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Permanent (non expiring) accounts

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I am pondering about giving out the privilege (well, or benefit) to have accounts not expire.

It has happened in the past, and there are a few accounts that do not expire.

One more famous example is the "Baluski" account, though there are others who did a lot for the site and were granted that boon.

I'd say I put an option for donation points in, to buy that privilege.

One "downside" is that names would be locked "forever", as I won't manually delete those accounts.
One "upside" is for people who leave this site that their accounts would be there - with all houses etc. attached. Also people who live there can continue to live there.

Opinions are welcome  :twisted:


I see some useful benefits for members- no objections.

Although names would be locked, first come first serve.  :twisted:

Sure. :P

Garō, Ichirou:
I'm all for this

How big a sum were you thinking perhaps?

Needless to say I'm cool with this.


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