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Author Topic: Timeline  (Read 1653 times)


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« on: February 14, 2015, 07:41:31 AM »

Color Codex:

Konohagakure Event
Sunagakure Event
Kirigakure Event
Otogakure Event
Kumogakure Event
Iwagakure Event
Amegakure Event
Bijuu Event
Random Event
Mission Event
World-Wide Event


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Re: Timeline
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2015, 07:42:01 AM »


2005:  The Legends Begin


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Re: Timeline
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2015, 07:42:24 AM »


Dates Unknown: Era of The Great Clan Wars.

June 2006:  Seven Mist Swordsman induct the talented and prodigy swordsman, Hashiro Enishi into their ranks.

July 2006:  The Seven Mist Swordsman Leader Mioku gives Enishi permission to begin his thousand-day kenjutsu training with Shibuki and the other Seven Mist Swords.
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Re: Timeline
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2015, 07:43:20 AM »


Late 2007:  Neo Akatsuki is established

Date Unknown:  Shinobi Kingdom recognized as an independent nation.

September-December:  After Neo Akatsuki is created, Shigeo founds the first village clan; Kirigakure. Other village clans begin popping up.

Late 2007:  Isaribi becomes Jinchuuriki of Sanbi for the first time.
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Re: Timeline
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2015, 07:44:37 AM »


Date Unknown:  Between the formation of Neo Akatsuki and the Suna-Kiri War, Cmage is made the Sandaime Mizukage.

April 5, 2008:  Begin of Suna-Kiri War!

April 15, 2008:  Suna accepts Konoha's help.

April 19, 2008:  Kiri refuses the Sound's help.

April 23, 2008:  Suna and Konoha refuse Sound's help.

May 2, 2008:  Kiri officially wins the war.

May 2008:  Seven Mist Swordsman Leader Mioku is greatly impressed by Enishi's hand in the war against Konohagakure that he is promoted from Sixth Seat to Fourth Seat.

June 2008:  Seven Mist Swordsman Enishi manages to steal the secrets of the Sword of Totsuka from Uchiha Kamui in a spec-ops based operation given to him from the Seven Mist Swordsman Mioku.

July 2008:  Seven Mist Swordsman Enishi manages to seal away the Sword of Totsuka into a scroll under Mioku's direct orders and parts away with the scroll soon afterwards.

July-August 2008:  Varu becomes Jinchuuriki of Hachibi.

September 14, 2008:  Sandaime Mizukage Cmage becomes the Jinchuuriki of Yonbi.

October 20, 2008:  Ranketsu becomes 6th Seat of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.

December 2008:  Seven Mist Swordsman Enishi eventually completes his grueling thousand day kenjutsu training, mastering the usage of Shibuki and all the Seven Mist Swords.

Date Unknown:  Root Founded.
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Re: Timeline
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2015, 07:47:39 AM »


April 11, 2009:  Takahashi Mariko leads the Sunagakure warriors out to the sand seas to fight a demon horde. Mokoto, Speeddemon, Niko, Teotra, Hobby Goby, Kimen, Juugo, Zenaku, Tekka, TheWhiteFangofKahona, and PyroPrinny make up the defenders. Despite the arrival of a black dragon and a wyvern named Girkuza, they manage to drive the horde back through the rift in space to the demon realm and seal it off successfully.

April 17, 2009:  Kayenta Moenkopi takes a slash to her ribs and gets paralyzed by raiton attack training with her sensei Triple Blitz. He cuts her tesla staff in two.

May 24, 2009: Wild night at Flaming Chaos's dwelling with special brownies. Tanarri Kelvezu, Kayenta Moenkopi, and Takahashi Mariko in attendance. Mariko absconds with cross dressing photos for future blackmail scheme.

June 26, 2009:  Ryukage Tetsujin aka Darkrasengan, Santachi, Kasigi Omi, and Zenaku undergo a mission to protect Kazangakure. Part one is to infiltrate a castle, kidnap the tyrant who plans aggression against the village and interrogate him for information. The secondary objective is to assassinate his 8 elite shinobi squad. Each member of the team assassinated their targets and the prisoner brought back to the village for interrogation.

