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Author Topic: Ichirou Ōtsutsuki  (Read 578 times)

Garō, Ichirou

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Ichirou Ōtsutsuki
« on: December 21, 2015, 07:07:21 pm »

Name: Ichirou Ōtsutsuki

Affiliation: Otogakure, Sound Five

Backstory: Ichirou's childhood was filled with strife, causing him to mature at a young age. Technically speaking his heritage lies with the Hyuga, a main branch child and as such a prodigy of sorts when it came to the techniques of the clan. His journeys took him far and wide, studying many arts of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and Genjutsu. However his definition of his 'true' heritage lies within something call the Stone of Gelel. His journey to acquire this stone was long, and difficult. As was the acquisition of the Book of Gelel, helping him to master the power of what he would infuse into his blood. With the stone pumping through his veins he has gained an immortality of sorts, not succumbing to the effects of old age or disease, though his body is still killable of course. He has now taken the mantel of a nomad. Traveling wherever he sees fit to do his bidding. Since his new found abilities have also given birth to a more.. feral side of him. He was given the nickname Haundo; meaning hound. The villages that he traveled to and either assisted or destroyed have come to know this name, where as the majority of the major ninja world has not. To most he is a legend, a children's tale meant to frighten.

Personality: Humble, quiet, Self-preservative

- Doton
- Fūton
- Katon
- Byakugan
- Tenseigan
- Hiraishin no Jutsu
- Gelel Release
- Ototon
- Shikigami no Mai
- Iwagakure Kinjutsu

List of Ichirou's custom techniques:
- Gelel binding: Creating a chakram from Gelel energy, Ichirou throws this ring-like object at an opponent or beast, which expands as range is closed and aims to entrap the target, wrapping itself around them and invading their body with gelel energy, targeting the chakra network this energy disables (not closes) chakra points, to temporarily and in a non-lethal fashion incapacitate the opponent, rendering them without their chakra and unconcious. This technique is significantly weaker than the Gelel chain trap, and can be resisted by those with a high chakra control, though they will not be able to break free, they will be able to save themselves from unconciousness

- Gelel Transformation: By tapping into the power of the stone in his blood, Ichirou can change his form into that of a Humanoid Wolf, his skin turns solid black and his durability, speed, and strength rises extensively. Physically he in on part with a Hachimon user of the 6th gate in this form, Though maintaining it becomes stressful after long periods of time. 

- Gelel Jikū no Ana: One of the most powerful techniques in Ichirou's arsenal, this Gelel Fuinjutsu is a smaller version of the space-time hole that would be utilized to destroy the vein of Gelel, it creates a medium sized space time distortion that sucks in opponents, objects, and anything else in it's range. Sealing them in a different dimension that Ichirou has title "The realm of Gelel" with no way to return excluding an unsealing technique that is still in the works. The technique can last for up to 10 minutes, but regardless of how long it is cast, it requires a great sum of Gelel Energy to perform, and usually results in extreme fatigue for the user.

Box of Ultimate Bliss:
An ancient box, gigantic in size and indestructible from the inside or the outside. This box has existed since the time of the sage of six paths, and within it is stored a great evil, that searches to fill the box with sacrificial souls for it feed upon. It was originally though that the Box would grant any wish asked by an individual, but several instances proved this to be false, as Satori had several rampages where he killed limitless amounts of innocent civilians.

Once Ichirou had caught wind of this box, he aimed to turn the Puppet of the Box into his own tool, and succeeded in doing so, utilizing his stone of Gelel, he overpowered the possessive capabilities of the Satori, and forced it to submit to him. It now serves as his puppet and personal Kuchiyose, obeying no other and serving Ichirou till it's death. The Box now serves as Ichirou own personal jail of torment for those he cast within.
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