavily due to making players who regularly donate switch to the other site and make the monthly payments become unable to be paid.

9.) You're being swarmed with private messages and complaints about other players. You're beginning to become annoyed and stressed out at the fact of the activity. What do you do in this situation? (Must be completed in 25 words or more.) That's what the petition button is for. I'll tell them that exactly. I am not the only mod on the game that deals with complaints. I'll ask the other mods to help me out with the sudden jump in activity.

10.) There's clan advertisement in unnecessary areas. Do you ignore it and just simply delete the comment? Yes, normally. If it's just one. If it gets to the point of spamming it in every village several times then necessary actions will be made.

11.) You find some frisky behavior going on in a private dwelling... What would you do and why? (Must be completed in 40 words or more.) Delete the comments. The game rules go over this type of behavior not directly, but it falls under 'pornographic content' which is the first rule in the list. Then ask them not to do it again. If I see that it has been going on for more than just that current day than I might add punishment.

12.) A fellow player comes up to you for advice. This person happens to be a VERY good friend of yours. This advice is what mount they should get, and what they should start out with when they get another dragon kill. What do you tell them? (Must be completed in 30 words or more.)
Whenever you go to PM a mod it shows a little paragraph noting they will not tell you how to get Sst/Cs and whatnot as that is against the rules to give out game secrets. I don't see giving advice to another player on what mount to pick as being a game secret, in that aspect I would tell them pakkun is the best. I'm not telling them how to get it or when/where to get it.

13.) You find some severe harassment. And the one being harassed is your friend. You: (Must be completed in 25 words or more.) I don't like harassment regardless if I know the person or not. Due to the severity of the harassment they'll get a ban more than likely. If the harassment isn't that bad a mute or temp ban will be put in place.

14.) Somebody has been begging for points constantly. Out of your kindness, you send him some. Now he wants more from other players and you again. However, you don't know how many players he's asking. You: (Must be completed in 15 words or more.) Tell him to stop begging for points from myself and other players as that can be interpreted as harassment if he continues after being told to stop asking. Point him to the forest.

15.) You get into a scramble with a moderator. Another moderator comes by and asks you both to stop. Are you prepared to face the consequences on what you may receive? And what do you think they will be? (Must be completed in 50 words or more.) Just because I am a mod doesn't mean I'm an exception to the rules. If I break the rules then I will take what I deserve. I know what's wrong from right. I can't say what the consequences will be. It really depends on what happened. Temporary hold on my mod power or a mute, even a ban if the scramble calls for such punishment.
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Re: Shadow as game moderator.
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2013, 10:22:17 PM »

I vote for Shadow as a Game Moderator!

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