July 15, 2009:  Dragon Flame Guardian Zenaku, Shadow Storm Mei, Elemental Deviant Daichi and Emerald Flame Takahashi Mariko quest for the Ice Dragon.

July 18, 2009:  Aridoku infiltrate Kirigakure on a mission under the leadership of Taumaster. The team is comprised of TheWhiteFangofKahona, Shinsei and ShimaUmioso. The objective is to steal Samehada. They slip in and kill as needed but the mission had to be called off before completion. A child was slain that night by the hands of TheWhiteFangofKahona.

July 22nd, 2009:  Isaribi is challenged by Kamui for Sanbi. Kamui wins. Sanbi is given to Ranketsu.

August 6, 2009:  Aridoku mission comprised of Plur, Arron, Aron and ShimaUmioso, to infiltrate Kumogakure. The mission was to stop a four man team from reaching the Daimyo with intel on Aridoku's movements in the area. This was successful and their plans remained secret.

August 8, 2009:  Kazigi Omi, medical nin to Kazangakure no Sato, rescues a four man recon team from Kumo who had been effected by some biological agent that caused them to react violently and behave erratically. The virus was contained and his village team returned home safely.

August 14, 2009:  Mokoto places seals upon Kayenta's home that will drain chakra from an intruder to the point of death.

August 31, 2009:  Jinchuuriki Triple Blitz and challenger Mei in Bijuu match for the Rokubi. Triple Blitz defends his status.

September 13, 2009  The ancient being that is Sepulcre stalks the children and weak of Sunagakure stealing them to use their life force to feed and increase his longevity. Those who battle against this vile force are Tanarri Kelvezu, Kayenta Moenkopi, Inu Hanyou, Mokoto, Takahashi Mariko, Syaoran and TheWhiteFangeofKahona.

September 17, 2009:  Kayenta Moenkopi takes an artifact from her dead husband's reliquary to Ryuuachi and Luka Half Dragon to see it they can break the seal which keeps it locked. Upon opening the locket they enter a hostile land and battle their way through numerous enemies to retrieve the Giant Scorpion Stinger Sword that Tanarri Kelvezu had crafted. The weapon is evil and quite harmful to whomever wields it.

September 19, 2009:  Valdex and Kayenta Moenkopi retrieve a scroll stolen from the Ryukage's office.

November 7, 2009:  Storm Shadow Mei attacked while patrolling Kazangakure by Otogakure warriors. Although faced with overwhelming numbers he escapes.

November 9, 2009:  Mei arrives outside the Ryukage manor in Kazangakure, badly wounded, where Takahashi Mariko discovers him. Transferred to the hospital he receives treatment from Kasigi Omi. Mei delivers a warning to Zenaku, " The Snake who strikes from the Shadows has returned to claim his head."
November 11, 2009:  Storm Sage Sharakkar returns to Kazangakure to take up residence once more. Zenaku gathers the Taiyo together, Sharakkar, Mariko, Oturanikamizu, and Mei. Sharakkar investigates the site of the attack and discovers the assailants were wearing chakra absorbing suits. Mariko summons her pack of 12 wolves to provide surveillance for the village.

November 12, 2009:  Mibu Clan heritage is revealed to The Taiyo of Kazangakure: a nomadic tribe from Sunagakure derived from the Mitsukai and Oobu clans that worshiped a meteorite for its power. Those descendants who resisted occupation by Sunagakure expansionists now inherit one of two bloodlines, while 20% are born with both. The Shiwagan, or ripple eye, and the Kyoumei, or resonance. The power is immense and said to resonate with the very reality they exist in. It is said members could never be struck in combat or caught off guard.
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Re: Timeline
« Reply #6 on: February 14, 2015, 07:48:35 AM »


July 11, 2010:  Kayenta Moenkopi signs and receives the snake summoning scroll from Seizen. Her name is preceded by, Seizen, Madara, and Taumaster. This is the actual date,  But due to a clerical error, Gyruru denied the claim and it was not re-established until 3 months later. The Apes scroll was denied her, as at the time only one summons was permitted. This was returned to Seizen. So a false date of October 11, 2010 was used.

