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Problems with the Profile wikia

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It's basically Wikia pushing new fancier forms of editing. Interestingly enough, the new editor that we're having problems with works just fine on Narutopedia. So it probably has something to do with just our wiki.

I find that choosing the classic editor is only available after the page has been created. When creating a new page, however, it auto launches the new function and glitches me up.

I remember when the new editor worked. It was like a year ago for me...legit, it was so nice. Ever since a year ago, I have to resort to using the classic editor. If Yumei was active, perhaps he could fix it? Perhaps it's a CSS issue, then again, I don't know shit about html.

I have found that when I create a new page, the new editor pops up and glitches...that if I edit the URL to the end of the name of the page and hit enter...this publishes the page then I can get back into it through the rectify button and choose the classic one to continue the creation process.


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