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It seems gold is the univerals currency for S-L. Why is it gold and not ryo? Just wondering?

SL's engine is based off another text based game called Legend of the Green Dragon. I never played it but I think the setting is basically medieval times and you slay dragons and stuff.

Basically, I can imagine that all the money values were named "gold" and what that would mean Neji (the server admin) would have to go through ALL the code and rename it Ryo...

That's my educated guess. :/

Akasaka Rakudo:

Oh I see, thanks for the response. I figured as much, maybe that could easily be changed with  a find and replace though? find: gold, Gold replace with: ryo, Ryo

I'm not trying to be difficult it is wrong cause his time could be used adding new features and such but as I said it was just a thought.

Raifudo Oppa:
Gold is a universal currency and tends to hold equal value throughout.


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