March 30th, 2010:  Cmage gives Samehada to Isaribi. [Cmage must have been First Seat of the SSM at this time. Seeking accurate dates]
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Re: Timeline
« Reply #7 on: February 14, 2015, 07:52:49 AM »


2011?(maybe): Shadow helps the previous Tsuchikage Stark become kage of Iwagakure.

Jan 10th, 2011:  The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, with the permission of Mizukage Ranketsu, begin preparations for an invasion of Konoha. The invasion's intentions changed over the course of a few days, ranging from kidnapping Makoto to killing Tommi.

Jan 13th, 2011:  Mioku, Isaribi, and Cmage aerially invaded Konoha. They found both Makoto and Tommi to be "on vacation" in Otogakure. They razed the village.

Jan 18th, 2011:  Godaime Mizukage Ranketsu and Tommi meet. Ranketsu attempts to subdue Tommi, who is able to escape.

January 19, 2011:  Sandaime Mizukage Cmage trades Hiramekarei to Tetsujin in exchange for the Gobi.

Jan 20th, 2011:  By this date, Tommi has retired as Kage and Dizzy is the initial nominee (he is, for whatever reason, omitted from Konoha's "transitional Kage" list). Ranketsu orders a ceasefire against Konoha momentarily. Tommi is shortly thereafter "resurrected" with the Rinnegan in some plot contrived between Dizzy and Zenaku.

Jan 25th, 2011:  The deals between Zenaku and Dizzy allow Kumogakure the first crack at Hachibi, which initiates Kumo's collection of the bijuu.

Jan 27th, 2011:  Zeromi takes Dizzy's place as possible Kage. Eventually this runs to Shiizuki, and then to Yumei.

March 2011: Godaime Mizukage Ranketsu radical ideals for the Seven Mist Swordsman was put to the test when she severely beaten Enishi in mutual combat; earning back her place within the Seven Swordsman

April 2011:  Seven Mist Swordsman Enishi begins working as a bodyguard for the Godaime Mizukage, alongside another prominent member of the Mist, Dāto Terumī.

Early April 2011:  Bocchiere's Akatsuki, [AKA Suki]. attack a very weak Otogakure that has a weak military and the Kage Shadow is inactive. The terrorist group flood and destroy Oto.

April 19, 2011:  Sandaime Mizukage Rakudo [Cmage] gives Shichibi to Zenaku (The date is unconfirmed)

Early May 2011:  Otogakure is finally rebuilt with some new upgrades such as metallic walls to rival any other villages!

Late May 2011:  Akatsuki invade Oto and take control of the village, the Kage is still away and the shinobi of Oto dare not stand up against its oppressors.

Mid June 2011:  Suna shinobi Murciélago [AKA BryantheExiled], and long time citizen of Otogakure, leads a rebellion against the Akatsuki and Otogakure is liberated. Murci becomes a temp Kage until Shadow returns.

Late July 2011:  Genesis is established. Genesis occupies Konohagakure, and is temporarily allied with the Leaf.

Late July, 2011:  The Hokage Tomi declared a traitor to the Alliance of Nations that had bound together to defend against Genesis and his assassination is contrived.

August 19th, 2011:  Defending Jinchuuriki of the Rokubi Athos (Uza) loses to challenger Bocchiere.

August 24th, 2011:  Defending Jinchuuriki of the Ichibi, Yukio loses to challenger Zyeta.

September 13, 2011:  Zenaku inherits the Kyuubi from Raifudo. Jinzo inherits the Hachibi on behalf of Tetsujin's absence.

October, 2011:  Chuunin Exams.

Late October 2011:  Shiizuki surrenders the position of Hokage to Yuumei before disappearing. Genesis is incorporated into Konohagakure, and the local Kage count is rolled back (from Rokudaime) to Godaime.
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Re: Timeline
« Reply #8 on: February 14, 2015, 07:58:21 AM »


January 2012:  Seven Mist Swordsman Enishi begins the grueling process of training students at his newly build Kenjutsu school in Iwagakure with the hopes of finding new prospects for the Seven Swordsman of the Mist.

January 6, 2012:  Elder Koji attacks Sunagakure.

