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GameMaster Application

1.   How young or old must a person be to comprehend the responsibilities of GameMaster?
      If none, please specify why an age limit is then not required.

2.   You notice a new member who is confused. The member, unknowingly, becomes bothersome when asking others too many questions.
      What would you do (minimum 60 words)?

3.   You notice some members breaking the rules, spamming, etc… How would you go about addressing this matter (30 words or more)?

4.   A character with a higher “rank” decides to take command and causes others’ fun to lessen. What would you do?

5.   A moderator disagrees with an action you have taken. The moderator treats you like any other member, as he/she should. How do you proceed when confronted (60 words or more)?

6.   You notice some members on the verge of starting a fight in the village or some public arena, what would be your action (also take into account another situation where the fight is occurring into your answer- 60 words or more)?

7.   The Staff of ShinobiLegends are members of the game, like all others, and although you are volunteering your time for this position, what should the others expect from you (minimum 60 words)?

8.   What do you think should be at the forefront of your “agenda” when role playing as a GameMaster?

9.   What rules should GameMasters adhere to and what do you think might result in removal of the GameMaster ability- does not have to directly be about rule breaking (60 words or more)?

10. Provided that you have broken the rules or have decided to get into an altercation with another staff member in the public, what consequences do you think you might receive (30 words or more)?

11. You see someone chatting  out of character (OOC) in a village. The role play that is occurring is off and on. What would you do? Are any rules broken? What would you do to handle any problems that arise between those in character (IC) and those OOC?

12. One group decides to role play in the village, and another group of people also decide to role play separately in the same village as well. Again, is this against the rules? What would you do to calm any problems that might arise?

13. GameMasters should try to encourage others to join role playing as well, not just attend to those already role playing. What are some ideas you have to encourage overall role play, and secondly, what ideas do you have to encourage new members to join in (of course, some may not simply not want to role play and that should be respected)?

14.   In your opinion, what is the role of a GameMaster (90 words or more)?

Please note that this application alone is not the determining factor. We will take into account the activity at which you currently role play in the villages and other places, along with overall activity and such.

Note: If you don't get a direct reply, this is the usual procedure.

I will announce/talk to people directly after we spoke about the applications.


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