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Author Topic: SL Official Edo Tensei Guidelines/Rules  (Read 4394 times)


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SL Official Edo Tensei Guidelines/Rules
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:58:12 PM »

This thread is only to keep a listing of the Edo Tensei rules so far. 
Please do NOT post in this thread.
Discuss any concerns/opinions HERE.

|| Official Edo Tensei Guidelines ||

Current Edo Tensei Users (as of January 23, 2019):
1. Athos         (student)
2. Guruguru   (teacher)

3. Warren      (teacher)
4. Keitō         (student)

5. Tomi          (teacher)
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Re: SL Official Edo Tensei Guidelines/Rules
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2013, 12:00:05 AM »

Non-Combat Rules:

- Alts & NPCs are not allowed to become Edo Tensei. No trading alts with a friend for Edo Tensei zombies.
- Edo Tensei Zombies are allowed to declare official Jinchuriki challenges but are not allowed to be a host.
- Teacher:Student rule.  "Teachers" are allowed to teach a single person Edo Tensei. Once done, neither teacher nor student can share the technique, unless one or the other dies.
    Current Teacher-Student Bonds:
      Kamui ----- Masane
      Warren ----- Keito
      Uchiha Ryoji

    Former/Deceased Users:
      - Tsuyo (Replaced by Rinn)
      - Trev (Replaced by Bocchiere)
      - Kamui (Replaced by Kyu Mizushima)
      - Ryuji (Gone)
      - Hazama (Replaced by Akasaka Rakudo)
      - Uchiha Rinn (Replaced by Manji)
      -Bocchiere (replaced by Kamui)
      - Manji (replaced by Masane)
      - Kyu (replaced by Warren)
      - Hazama (replaced by Keito)
      - Shinro (replaced by Ryoji)

- If Edo Tensei is pirated from someone (Ex, Human Path) the person who attains the knowledge takes the spot on the Teacher-Student list of the person they robbed it from.  They will then be bond to any "teacher" or "student" that the previous user was connected with.
- A former user who either had ET stolen from them or quit and had their position in the "Student-Teacher" list replaced can no longer perform ET until they get themselves onto the above list again.
- Edo Tensei zombies cannot perform Edo Tensei
- In order to use the Edo Tensei technique, a deceased rp player's DNA must be obtained and a living player must be sacrificed. Alts may not be used as sacrifices.
- To give a zombie an implant, something else must be traded off for it. Ex. I give a zombie a sharingan implant, but he loses the ability to use Mokuton, etc.
- Starting now (July 2, 2013), Edo Tensei users who summon a zombie then release or lose it will still have a constant 20% chakra drain until that freed ET Zombie is sealed away.
    Current "Freed" Zombies & Their Summoner:
      Manji ----- Bocchiere *freed before this rule was instated
      Rares ----- Trev *freed before this rule was instated
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Re: SL Official Edo Tensei Guidelines/Rules
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2013, 12:01:45 AM »

Combat Rules:

- Only 3 Edo Tensei zombies may be summoned per battle
- Only 1 Edo Tensei zombie can be summoned per Jinchuriki Challenge
- 20% of chakra is used for each individual zombie summon and permanently lost for the duration that the zombie is active.  Summoning the maximum of 3 zombies equals a permanent 60% loss of the summoner's total chakra pool.  Only when an Edo is sealed or un-summoned is when the user can start recovering the lost 20% for that summon.
- Zombie Regeneration Periods
    - "Superficial Damage" (No recovery period)
      *minor scratches & bruises
    - "Minor Damage" (1 turn regeneration period)
      *broken limbs, cuts that would cause bleeding
    - "Moderate" (2 turn regeneration period)
      *Loss of a hand/foot/etc, getting run through by a sword, getting smashed by certain levels of taijutsu, etc.
    - "Serious" (3 turn regeneration period & forced immobilization)
      *Loss of a limb, serious run throughs with swords, 'knockout' blows such as hidden lotus, etc.
    - "Death" (4 turn regeneration period & forced immobilization)
      *Damage that would result in for-sure death had the zombie been "alive" a.k.a. chidori, getting beheaded, etc.
    - "Complete Annihilation" (5 turn regeneration period & forced immobilization)
      *Complete obliteration a.k.a dust release, burnt to ashes, ripped/blown apart, etc.
- As long as Edo Tensei is being used, the user can only use defensive moves.  And these defensive moves can't be used in the motions of an attack.
- 1:1 Ratio rule.  You can only summon as many Edo Tensei as there are opponents.  3 is the max.
- ET Zombies are not allowed to transfer their chakra to other beings
- ET Zombies are also not allowed to use "physical" clones such as Kage Bunshin, or any other variation of a solid bunshin.
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