January 10, 2012:  Isaribi is assaulted by Bocchiere for Samehada. Isaribi is recovered by Ranketsu. Godaime Mizukage Ranketsu trades Samehada to Bocchiere for 10 Sharingan eyes [all but one pair are Mangekyo] and 4 Rinnengan eyes [these can only access the Tendo].

January 10, 2012:  Rather than go through with the attack upon her home land, Takahashi Mariko leaves Kumogakure and returns to stand as a defender of Otogakure.

January 11, 2012:  Rokubi Bijuu match between Jinchuuriki Bocchiere and the Challenger Shinro. Shinro is the winner and new Rokubi host.

January 11, 2012:  Belphegor destroys Otogakaure beneath a crystal dome. He turns himself in to Takahashi Mariko who takes him into custody clamping a chakra stilling leash about his neck. The device prevents him from molding chakra without her express command. Leader of the Akatsuki, Uchiha Kage, gives Mariko the Otokage's hat and proclaims her to be Otokage. She takes the hat but refuses the office on the basis that only the Nidaime Otokage Shinro has the right to name a successor and that she does not recognize the Akatsuki's authority over Otogakure or to make such an appointment.

January 12, 2012:  The Nidaime Otokage Shinro, takes up the mantle of Otokage once again.

January 16, 2012:  Nidaime Raikage, Raifudo Makashi, comes to Otogakure to rip out the heart of the his brother, the Nidaime Otokage, Shinro. He is met by Trev and Takahashi Mariko who informs Raifudo that Shinro is away for two weeks and that he cannot enter the village.

January 18, 2012:  Hiro Toranaga of Kiri taken prisoner by Yugito and transported to Kumo.

January 20,2012:  Kumogakure attacks Sunagakure in the war.

January 23, 2012:  Kumogakure attacks Konohagakure in the war.

Between February and April 2012:  Nidaime Otokage Shinro disappears, with little forces remaining in Otogakure, Trev is able to take power and crowned Yondaime.

February 2012:  The Godaime Mizukage Ranketsu's actions are chastised by Seven Mist Swordsman Mioku, leading to her displacement within the group as the Sixth Seat and a retrieval mission is made a priority by the Leader himself.

February 2, 2012:  Bocchiere and Yugito train up in the mountains of Kumo after she is made Jinchuurki of the Nibi.

February 5, 2012:  Jounin Exams Open.

February 6, 2012:  Jinchuuriki Yugito vs challenger Luka for Bijuu Nibi. Yugito wins.

February 11, 2012:  Mission Board opens up on Shinobi Forum.

February 14, 2012:  Kumogakure's first attack upon Kirigakure in the war.

February 20, 2012:  Godaime Raikage Zenaku takes Shadowfire, member of Kiri ANBU and Black Ops, captive.

March 2, 2012:  Miyuki Uchiha babysits the demon children of the Nidaime Kazekage Kayenta Moenkopi taking them to Kumogakure.

March 3, 2012:  Round 1 of Rokubi Bijuu match between Jinchuuriki Shinro and the Challenger Bocchiere.

March 3, 2012:  Miyuki Uchiha and Zetsu clear out a bandit den near Otokagure.

March 3, 2012:  Godaime Raikage Zenaku defends Kumo's claim to the Bijuu Nanabi against challenger Solo Uchiha. Zenaku wins.

March 4, 2012:  Godaime Reaikage Zenaku returns Kayenta's children to Suna. Koji accompanies him. After meeting with Kayenta and the Yondaime Kazekage, Raijin Hikari, the Kumo nins depart leaving the children behind.

March 4, 2012:  Sandaime Mizukage Rakudo [Cmage] give Gobi to Kyu.

March 8, 2012:  After being captured by Kumo, Shadowfire, of Kiri, is tortured and dies in captivity.

March 8, 2012:  Bocchiere becomes a missing nin after leaving Kumogakure no Sato.

March 12, 2012:  Boshikatei Hailen of Suna meets Cyphrian Gavril, a foreign explorer of the realm.

March 13, 2012:  Round Two of Jounin Exams begins.

March 13, 2012:  Mokushiroku attacks Kirigakure.

