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2005:  The Legends Begin


Dates Unknown: Era of The Great Clan Wars.

June 2006:  Seven Mist Swordsman induct the talented and prodigy swordsman, Hashiro Enishi into their ranks.

July 2006:  The Seven Mist Swordsman Leader Mioku gives Enishi permission to begin his thousand-day kenjutsu training with Shibuki and the other Seven Mist Swords.


Late 2007:  Neo Akatsuki is established

Date Unknown:  Shinobi Kingdom recognized as an independent nation.

September-December:  After Neo Akatsuki is created, Shigeo founds the first village clan; Kirigakure. Other village clans begin popping up.

Late 2007:  Isaribi becomes Jinchuuriki of Sanbi for the first time.


Date Unknown:  Between the formation of Neo Akatsuki and the Suna-Kiri War, Cmage is made the Sandaime Mizukage.

April 5, 2008:  Begin of Suna-Kiri War!

April 15, 2008:  Suna accepts Konoha's help.

April 19, 2008:  Kiri refuses the Sound's help.

April 23, 2008:  Suna and Konoha refuse Sound's help.

May 2, 2008:  Kiri officially wins the war.

May 2008:  Seven Mist Swordsman Leader Mioku is greatly impressed by Enishi's hand in the war against Konohagakure that he is promoted from Sixth Seat to Fourth Seat.

June 2008:  Seven Mist Swordsman Enishi manages to steal the secrets of the Sword of Totsuka from Uchiha Kamui in a spec-ops based operation given to him from the Seven Mist Swordsman Mioku.

July 2008:  Seven Mist Swordsman Enishi manages to seal away the Sword of Totsuka into a scroll under Mioku's direct orders and parts away with the scroll soon afterwards.

July-August 2008:  Varu becomes Jinchuuriki of Hachibi.

September 14, 2008:  Sandaime Mizukage Cmage becomes the Jinchuuriki of Yonbi.

October 20, 2008:  Ranketsu becomes 6th Seat of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.

December 2008:  Seven Mist Swordsman Enishi eventually completes his grueling thousand day kenjutsu training, mastering the usage of Shibuki and all the Seven Mist Swords.

Date Unknown:  Root Founded.


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