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Author Topic: Isenlar's Gamemaster/moderator application.  (Read 2662 times)


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Isenlar's Gamemaster/moderator application.
« on: July 04, 2014, 10:14:02 AM »

GameMaster Application

1.   How young or old must a person be to comprehend the responsibilities of GameMaster?
      If none, please specify why an age limit is then not required.
There can be no age limit. In the end, “Age isn't how old you are but how old you feel.” (Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, Memories of My Melancholy Whores). By this definition, it is understood that a mature heart far outweighs the respective age of moderators. In my opinion, if there is a 12 year old who can understand right and wrong I would much rather have them have this honor rather than a 40 year old who is immature.

2.   You notice a new member who is confused. The member, unknowingly, becomes bothersome when asking others too many questions.
      What would you do (minimum 60 words)?
Firstly, I would PM the new member and kindly ask that they do not bother the other players so much, because I am here for help. I would explain to the player how there is a button at the top of the webpage which is used for help if their problem could be fixed in that way. Then, I would link to the player to the forums, the wiki, and talk them through what the purpose of each section in the game is. If the player had any other questions I would kindly help and answer as much as possible without divulging any game secrets or game mechanics. This would help the player to not be so bothersome and answer the questions they had.

3.   You notice some members breaking the rules, spamming, etc… How would you go about addressing this matter (30 words or more)?
I would request that the members stop doing as they are, as the issue may be handled without moderator assistance. If the issue was not resolved by a simple request, I would then request a moderator to attend the area in which the rule breaking is happening, and ask that they please stop the people doing so. Some issues can be fixed without having an admin, but in cases that are getting out of hand, I would call a moderator.

4.   A character with a higher “rank” decides to take command and causes others’ fun to lessen. What would you do?
The higher ranked character should not be doing so in the first place, as they should be experienced enough to make a proper decision. If this wasn't the case, I would kindly ask the higher ranked member to stop doing so. Seeing the other players disapproval would lead me to state how they do not have to follow his orders, as he has only been playing for longer and does not literally "out rank" them.

5.   A moderator disagrees with an action you have taken. The moderator treats you like any other member, as he/she should. How do you proceed when confronted (60 words or more)?
The moderator would be right, in most if not all cases. I would kindly and respectfully ask the moderator where, when, and what I did wrong so I could better myself and not make the mistake again. I would also reference the problem with the official wiki to make sure I wasn't being banned for no reason. The moderator would not be pestered by me, as they are given the power to ban and should be respected for earning their position.

6.   You notice some members on the verge of starting a fight in the village or some public arena, what would be your action (also take into account another situation where the fight is occurring into your answer- 60 words or more)?
Fighting anywhere but the Fighting Zone is prohibited. I would first request that everyone calm down and remember the rules of the game. I would request they take their business to the Fighting Zone, then call an admin to the place where the fight originated. The situation would then be dealt with by the admin, and they would choose if the players would suffer consequences or have a simple warning.

7.   The Staff of ShinobiLegends are members of the game, like all others, and although you are volunteering your time for this position, what should the others expect from you (minimum 60 words)?
All players should be respectful at all times, admin or otherwise. I am expected to look into all players issues, simple or complicated. I should actively be monitoring all aspects or the site to ensure no rules are being broken in private areas such as PMs, dwellings or otherwise. I am expected to be mature in the way I speak to others, as well as the way I deal with issues. Also, I must help players who are lost and guide them if they are in need.

8.   What do you think should be at the forefront of your “agenda” when role playing as a GameMaster?
A GameMaster should be a normal player who simple has more responsibility. A GM Should be taking care of the players so they are not breaking the rules or are condoning such behavior.

9.   What rules should GameMasters adhere to and what do you think might result in removal of the GameMaster ability- does not have to directly be about rule breaking (60 words or more)?
GameMasters should adhere to site rules. In the end, GMs are regular players who deal with rule breakers. If the admin were to, for example, start banning people at random, then the admin should have his/her powers revoked or suspended. Admins should not break rules at all, in fact they should have far more dire consequences for breaking rules, as they have shown how much understanding they have of them.

10. Provided that you have broken the rules or have decided to get into an altercation with another staff member in the public, what consequences do you think you might receive (30 words or more)?
I should receive a ban straight away. Also, I should have my powers suspended pending a review of what happened, why I did what I did, and who was involved. I would take full responsibility of my actions, and I would fully expect the same consequences for any other admins involved, irrelevant of who was in the wrong.

11. You see someone chatting  out of character (OOC) in a village. The role play that is occurring is off and on. What would you do? Are any rules broken? What would you do to handle any problems that arise between those in character (IC) and those OOC?
Any OOC problems should be taken to PMs, as they do not involve any roleplaying of any kind. OOC and IC problems are completely different, and if either involve harsh words or if a fight were to break out, I would request that they stop doing. If it got completely out of hand, I would call an admin to fix the issue.

12. One group decides to role play in the village, and another group of people also decide to role play separately in the same village as well. Again, is this against the rules? What would you do to calm any problems that might arise?
Roleplaying in separate areas is not against the rules. The only problem I see arising is "plot" holes. Each village is separate, and therefor has separate goings on. If an issue were to come up in which one player was accusing another of doing something wrong, it is between them to clarify what has been said and how to fix the issue. If the players were to get out of hand, I would try to help with the clarification as well.

13. GameMasters should try to encourage others to join role playing as well, not just attend to those already role playing. What are some ideas you have to encourage overall role play, and secondly, what ideas do you have to encourage new members to join in (of course, some may not simply not want to role play and that should be respected)?
I would try and host gatherings open to the public, as well as spread the word around popular places. There would be no forcing players to get involved, instead I would ask that they come attend. The more the merrier, I say.

14.   In your opinion, what is the role of a GameMaster (90 words or more)?
A game master should be solving player issues and site issues. A GM should be taking care of players who are lost, or who need help. A gm must promote RP, as well as get involved with RP themselves. Also, they should help to get other players involved too. A gm should solve issues, be actively looking for problems to fix, and be filtering offensive posts. The GMs should be regularly on and not be inactive, as this makes the GM redundant. Other than this, a gm should be maintaining the site overall.

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