March 14, 2012:   Public Forum of Bijuu Council Held.

March 22, 2012:  Nathan Stamper completes "Spy on My Sister" mission for Teuchi, the man who runs Ramen Ichiraku in Konoha.

Arpil 7, 2012:  Otogakure Abandoned: The Yondaime Otokage, Trev, evacuates the village herding all the villagers off into the surrounding mountains.

April-May 2012:  Having left the village, the Land of Sound's three main hideouts are created Kurai Kakurega, Mauntendoa, and Kōkan no Kakurega.

April 13, 2012:  Round 2 of Rokubi Bijuu match between Jinchuuriki Mangetsu and the Challenger Bocchiere.

April 15, 2012:  Eric Nara completes the mission "Scroll Hunt" in which he had to retrieve a secret scroll which was stolen from Konoha by powerful rogue ninja.

May 7, 2012: Mizukage Rakudo [Cmage] bestows Kabutowari upon Fourth Seat of the SSM, Shima Umioso.

June 2012:  Yondaime rigs Oto and neighboring mountains with explosive tags that will only go off at his signature.

June 23, 2012:  Eric Nara kills Uzuki Yuugao as she flees from Konohagakure as a missing nin. Rita the dragon Incinerates Yuugao, her sword is confiscated, and her ashes gathered and taken back to konoha.

October 2012:  Seven Swordsman Enishi eventually earns the moniker of "Kurenai Suisei" and eventually masters the ultimate art of the Haishiro-ryū Kenpō.

November 2012:  Seven Mist Swordsman Enishi eventually gains a full roster of members within the Seven Swordsman with the addition of his kenjutsu sparring partner and friend, Eiko.

Nov 2012:  Dart leaves Kiri for training.

December 2012:  The eventual departure of the Seven Mist Swordsman Leader Mioku led to a newly-elected successor, Haishiro Enishi was promoted to the First Seat and Leader of the Seven Mist Swordsman.
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Re: Timeline
« Reply #9 on: February 14, 2015, 07:59:58 AM »


Winter 2013:  Citizens of the Sound move back to Otogakure.

January 17, 2013:  Rokudaime Mizukage Xiarawst Uchiha robed as 6th Mizukage.

January 17, 2013:  Sunauto Inuzuka became leader of the Inuzuka clan. Inuzuku Clan moves to Sunagakure.

Late January 2013:  Seven Mist Swordsman Leader Enishi squares off against the unknown assailant of a gate guardian, coming to find out that the man was none other the user of the Gedō Mazō, Mizushima Kyū.
Faced against troubling odds and the prospect of losing his SSM weaponry led the man no choice, but to make use of Shibuki's ultimate Kenjutsu technique; obliterating himself and the many kilometers of forest surrounding them.

Mizushima Kyū barely survive the technique with minor injuries, thanks to his Mokuton techniques and is greatly impressed by the man's sacrifice and valor that he generously returns any remains of the man's belongings to the Rokudaime Mizukage Xiawarast.

Late January 2013:  Uchiha Kotetsu becomes head of the SSM after the death of Enishi.

Entry Incongruity 1 February 2013: Seven Swordsmen of the Mist began recruitment of new members headed by Tenzo. [This has to be inaccurate as my archives show that Kotetsu was head of the SSM as late as July 3, 2014. Tenzo was Second seat during this recruitment and not head of the SSM]

March 2013: Gitsune became Fifth Seat of the Seven Swordsmen.

Spring 2013:  Under threat of war, the Yondaime Otokage is able to convince the Nidaime Kusakage  of letting Kusagakure becomes a territory of the Sound.

May 2013: Gitsune recommended by Tenzo to become one of the Yonnin of the Mist, assumes Niban Yonnin spot after being tested by Tenzo.

Summer 2013: Otogakure army moves eastward and conquers the Land of Hot Water. Heavy fighting occurs with Yugakure, before it is captured.

June 2013: Gitsune rose to Second Seat of the Seven Swordsmen.

Entry Incongruity 1 July 3, 2013: First Seat SSM Uchiha Kotetsu has possession of The Nameless Scroll and investigates reforging Shibuki, The Blast Sword, after it is destroyed during the death of Enishi.

