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Author Topic: Hideyasu WIP  (Read 442 times)


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Hideyasu WIP
« on: November 09, 2015, 03:12:58 am »

Hideyasu is from a  place called ishval a city state  located on the northern border of amestria.
Though he is a direct product of the shinobi world, Hideyasu could not be considered a ninja.

The ishvalans were at constant war with the amestrians over the power of gelel, often raiding the amestrian state and bringing bloodshed to its people.

Ishvalan soldiers who had fled to the shinobi world began kidnapping chidren from various clans in order to breed the perfect warrior to tip the tides of the war in their favor. After generations of failed products, Hideyasu was created. Born to a Senju father and Uchiha mother, he would indeed be the weapon they needed. However with their limited knowlege of chakra there was no one to mold the fighter they created.
Hideyasu grew up taking his place as the leader of the ishvalan army. He learned of his connection to the ninja world and set out to conquer it. In the very first battle to do just that, Hideyasu suffered a blow to the head that caused him to lose his memory. The battles fought and the goals worked for were now all lost to him.
Hideyasu would now work toward a new future to stop the blood shed he started all while having no clue of the power within him

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