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Author Topic: Ōkami Katsuro  (Read 557 times)


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Ōkami Katsuro
« on: December 21, 2015, 02:40:38 pm »

Ōkami Katsuro
(Nickname: MaliciousWolf)
Age: 18 l Weight: 60kg l Height: 170cm l Eyes: Azure Blue l Hair: Auburn
Birthplace: Ōkamigakure l Residence: Konohagakure l Rank: Genin l Chakra Natures: Fire + Wind

Complete Biography:

One day some eighteen years ago, a boy was born within Ōkamigakure (Village Hidden by Wolves) to a family of the Ōkami clan comprised of a battle hardened father that served as second in command of the village’s forces and a caring mother of Hyuuga descent who was one of the village’s healers and also leader of the village’s healing division of medical shinobi during times of war. Katsuro led an easy life for the most part, growing up under the direct supervision of his mother where his father was always away conducting official business for the village’s head chief and also orders directly from the Hokage himself. Ōkamigakure resided after all within the Konoha Forest and thus was under direct control of Konohagakure. Thus all the shinobi of Ōkamigakure wore headbands with the insignia of the leaf, and ultimately served under the rule of the Hokage. The current Hokage and the Hokages before him were kind rulers though, and ultimately allowed Ōkamigakure to handle its own affairs and trading day to day unhindered. If anything it felt the two villages were more of an alliance with the mutual goal to protect all of the inhabitants of the Forest through the strength and will of Fire, and strain was never felt between the two.

The village was called Ōkamigakure for a reason, and that was due to a specific class of transformation ninjutsu that utilizes the Ōkami clan’s Kekkei Genkai of autonomous nature chakra absorption (a variation of Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai) that would turn the user into a stable form of a wolf (Ōkami no jutsu) that could not be dispelled from taking any sort of blow, and increased the user’s senses and general awareness greatly while in the form. Their physical strength and speed was also vastly improved, and it was a great technique that had many uses in reconnaissance missions, various attack paradigms, and even for strategic retreats. The technique was such commonplace within the village that specific sets of armor and weapons were created to outfit users of the techniques in the field of battle, which they kept within seals on their person to be released during the time of transformation so they were quickly outfitted. The user of the technique, thanks to the kekkei genkai’s characteristics, has total control of how much they actually transform where some opt to only make their bodies appear more feral and simply just boost their strength and speed so they can still use conventional weapons made for man. The clan’s kekkei genkai was very unstable though, and almost a curse, and originally came from the Jūgo Clan. The Ōkami clan thoroughly researched the nature of their own kekkei genkai with the assistance of the Toads of Myobokuzan, eventually coming up with a seal that essentially cut their kekkei genkai off. Through the use of the seal, those aptly trained can properly use their abilities. Unfortunately some thirst for too much power and utilize their kekkei genkai too much and too freely, eventually falling into madness…

Being under the care of his mother for the most part, Katsuro grew fascinated in the art of medical ninjutsu seeing the acts of the healing his mother performed within his own home. As he grew older, he would come to assist his mother in the basic mending of wounds, splinting of injuries, and the administration of various medicines concocted by his mother through the art of herbalism alongside the taijutsu training he would receive from her which was derived from the Hyuuga style. He would go through and study many books describing and outlining the intricacies of human anatomy and physiology, but not only human, but also of the various beasts that comprised the realm and had been studied before. He would also practice some of the more basic medical ninjustu techniques, such as infusion of chakra to speed the healing of wounds on small animals, and during practice on the people of the village under the direct supervision of his mother and only for the smaller wounds.
Katsuro not only inherited his mother’s good will and interest in the healing arts along with her finely tuned taijutsu; however, but also his father’s fighting spirit and bad habits of always getting into trouble. As much as Katsuro loved learning, it got boring to read or study after sometime so he would go out into the village and conduct pranks and get into all kinds of fights. The fights led him to develop his taijutsu skills further, drawing upon and mixing the fine style of his mother's taijutsu as well as his father's more savage and ever adapting taijutsu. Of these fights, he would win just as many as he lost on average despite them always involving three or more individuals against himself, and he would always offer up to heal his opponents as an act of good sportsmanship after the fight before eventually tending to his own wounds.