August 2013: Activity lag of the Seven Swordsmen due to Tenzo's sudden disappearance; Gitsune assumes temporary leadership over the group and Ichiban Yonnin spot, continues recruitment.

Fall 2013:  Godaime Otokage Hazama is crowned.

November 2013: Gitsune declines leadership spot over the SSM despite being qualified. She seeks out Mioku, the founder of the group, and gives him leadership spot instead.

November 2013: Dart returns from training hiatus. Promoted to high ranking official.

November, 2013:  Rakudo[Bocchiere] stirs up Konoha with solo attack for Isobu.

December 2013:  Gitsune retrieves Samehada and gives it to Mioku.

December 2014:  Rakudo[Bocchiere] secures Matatabi. Subsequently loses to Tsuyo before host is chosen. Rakudo steps down from being jinchūriki and quits the scene. Gyūki host debated.

December 08, 2013:  Warren returns from the northern glacier fields having retrieved one of the Desert Temple Oasis Altar stones; The Diamond.
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Re: Timeline
« Reply #10 on: February 14, 2015, 08:00:50 AM »


January 2014:  Isaribi and Dart fight over Adge. Strangely, beginning of their renewed friendship. Dart undergoes Kimura transformation. Helps Isa retrieve items from his sunken ship. Gifted Hōzuki.

February 2014:  Dart and Adge married.

February 2014:  Dart completes Yin Seal.

February 2014:  Dart constructs coliseum in remembrance of his clan/lineage.

February 2014:  Yumei brings in Ichiraku Ramen Stand to Kirigakure.

March 2014:  Isa challenges Yujō for Isobu. Isa wins.

March 2014:  Dart becomes jinchūriki of Gyūki.

April 2014:  Dart takes student, Sugiki Senju, and increases recruitment to Kiri's forces.

April 30, 2014:   Eric Nara leaves Sunagakure and joins Akatsuki.

Summer of 2014:  Shadow defeats Rinn by way of forfeit(inactive) for the Nibi. Shadow host of Nibi from June-July; gives Nibi to Night.

Summer-fall of 2014: Huge Kiri fights that takes months to finish against invading Akatsuki members. Defenders were: Dart, Isa, Mioku, Xia, Gitsune, Eiko, Saino, Dumharu, Shadowfire, the Twins Harou & Yohei, Sugiki Senju, Rinoa, ---- aka Hono, Kamui. Attackers were: Saejima, Hazama, Shādow, Sabu, Vale, and Acuna. [names on both sides may have been left out due to memory issues]

August 2014:  Mioku returns Samehada to Isaribi.

August 7, 2014  Warren and Rinoa free Bahamut recovering the Red Ruby; one of the Desert Temple Oasis Altar stones. This occurs south of Yamagakure at the northern edges of Wind Country's sands and the mountain ranges beyond.

August 14, 2014:  Kumogakure endures worsening rock trolls raids, launches investigations and counter measures. Marauding band of Rock Trolls face off against the Rokudaime Raikage Koji, with his body guards Yugito and Harue, and further aid from Warren and Rinoa with Bahamut.

August 22, 2014:  Takahashi Mariko makes it back home to Kumogakure from Konoha after Kite places the Side Branch curse seal on her.

August 31, 2014:  Night, host of Matatabi, arrives in Kumogakure.

September 1, 2014:  Jichou Raihana arrives in Kumogakure from the Kaminari Den (Palace of Thunder) monastery located above the lightning plains north of Kumogakure where the Ikazuchi Order of monks reside. She is sent by her order to hire Kumo for a retrieval mission of a large Emerald Stone that was stolen from the monastery.

September 13, 2014:  Uotaki Rin is captured by Kamui and handed over to Soya for infiltrating the outskirts of Otogakure.

September 15, 2014:  Eric v. Seraph for Gobi; Eric retains.

Fall of 2014: Bocchiere gives Shadow Saiken. Shadow hosts Saiken from October to December 15th.

October 29, 2014:  Uzumaki, Yoshira meets with Nidaime Kayenta Moenkopi and becomes a member of Sungakure. They never learn they share a brother, Sabumaru, for the young wanderer leaves before such things are discovered.

