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Author Topic: Your favorite game-related memory?  (Read 3048 times)


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Your favorite game-related memory?
« on: August 05, 2015, 02:31:19 AM »

There seems to be a bit of an argument about whether this game was better 'back in the old days' or as it is now. Well, I don't want to hear about which way was better or who's right or anything else of the sort. What I want to hear about is everyone's best memories about this game. Maybe it was when you first became reborn? Maybe it was some RP event that affected your character(s)? Maybe it was a moment shared between you and another player (who may or may not still be here)? Regardless of what it was, I want to hear about it. Reminiscing is a good thing.
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Re: Your favorite game-related memory?
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2015, 04:51:07 AM »

I don't have one. I have many. I will share them over time.

1] Laughter:
  • Hanging out in the gardens and watching Raifudo, CS, DarkRasengan, Dizzy, CopyNinja, and such have bizarre fights with fish swords.
  • Having a masked ball in Shinobi Kingdom. Xyshuryn made Kay this gown that was absolutely to die for and everyone danced and laughed and we had fun.
  • Blowing up the world with NarutohtheHokage.
  • Hanging out with Mole Sage The Crazy ANBU as he played grouch and blew up children for running through his yard.
  • The world Wide Paint Ball Fight was a hoot. We gathered in the gardens and then wared through all the villages in one night!
  • Blowing up Konoha on the arm of Cmage under the guise of going on a romantic date.
  • Finding out Teostra's secret weapon bomb he had been taunting me with for months was just a grapefruit.
  • Making up ridiculous names for accounts with Icey in Konoha. Ex: UnicornKitsuneNecoKittyLapdancerDivaVampireQueenJediNijaBazookaJoeUchihaGoddess!
  • Sparing TheWhiteFangofKahona's clone and breaking its neck with my thighs
  • Sitting on the ocean floor from Zyeta
  • drifting through the streets of Suna in Sean's hot rod car.
  • Zenaku's Hello Kitty coffee mug
  • Kay's elephant Cannibal little brother, Santachi.

2] Sparing:
  • TripleBlitz: the best hard hitting taijutsu and sword techs ever.
  • Asadi: pushing me to try and out think all his tricks.
  • Mariko for always getting the jump on me.
  • Trying to not get mind rekt by Zyeta
  • getting overwhelmed by Raifudo's crickets
  • Going up against CJ with his puppets and sand jutsu
  • Quick drawing my sword faster than Icey's Kamui
  • Getting stuck in the ribs with TripleBlitz' Emei Piercer
  • Kotetsu and Shima's SSM test against each other

3] Mass RP:
  • Mask of the Gods bandits came and hit Suna. Everyone spilled out to fight in the village and the mods drop out of the sky to kick us to a fighting zone, the battle raged on all night long. I had to Gm my butt off, no turns, just melee mayhem.
  • Blue Dragon attack on Suna
  • Zombie Apocalypse in Suna
  • Pirate attack on Shinobi Kingdom
  • Leviathan attack on Shinobi Kingdom

4] Quests:
  • Seeking for the Scorpion Tail Sword with Luka and Ryuachi.
  • Going to Kay's island home with Teostra.
  • Blood Moon Event against the Blood Speaker's Cult
  • Going on Taumaster's Oto missions as Tai to steal some secret scrolls
  • Finding the Desert Temple Oasis with CJ and Mariko
  • Going to Kumo with TripleBlitz so he could train with the Rokyubi

5] Romance:
  • Tai and Daichi trying to out romance the other with all the flowery hearts and roses in the world
  • Tai sitting on the coffee table in the Aridoku Clan halls and handing Daichi a cup of tea
  • Kay looking up into the eyes of Asadi right before their first kiss
  • Kelvezu giving Kay her ANBU mask
  • Shinomaru building Yugito a home
  • TheWhiteFangofKonoha gently laying his hand upon Kay's head as he tucked her into bed, saying he could not stand to see her in such a weak condition, before he killed her with a lightning blast through her skull. After that it kind of sucked.
  • Kotetsu trying to out hog a couch away from Shima
  • Cmage dropping everything to come dance in Suna with Kay
  • Tetsujin's smile
  • A certain Kunai laying on a kitchen table
  • Being called Liz...

6] Jutsu Creation:
  • Just creating and showing it to my friends and discussing them and using them on each other in the zones.


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Re: Your favorite game-related memory?
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2015, 06:15:49 AM »

Meeting Kay 6 years ago. The rest as you all know is a sweet sweet history. <3
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Re: Your favorite game-related memory?
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2015, 07:06:04 AM »

- Sparring with Nathan Stamper

- Sparring with Kyuubigirl

- Sparring with bryantheexiled

-Comicheart, the spars, the RP, even the flirting

- Helping to send Bocchiere and his Edo crew back to the hell they came from at the Battle for Konoha. Real ego booster that was.

-  Flirting with kyuubigirl.

- Kyuubigirl.

