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Author Topic: Protect the Cargo! Rank B  (Read 1174 times)


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Protect the Cargo! Rank B
« on: December 28, 2014, 04:57:36 AM »

Protect the Cargo!

Rank B, 100 DP

Mission Type:
Protection, Bodyguards for a transaction. (4 Nin)

Otogakure and its outskirts.

Local farmers have recently been subjected to attacks by a specific rebel group within Otogakure. While enroute, various cargo wagons have seem to be ambushed and robbed of all its goods, which is certainly hurting the farmers and their business. Not only that, though they seem to be interfering with foreign trades as well, not caring what or whom the cargo is for; simply spreading their message of hate. Such actions must come to an end. Recruiting a group of body guards to protect the transportation of the cargo from their farms to the border for further shipment; providing safe travel within Otogakure. The rebels seem to be a step ahead, having a schedule of the trips as well as times they start and end; allowing them to ambush whenever they please. It is expected that no cargo shipment is safe, thus the need for various guards. Appointed to a team of four you will accompany the farmers with their cargo and provide protection in their travels, and if ambushed by the rebels, kill on sight. Though for the sake of Otogakure, and all the troubles they have caused to the receiving end of the shipments, it is best advised that one member shall be left alive; yet captured. It is preferred that their leader is to be the one capture, yet his status is un-known, thus it is best to be alert. Providing a safe passage for the farmers as well as delivering the nuisance that caused the mission on the first place, you will be rewarded.

Items for the Mission:
standard gear

- Protect the farmers and their cargo
- If attacked, manage to subdue an attacker for questioning and interrogation(supposedly their leader) .
- Provide security transportation

Obstacles or Foes:
- A rebel organization, aiming to antagonize and further more overthrow Otogakure has been messing with farmers whom supply the nations. Devised of former Otogakure nin, these rebels ambush and attack cargo wagons; being transported to various distributors within the shinobi nation. They use sneak attacks, seemingly already knowing of the routes and times of departure. Using extreme violence and force to get what they want, the rebels aim to stop big business throughout the nation from receiving their goods and further more cripple Otogakure's ties with other villages; to further aide their rebellion. They are to not be taken lightly, and are classified as deadly nin. Precaution is necessary for they seem to expertly utilize Ototon to their advantage. Shattered ear drums is a signature reward, granted when encountering the group

- Welcomed to Otogakure anytime, for your service. (For non-otogakure shinobi)
- Percentage of loot
- Opportunity to learn Four Violet Flames Formation (learned before hand for the purpose of protection)


Open to all willing participants

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