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Author Topic: Discussion: Broken system options  (Read 390 times)


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Discussion: Broken system options
« on: December 06, 2015, 08:26:14 AM »

I gave it this name because it kinda falls into something of that sort I feel.

I will list a few of what I am referring to perhaps someone else will think of others.

- a scenario where someone is a host but only chooses to have OOC 1 vs 1 matches and not rp their beast nor allow IC lose of beast (other than the IC death of their character which would be default I suppose)
- a person who chooses not to have the OOC battle type system nor follow a IC hunt type system. Rather than choosing one of the two they just rp with their beast and let come what may. They never ask for challengers to make themselves aware or anything of the sort. Just if you want their beast find them somehow and try to take it. Of course this means having to face whoever may be with them at the time and also having to not kill the person but capture them alive to extract the beast.
- a challenger who does not issue challenges but rather tracks down host and steal the beast through official rp without ever referring to the system of rules issued for a IC hunt type system. How do we deny official IC rp?
- similar to the above but rather than a single person a group of people chasing a host. Do all have to sign challenger list as one unit?

things of that nature that throw loopholes and krinks in the fabric of the sytems being formed.

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