- The Jounin Exams

- Eric vs Jestar

- The few times I got to actually be a Nara teacher

- Seeing another Nara attack Konoha (not so much the part where he got all but shunned for having a technique extremely similiar to mine, but less backed and explained)

- Becoming worthy in Rares' eyes (still have his commentary on that) of signing the dragon scroll and de facto become a student of sorts

My favorite and most fond though out of all of these? It would have to be my interactions with kyuubigirl before the 1 years hiatus of mine (afterwards it just wasn't the same when she temporarily came back), Rares' acknowledgement, and the Konoha Defense against Bocchiere where I got to actually be a part of a team of Leaf shinobi repelling an enemy force of foreigners.

If I had to choose out of those three, I would have to say Rares' acknowledgement, seeing as I still have the message he sent me regarding that in my inbox/notepad/archives (probably one of the latter two, I have it though). It's a close competition though.
Anything you can think of I can't think of, let me know; that's how the sharing circle works.


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Re: Your favorite game-related memory?
« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2015, 12:52:45 PM »

All those blessed and awesome bijuu fights. <3
I'm going to agree with you on some things and disagree with you on some things.

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Re: Your favorite game-related memory?
« Reply #5 on: August 05, 2015, 10:25:55 PM »

Random Memories:

  • Seeing Asadi Streak.
  • Hearing Asadi comment that he was proud of his step-daughter Nayeli for setting village trash cans on fire. I think I actually shed a tear and had the biggest grin ever!
  • Mariko and Kayenta partying over at FlamingChaos' house with Kelvezu one night.
  • Seeing Flaming Chaos have to run around in a dress his little sister and Kay made him wear.
  • The Children of Suna...the streets were always full of their terribly behaved selves, blowing stuff up, setting fires, graffiti art everywhere, chasing that dog through the streets that was always snatching someone's laundry off a clothes line.
  • Hanging out with the Kiri wenches round the town fountain, feeding the baby sharks, having big time clam bakes...let me tell you, many a Kiri man had to wear a cup for protection. Those girls got rough!
  • Being given camels and a tent and adopted as a sister by Sheik Allah. This set the whole world in motion for Moenkopi. He was the first person to acknowledge her. Ah but he went into the service and I never heard from him again.
  • Gifts from others. It has always shocked and amazed me to be faced with the generosity of others. To list them all would be impossible.
  • Sitting in the gardens listening to Madara/Shinro speak of his life.
  • Ice skating on the garden pond.
  • Seeing Murcielago in his apple tree that bears white fruit.
  • The chibi infestations!
  • Pyro Prinny gifting Moenkopi with a perpetually blooming garden in the desert.
  • Fighting Warren
  • Clan War where Yugito gathered all kinds of intel for the hit list. This was pre-village clan era.
  • The week long wind storm from Shukaku when InuHanyou set him lose to ravage the world.
  • Sand Worm hunts
  • That reprieve from death Kay got when PyroPrinny suddenly appeared to stop Zyeta's death stroke.
  • Renji making it snow in Suna
  • Sitting in front of the cliff dwelling in Suna round a bon fire and visiting with whoever happened to show up.
  • Cliff diving with Jinx.
  • Nayeli riding around on the Yonbi's shoulder.
  • Standing on the shore and staring out over the ocean beside Neji.

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Re: Your favorite game-related memory?
« Reply #6 on: August 07, 2015, 03:34:24 AM »

Favorite In Game Memories

Sparring With Eric
Sparring with Ryuu
Adding Kay to my clan when we attempted to blow up Tommy in a fiery explosion.
Killing My first victim with my first Blood Jutsu.
The Leviathan Event in suna.
Animal Kingdom when it was still here and the original Sound clan (Never forget Silence Is Golden.
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Re: Your favorite game-related memory?
« Reply #7 on: August 07, 2015, 07:03:06 AM »

and yes, killing Tommi was fun. I think I did that 3 times before it stuck. getting saved by Bryan and TheCrazy ANBU was great. Of course I was weak and now had corrupt chakra, that was when Fang killed me.

Infiltrating Animal Kingdom to clan bust.
I used to love my clan buster accounts.

Of course the big clan busting scores were committed by my idols. I was small potatoes.

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Re: Your favorite game-related memory?
« Reply #8 on: August 07, 2015, 09:07:36 PM »

When I started leveling, oh how proud I was of myself to finally figure out those blasted secrets to infinite kills and passing several of the accounts above me.

Getting the Rasengan on sitters of mine is always such an awesome feeling.

Bantering with TripleBlitz or shooting ideas to one-another for new jutsu.

JinEchizen, DarkRasengan, Suigetsu, Dizzy, and I being an elemental brothers kind of group where we all trained our (element)geki together.

Defending my title as Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and Raikage was fun for the 2 fights I ever got for them.

Spending countless hours with clan mates thinking of new jutsu.

The whole Pirate Lords of SL and how much I tried to join AnbuMiko's crew.

The high I got when I would come up with a new idea and implement it, only to have people revere it.

My first victory using my crickets kuchiyose.

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