October 29, 2014:  Eric v. Ichirou round 1 for Gobi; Eric retains.

November-December:  Yondaime Otokage Trev and fellow gatherers attempt an invasion of Iwagakure to free the land of Akatsuki control. Great turmoil ensues, resulting in the passing of Trev.

November 4, 2014:  Suna prepares the village to withstand the seismic activity that will result from the raising of the Desert Temple Oasis. Those who participate are: Valdex, Kayenta Moenkopi, TakaharuChusaki, Inu, Moonfire 'Silver', Shiro, and Sunauto.

November 17, 2014:  Kaiten Master Kite, Mirasutinga Valdex, and Kayenta Moenkopi head out for the Desert Temple Oasis.

November 17, 2014: YoshiChikitada discovers a caravan being attacked by 4 great sandworms though the link with his hunting bird, Aquila. The subsequent alarm is ignored but somehow the caravan makes it to Suna alive.

November 18, 2014:  Valdex and Kayenta Moenkopi find out their brother Shin Ryuuachi has died mysteriously.

November 21, 2014:  Eric v. Athos for Gobi; Eric retains.

November 23, 2014:  Yomi returns to Sunagakure Where she had formerly served as village ambassador and archivist at the Grand Library. She seeks to research in the Library, and probably work under old man Kasigi Yabu once more in exchange for knowledge.

November 24, 2014:  Kaguya Mioku, Head of the Seven Swordsmen of Mist, Rin, and Jin from Kirigakure arrive in Suna to discuss aid agreements with the Kazekage.

Winter, Date Unknown:  Rokudaime Otokage Kamui was thrown out of power, when returning Godaime Otokage Hazama orders a coup. Hazama declared as kage once again.

December 2, 2014:  Eric v. Ichirou round 2 for Gobi; Eric retains.

December 8, 2014:  Ryoji v. Ichirou for Reibi; Ryoji retains.

December 15th 2014:  Shadow gifted Athos the Saiken.

December 19, 2014:  Belphegor v. Machina for Nibi; Belphegor retains.

December 19, 2014:  Goku arrives in Sunagakure to receive training for Sand techniques.

December 2014:  Kiri gains Matabi. Host to be determined.

December 2014:  First Annual Snowflake/Snow Viewing/Winter Festival commenced in Kirigakure.

December 23, 2014:  Athos v. Bocc for Rokubi; match end in draw, Athos retains.

December 24, 2014: Ace and Neji arrive in Sunagakure to celebrate the swearing in of Takaharu Chusaki as Nanadaime Kazekage.

December 25, 2014:  Jaevon falls from the sky to land in Kayenta Moenkopi's walled garden in back of her cliff dwelling outside Sunagakure. He is clad from head to toe in a strange black armor with glowing markings all over. His son Hiro and Suishou Hywel witnesses the event.

December 25, 2014:  Otokage Hazama arrives in Sunagakure to celebrate the swearing in of Takaharu Chusaki as Nanadaime Kazekage.

December 30, 2014:  Tammy passes the genin exam in Sunagakure.

December 30, 2014: Desert Temple Oasis complex raised from its sunken depths, restoring the ancient site of the Al-Kahtar to ground level. This is accomplished through the combined efforts of Warren, Kayenta Moenkopi, Valdex, Kite, Rinoa, Daichi, Inazawa Tai, Kasigi Omi, and the Suna Fortress guards through a linked chakra network initiating seismic activity throughout wind country. The after shocks are felt as far away as Iwagakure and Konohagakure with the greatest frequency hitting Sunagakure.

December 30, 2014:  Sandworms enter a berserk fury making crossing the sand seas more dangerous than usual. Tsunami of Sand hits Sunagakure after loud explosion to the west and successive tremors shake the entire village. Sunauto and Takaharu Chusaki create earthen barrier walls to break up the wall of sand before it hits the village. Afterward the main force of the shock wave from the quake reaches Sunagakure with successive aftershocks. Minor damage is done to the village walls, buildings, and grand library.

December 30, 2014:  Hashimoto Akio helps gamekeeper in Sunagakure round up exotic animals that got loose during the quake and sand tsunami.

