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Author Topic: Shadow's GM app. (Locked to avoid that SL spam)  (Read 2372 times)


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Shadow's GM app. (Locked to avoid that SL spam)
« on: June 11, 2014, 07:31:29 PM »

1.   How young or old must a person be to comprehend the responsibilities of GameMaster? (If none, please specify why an age limit is then not required.)

Age cannot be the sole factor in determining who is best fit for a job. That being age doesn't always signify a better understanding of certain aspects. GameMasters must implement both maturity and creativeness to effectively fulfill what is sought out of them. I've seen plenty of young adults act more mature than a lot of adults. You cannot have age be the determining factor.

2.   You notice a new member who is confused. The member, unknowingly, becomes bothersome when asking others too many questions.
      What would you do (minimum 60 words)?

I’d ask them in a pm for any help and to stop asking other players repetitively. First off I’d ask them if they have read the Wiki and the FAQ page, if not I’d supply them with the links. If they have and are still not understanding then I would try my best to fulfill any questions they may have about the game.

3.   You notice some members breaking the rules, spamming, etc… How would you go about addressing this matter (30 words or more)?

The rules are right there on every village board and on the login page to the site. They should go over them the first time they join and should carry over the idea of when on other sites that spamming is not allowed, it won't be on this one. Asking the player to stop and go over the rules again, if needed. Sometimes the other player may not see it as spam and I'll try to gage if it is or not. If the matter is to be continued I will ask for a moderator to come and take care of things.

4.   A character with a higher “rank” decides to take command and causes others’ fun to lessen. What would you do?

Ask the higher ranking member to rethink their process of what they're doing and take in the fact that the other players may not like the way they are controlling the situation. Rp's are to involve anyone who wants to join while being fun for all. Take in the opinions of others.

5.   A moderator disagrees with an action you have taken. The moderator treats you like any other member, as he/she should. How do you proceed when confronted (60 words or more)?

It depends on what I'm confronted with. If it's an action based on something I did with rp then I will try to explain the process and why I did it. I don't consider myself when in rp to be un-logical and 'throw' random stuff into the gears of the rp. As a Game Master it is my job to think logically, hopefully reducing the chances of my actions being called into question.

6.   You notice some members on the verge of starting a fight in the village or some public arena, what would be your action (also take into account another situation where the fight is occurring into your answer- 60 words or more)?

I would try to see what the issue is exactly and go from there on whether or not I can help. If it's a dispute with rp I will look into both sides and try to reach a common ground with them to continue where they left off. If the arguing is more personal and the fight has ensued already I'd still try to retain them from fighting, but also get a moderator to handle the situation better than I could if the fight has ensued for a long period of time, also removing the fight from the board.

7.   The Staff of ShinobiLegends are members of the game, like all others, and although you are volunteering your time for this position, what should the others expect from you (minimum 60 words)?

Creative and logical thinking is what should be expected of me as well as playing an active part in the role play that goes on within the site. While I can't be part of everything that goes on, I should be expected to have at least an understanding of the things that are while maintaining activity as much as possible.

8.   What do you think should be at the forefront of your “agenda” when role playing as a GameMaster?

To create an interesting and fun environment for those who wish to rp. I would still take it upon myself to handle anything other than rp that may occur. Such as the OOC that fill up the boards or players disagreeing. To see any problems and work them out as they come.

9.   What rules should GameMasters adhere to and what do you think might result in removal of the GameMaster ability- does not have to directly be about rule breaking (60 words or more)?

Having a title does not put you into a position where you can ignore the rules. The rules on the site are still the same ones you need to follow. You are still a player just now you are being asked to help with rp content on the site. Removal can be tricky. My own opinion is that long periods of being inactive is a position where they can be removed. If they're not helping with rp on the site why do they have the rank that was made to do that? The main reason that a Game Master should be removed is they are not fulfilling the standards that a Game Master must, the other players are not agreeing or having fun with the rp that they set up or don't like the way they are handling the event. They need to promote not demote rp.

10. Provided that you have broken the rules or have decided to get into an altercation with another staff member in the public, what consequences do you think you might receive (30 words or more)?

Having a title does not put you into a position where you can ignore the rules. I take the same consequences anyone else would as I'm still a member of the site. While I'm not known to be the type to have a dispute in public, if the matter ever happens a strip of power temporarily and perhaps a mute.

11. You see someone chatting out of character (OOC) in a village. The role play that is occurring is off and on. What would you do? Are any rules broken? What would you do to handle any problems that arise between those in character (IC) and those OOC?

This is a big thing that actively happens on ShinobiLegends. If the role play has been put off more than a day then players can go at it. By that time the rp is already over or a post is being disputed and it usually takes a couple days to work out the situation. If it only has a few hours break then the rp is still considered active and players shouldn't disrupt it. OOC is not against the rules and should therefore not be punishable. However if there is an active rp going on then they need to understand that while it’s not breaking any rules it is highly disrespectful to those in the rp. If they ignore this and do it anyway I will ask them to stop and take it to pms.

12. One group decides to role play in the village, and another group of people also decide to role play separately in the same village as well. Again, is this against the rules? What would you do to calm any problems that might arise?

This is not against the rules and while I'd advise the community from forming two separate rps on the same board it does happen. A common issue that arises at this point is whose turn it is. Which I will put together a posting order. (Person 1, Person 2, ect) This will lessen the chance that one group will push out the other from rp'ing there.  I will keep an eye on the board to help with any other issues if they appear.

13. GameMasters should try to encourage others to join role playing as well, not just attend to those already role playing. What are some ideas you have to encourage overall role play, and secondly, what ideas do you have to encourage new members to join in (of course, some may not simply not want to role play and that should be respected)?

Up until a few weeks ago I was more of an event funder than wanting to be the one that forms the rp. Players on here love to receive something for things they do, prizes/awards. Whatever you may call them.
Contests/Events are where I'd look to encourage role play and newer members to join. Most contests will be sought out to be fun and stimulate the rp community. These are a great place for newer players to start as more advanced members will be there and they can look upon them for learning. While not only learning the aim for the event will be to help them advance in their skills as each task they complete will become harder and harder hopefully calling them to push themselves.

14.   In your opinion, what is the role of a GameMaster (90 words or more)?

This application as a whole is basically what you're asking. They are to be upheld with the responsibility to create a logical and creative environment for role play. They need to be mature in their actions, yet be able to implement creativity that does not violate what they're trying to do, a dose of both. They are to promote, stimulate, and organize rp site wide if they can. While it is not truly their position GMs usually often take the role of 'helper'. That being we like to help others, so leading new players down the right track are something we normally also do.
I'm going to agree with you on some things and disagree with you on some things.

Something that can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.


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