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Author Topic: Uchiha Ryoji  (Read 542 times)


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Uchiha Ryoji
« on: August 12, 2015, 07:03:28 pm »

Name:Uchiha Ryoji
Title: The Tailless Tailed Beast
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 29
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Sharingan
Height: 190.5 cm
Weight: 90.7185 kg
Blood Type: O
Blood Line: Uzumaki/Uchiha
Ninja Rank: N/A

Chakra Nature Type: Wind Release , Fire Release, Water Release, Earth Release, Lightning Release, Sound Release, Poison Release
Kekkei Genkai: Magnet Release, Sharingan
Weapons: Basic Ninja Tools, Sword of Kusanagi, Dragon Blade
Specialty: Fūinjutsu & Sensory
Unique Traits: Dragon Sage Mode, Chakra Chains, Jiongu, Senninka DNA

Background: Ryoji is the biological son of the Uzumaki Grand Leader Athos Raikon, but was adopted by the Godaime Otokage Hazama within Otogakure as his star disciple after Athos died in battle. Life was difficult for the young Uchiha as he was exposed to hardships unknown to even the most veteran of Shinobi by the time he was only 12. During his many years of training he would come to lose not only his biological father, but his paternal father as well. It was through these losses that Ryoji began to make decisions that would affect the entirety of his adult life. Many years would pass, and along with them would be a variety of ranks within a variety of different villages. These would span all the way from Grand Leader of the Uzumaki to the leader of an evil organization, and everything in between. Along the way he would learn everything within his power, spending more time with his nose in a scroll than interacting with his fellow Shinobi. It wasn’t until his mid-life that he would finally settle from the books and begin to effectively replicate his learnings in battle. His current goal is simple; become the strongest.

Appearance: Ryoji is a tall, muscular man with thick fuzzy black hair and a constant disinterested look plastered on his visage. He is usually dressed in white monks robes with a black or brown Haori over them. One could notice that most of Ryoji’s flesh is covered in horrific scars stitched together with black thread that he attained due to his use of the Jiongu. In his youth he was described as handsome with an elegant face, and his eyes, crimson like blood, are visibly not those of a human and give off a mysterious radiance that makes people wither. He has a "perfect, Golden-proportioned body" described as emanating majesty that makes flames surrounding him afraid to come close.

Personality: As a child, Ryo was kind, confident, proud, competitive, and wanted to perfect everything he did; Though he was prone to angry outbursts when he got annoyed. Despite this, he was apologetic and highly sensitive to his surroundings. As he got older Ryo began to develop a god complex, thinking he destined to be the most powerful in the world. While this did not get him far in life it is still a prevalent feature today even. During his teenage years Ryo was unable to grasp a sense of who he was in this world, as seen when he began to take on several different identities. He was simply attempting to find what the people around him liked best, wanting only to be accepted by his peers no matter the cost, and in doing so almost lost who he really was. Once he reached the age of 24, Ryoji finally discovered his true self. Now, the Uchiha is far more laid back, able to enjoy the finer things in life while not losing sight of his true goal.

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