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Theoretically a stripped down "game version" (login + stuff) could be done holds only the mail client.
Can't go anything wrong in the mails, no harm with game interactions.

I'd do a webapp, but I am not that familiar with it.
But the idea might be worthwhile.

Yeah, that's why I asked only for only the mail and not the rest of the game because...that would take ALOT of work.

Since it's just the mail client, I'm pretty sure it would be somewhat easier, then again I'm not an amazing programmer.

Ah, perfect time to learn more about apps for us all! xD
I'd really like a mobile mailbox though. o,.o

Akasaka Rakudo:
That would be handy

I played around and got something partly working. Mostly because of "logged in" and "not logged in" is an issue.

Think I solved most of it, but strangely now the password tests fail. Probably occult reasons.

When I am done with throwing chicken bones, I'll let you know.

The mobile template should be auto-selected there, and it would miss a log-out button presently. It's "mail-only", but you're basically logged in completely.


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