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Author Topic: Shiko  (Read 419 times)


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« on: November 09, 2015, 02:42:17 am »

Shiko was born in Amestria. A city-state on the continent to the east of the known Shinobi world. Amestria was surrounded by city states on all four borders and as such referred to them by cardinal direction. Tension between the several city states usually never flared. Unless trade routes had been interrupted or their was a string of robberies. Things of that like.

However the city state of Ishval, or more commonly referred to by Amestrians as the Northwall, gained knowledge of a sacred and powerful energy; Gelel energy.

 As such the Northwall began to raid Amestria. Killing its people, causing huge engagements, and razing buildings inevitably lead to a war that would span through a hundred years.

 Most of the Order of The Rooks, as well as the forces of The Northwall, have dwindled eventually spreading out and regrouping.

 The Northwall got there hands on much of the Gelel that was hidden away, attempting to utilize it to increase their power without knowing they had killed most of the family that could control it; Shikos family.

 He now serves as a key to a long lost power, a power that he needed to acquire to protect. His leads took him over Amestria for some time before discovering that they had moved most of their power to the shinobi world. Now Shiko aims to track it down and find out just what all of this is. His first lead has taken him to settle a base in Jiseigakure, raiding a Bandit fortress that is supposed to contain an important part of his mystery


This will be the literal story progression of my character here on shinobi legends, and as I interact and grow with all of you it will expand
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