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Author Topic: Mission: Cat distress! Rank E  (Read 1036 times)


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Mission: Cat distress! Rank E
« on: December 16, 2014, 10:08:07 PM »

Mission: Cat distress!

Rank E

Mission Type:
search and rescue

Your Choice

Old lady Fu has lost her cat as it would seem. It ran off 2 days ago and hasn't been seen by her since.
Description: The male cat is White and fluffy. It wears a pink bow on it's left ear; causing the ear to lean a a bit out of place. Though the owner has disagreed, the cat may have an aggressive nature so please exercise caution in it's capture. The owner has left a few of it's toy's to aid in it's capture if you would like to take them with you. She has also left a small cage if you'd like to use it on your mission. Please, ensure that no harm comes to the cat as this will effect your reward for it's bounty. After capture, return the feline to the allied ROOT station to turn him over to staff.

Capture the cat without bringing harm to it and return to an allied ROOT station for reward.

Items for this mission
1 grey and white stuffed rabbit.
1 small gold colored bell
1 grey moderate sized Cat carrier

Obstacles or Foes:
Male white cat


A small pouch of gold and a coupon to "Lady Fu's pet store" good for 1 free store item.
25 DP

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