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Hey, I'm relatively new and started just a few days ago. Today makes my first 7 days of gameplay. I'm currently sitting at level 14 with a fresh start(brandnew accounts) I say this because I've noticed players sell their accounts.

Well basically my question is what do I do?

At this juncture it's been a tad difficult to level with everyone that's reachable and in my range being reseted at minimum 10-15 times with Orochimaru Kills so I just continue to loose experience doubled with getting merked when I quit to fields(I know a fix for this) however I think that maybe there isn't a huge influx of players to make the playing field even for younger gen players?

I could be wrong but just a thought. Any help or advice for leveling would be well appreciated.

You're right, there aren't a ton of people to kill in the fields who are going to still be academy students.  You should check dwellings though, I'm sure you'd find more people sleeping there.  Most people rush to find dwelling keys when they join SL because sleeping in the fields does result in the loss of exp if you're unluckily chosen to be someone's prey.

My advice is just to forest fight very carefully and only kill people who are a level below you or your level to stay safe.

Hey man, thanks I lost a total of 6000 experience in one day. And I'm talking in=game days that's the 8hour mark. it's going to be unplayable for me when school opens because:

Imagine logging in for about 15 minutes before class, then log in during a break and I lost experience. Log back out then log in again to find I've lost another 2000 experience (2000 is about 8% of my experience right now so every fight I loose that amount.)

In just one 8 hour period I loose 6000 experience today :/ is it because I'm not in a dwelling or in an Inn? Well you get 23(I think I got 24) travel points as a donator add on but it was not worth it as it just raised my travel point by 1~

I'm ranting because I'm a loyal grinder but I don't want to loose all my hard work in a matter of hours as we're only limited to 3 pvp fights per day. :'( Man it's tough as an Academy Student.

Forest fights are cumulative. Therefore, I advise someone who gets PvP'ed a lot to only log in once a real day! That means that there is only one opportunity for you to get attacked daily, so rather than getting attacked three, four times a day, you only get attacked once.

In the short run, that might seem crazy if all those forest fights just seem like "oh goodie, more turns to lose upon death..." However, you're on day seven and you are at level 14 according to your original post, so my guess is that you are a better leveler than I was when I first started; so I think you could handle 60 turns a day.

Universal rule here; Sit at level 11, even if you're blue. That way the sitters at levels 14-15 won't be able to get ya.


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