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Author Topic: Hiro Toranaga d20  (Read 650 times)


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Hiro Toranaga d20
« on: October 10, 2015, 10:31:48 am »

Name:Hiro Toranaga


Alignment:Neutral Evil

Race:Water Country Human +2 Str, -2 Cha, Racial swim speed of 20ft. Hold breath, allows ninja to hold breath twice as long as others. Skill bonus +2 swim checks, saving throw bonus +1 vs water based attacks, elemental affinity is water. bonus feat: simple weapons proficiency. For free, speak and read and write common language, and to speak the unique language of Water Country.


Abilities: 41
Strength: 10+0
Dexterity: 14+2
Constitution: 17+3
Intelligence: 18+4
Wisdom: 14+2
Charisma: 6-2

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: 0(class)+3(con)=3
Willpower: 0(class)+2(wis)=2
Reflex: 2(class)+2(dex)=4

Hit Points: 9/9

Chakra Pool: 7/7 (2 per level*2 at level one +con modifier per level)

Chakra Reserve: 2/2 (A character gains 2 per level) 

Craft(chemical) r4+4(int)=8
Craft(mechanical) r2+4(int)=6
Craft(weapons) r2+4(int)=6
Ninjutsu r4+4(int)=8
Chakra Control r4+2(wis)=6
Concentration r4+3(con)=7
Stealth r4+2(dex)=6
Perception r4+2(wis)=6
Survival r4+2(wis)=6
Sense Motive r4+2(wis)=6
Tumble r2+2(dex)=4
Jump r2+0(str)=2
Swim r2+0(str)+2(race)=4
Climb r2+0(str)=2

Feats: Skilled(grants +4skill points at level one +1 every level after can only take at level one), Simple weapon proficiency

Weapons: Yet to be determined
Armor: None

Jutsu: Bunshin no Jutsu, Henge no Jutsu and Kawarimi no Jutsu (all ninja start with these three jutsu)

As this is still a work in progress there are some things missing still and some differences from the sample character posted by Kayenta. Most notably is the addition of a chakra pool and some jutsu listed. The chakra system in Naruto D20 is not ideal but I put in the calculations they used as a reference.

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