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Author Topic: More Experiments! Rank A  (Read 932 times)


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More Experiments! Rank A
« on: December 16, 2014, 10:35:00 PM »

 More Experiments!!

 A Rank (reward:A CAKE!..well maybe) 125 DP

 Mission Type:
 Item retrieval and Assassination (if needed), self lead

 Depends on where you find your target. You have to post the zones and villages where the target was killed. Or where you got the Item

 Sharingan eyes seem to be not enough. Yet again the medic requires help, this time he needs bones of a Kaguya. Small samples are enough, for example the finger bone projectiles, those would be enough, for the first experiments. It might be hard to find a Kaguya as target, but don't worry, later on you maybe get cake!!

 Kill a Person who has the Kaguya Kekkei Genkai (not NPC) within a village or a Zone and get the bones. Or receive them otherwise, it has to be played out in a 'public place' (no clan halls or dwelling). Afterwards contact Silver and bring him the bones without anyone noticing you.

 Obstacles or Foes:
 The only obstacle is to find your target and to get the bones.

 Silver Moonfire

Free to grab for one person,might be reopened after a certain amount of time.

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