Between 2014 and January 11, 2015: War broke out between Otogakure and Kusagakure as the Godaime aims to retake the land for Oto. (Ongoing Event.)
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Re: Timeline
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January 2015:  Assassinate the Factory Owner, Rank B mission. Alliance mission between Konoha warriors Steel, Uchiha Itachi, and Jestar, and Dart from Kirigakure with Warren as GM.

January 1, 2015:  Sabumaru v. Madara for Nanabi; Madara win. Madara becomes host of Nanabi.

January 1, 2015:  Hiro and Hywel are drug inside the cliff dwelling by Tanarri Nayeli after being caught out in the sand tsunami.

January 2015:  Xiawarst and Gitsune leave for Nanadaime Kazekage Robing Ceremony in Sunagakure.

January 2, 2015: Yomi and Kasigi Yabu weather the Sunagakure earthquake inside the grand library which sustains some structural as well as internal damage. Yomi evacuates the elderly man to his home.

January 2, 2015: Kirotemaru escapes his dwelling unharmed then proceeds to Sunagakure and begins to assist the villagers in the aftermath of the earthquake and sand tsunami.

January 3, 2015: Kitty-sama arrives in Sunagakure for the swearing-in ceremony of Nanadaime Takaharu Chusaki.

January 6, 2015: Tanarri Nayeli confront Jaevon whom she mistakes for a demon hunter.

January 6, 2015: Shiro leaves Sunagakure to seek his fortunes with Akatsuki in Iwagakure.

January 6, 2015: Becquerel, one of many of the Sunagakurian citizens, begin repairs on his home. Amid other disaster response measures through out the village, preparations for the Kaezkage swearing in and festival are implemented.

January 8, 2015: Jaevon leave Tanarri Nayeli and Hiro to retreat into the cliff dwelling while he leaps up to the top of the cliff to contemplate his new found reality.

January 10, 2015: Yomi begins renovations upon the Grand Library so it will be closed to the public for quite some time to come.

January 11, 2015: After coming within sight of Sunagakure from a danger filled trek across the sand seas, Kusakage Hotaru and her Medic Kuro receive intel [presumably the Otokage Hazama's declaration of war upon Kusagakure] that makes it imperative for them to turn away from the impending festival and seek refuge in Amegakure. Kokurai no Kusa Chio Kamui's in to teleport the clones of Hotaru and Kuro back to Kusagakure.

January 11, 20015: Mizukage Xiarawst arrives  upon the back of his hawk summons, Takaharo, with Hagoromo Gitsune where Mioku greets them in readiness for the Kazekage swearing in festival.

January 11, 2015: Nidaime Kazekage Kayenta Moenkopi arrived from the desert temple oasis to swear in Takaharu Chusaki and the Nanadaime Kazekage. A week long celebration commences. Those in attendance would include: Johnny, Kitty, Hiroki, Miss Shadya, LonewarrioroftheAbyss, Yuki, Becquerel, Xiarawst, Gitsune, Mioku, Rin, Gin, Darkshinobi, Yomi, Ace, Kat, ElysiaNova, HobbyGobby, Murcielago and Osa.

January 16, 2015:  Eric v. Masane for Gobi; Eric retains.

January 25, 2015:  Tammy's Amai and Habu Shop opens in Sunagakure.

January 29, 2015:  Kamui becomes host of Kyuubi; given to him by Bocchiere who retires undefeated.

February 3, 2015:  Dāto Terumī vs. Hazama bijuu match commences for the 牛鬼, Gyūki, The Eight-Tailed Giant Ox (八尾, Hachibi).

February 10, 2015: Shodaime Yukikage Haruto and his sister Shuzetsu leave Yukigakure and join their brother DarkSasuke to take up their family trade as Demon Slayers. Their travels take them from the realm into the far western wastelands beyond Wind Country.

Feb 12, 2015: Matatabi is rampaging. Dart and Isa are dealing with it. Warren is GM

Feb 23, 2015:  Nidaime Otokage Shinro returns to Otogakure declaring he will take back his village from the current Godaime Hazama. Assault on village occurs as Shinro strikes for a new order. (Ongoing Event.)
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