During the few days his father was home and free of duties, he would take Katsuro out into the forest and put him through intense training as he would coax and unleash various beasts upon him. It was through these intense trainings that Katsuro ultimately learned the way of the land and the basic survival skills needed to live during the most trying times. He also further improved his taijutsu skills by learning how to focus his chakra into his attacks, and became adept at close combat utilizing various weapons and coating them in chakra through the use of his wind nature such as a pair of Battle Claws his father gave to him as a gift one day when he returned after a long battle. This was to make up for the lack of Katsuro's ability to call upon the Byakugan as his mother could which left him a bit depressed, the kekkei genkai of her bloodline still lying dormant within his own body. When and where and if it could even reveal itself no one could tell, as the union of his father and mother were the first between an Ōkami and Hyuuga. His mother had faith though that when the time came, if it were, he would know how to properly use the Byakugan to further protect others and himself.
Soon Katsuro would become of age once turning 13, and per the tradition, would partake in a ceremony in which each adolescent of the Ōkami clan would have a wolf’s print sealed on the center of their upper back (Fūinjutsu: Wolf’s Seal) by the clan’s leader to limit the amount of outside nature/spirit chakra that would enter their body autonomously as their kekkei genkai emerged. Unlike the Byakugan which still lay dormant, his father could tell Katsuro was showing signs of the Ōkami clan's kekkei genkai emerging as his mood swings were becoming more violent and his skin was darkening with each new day. Given the nature of the kekkei genkai, the untrained body of an adolescent would otherwise keep absorbing nature chakra until the person turned savaged and enraged fairly quickly and went on a killing spree, eventually their own body breaking down as their chakra channels could not handle the large influx of energy if they were not tracked down and killed before hand by a special division of nin within the village specifically trained to handle rogue kekkei genkai users. The seal was similar to the sealing jutsu utilized on bijuu carriers, but instead of keeping foreign chakra isolated and sealed within the body, the clan’s seal was designed to keep foreign chakra outside and sealed away from the body until the user matured enough physically and mentally to slowly release the seal in stages and utilize the nature chakra around them. Following having received the seal per tradition, Katsuro’s father would teach him the clan’s special wolf transformation technique. The technique only required a small amount of nature chakra in addition to the user’s innate physical/spiritual chakra, and thus stage zero of the seal release was all that was necessary. Stage zero involved the user making a basic hand sign while focusing on the seal as a whole on the user’s back, imagining a current of warmth emanating out from it. This would cause the seal as a whole to appear on the user’s back, as a steady small amount of nature chakra would then be allowed to enter their body freely. It was through this that Katusro was able to transform into a wolf and train in the arts of wolf combat under his father’s supervision. Eventually Katsuro would learn to utilize stage one and two of the seal release process, where there were six stages in all along with a final seventh stage that involved complete seal break, considered suicidal, and the technique only known by the clan’s leader.
Katsuro at one point in time managed to achieve stage four of the seal release process completely on accident and by fluke where the seal was designed not to allow the next stage of release until the user was truly ready. This came one night when the village was attacked when his father, mother, and most of the village’s forces were away in a large scale battle, the battle later found out to be a diversion so the village could be attacked and raided for its secret techniques. Katsuro awoke to blood curling screams outside his home within the streets, and now being age sixteen, much stronger, and well trained as he was, he grabbed his pair of Kusarigamas given to him as a gift from his father for becoming a genin and jumped into action. The young genin was not prepared for the sight before him though, as he saw countless women and children lay slain across the street. All he remembers next was seeing a foreign nin toying with a corpse before him, before rage boiled up inside of him, and then… nothing… total blackness. He awoke two weeks later within a hospital within Konohagakure where apparently most of the injured from his own village were transported here for treatment when a convoy of Konoha nin caught wind of the attack on the village and came to aid. When they arrived though, all they found where remnants of the assailants bodies torn to shreds as if attacked by some large wild beast, and the rest having retreated. What survivors that remained and recalled events of that night spoke of the genin going berserk to anbu nin investigators, which led them to find out the shock of the events somehow managed to cause the genin to overtake the seal and cause an instant stage 4 release. The genin eventually collapsed from exhaustion, and the seal was then able to take back control of his kekkei genkai. Such was what the genin heard from the anbu’s report to the Hokage outside his room. Since then, the genin acquired the nickname of “MaliciousWolf’ to those aware of the events from that night. Most though only knew him simply as Wolf/Ōkami, few knew his given name Katsuro.
Now two years later at age eighteen, the young genin returns to Konohagakure to assist in its affairs while showcasing himself as a force to be reckoned with as he further trains his mind and body to further call upon and control the nature chakra around him, and perhaps one day call upon the Byakugan.

  • Kekkei Genkai: Variant of Jūgo's Clan's Kekkei Genkai
    --->Body has enzymes that autonomously absorb nature chakra with ease and great power.
    --->Fūinjutsu: Wolf’s Seal in place by Ōkami clan to completely cutoff the flow of nature chakra into the body due to negative effects of the Kekkei Genkai.
    --->Seal releasable in further stages as body ages/matures. Katsuro can only release up to Stage 2 of 7.
    --->Stage 0 release: Seal of wolf's paw appears on back briefly like a flash as small steady stream of nature chakra is allowed into the body. This release is mainly used to carry out Wolf Technique, as in transform into a wolf. Slight boost to strength/speed/healing, can be maintained for days with no issue.
    --->Stage 1 release: Wolf's paw remains visible on the genin's back, eyes will begin to slightly glow a soft blue, increased flow of nature chakra into the body, strength, speed, healing, focus moderately increased, human features start to look slightly more feral, wolf form slightly increased in size and more feral in appearance. Stage 1 release can be maintained/used for a total 1-2 hours at genin's current level before fatigue. Once fatigued, takes 12-24 hours to recoup before seal can be released again. Genin is slightly more easily agitated during this stage, which can be more a negative than a positive.
    --->Stage 2 release: One of the four digits of the wolf's paw disappears, eyes now more obviously glowing, human features appear much more feral and wolf like, if in wolf form then form is even larger in size and more menacing looking. Speed, strength, healing, reaction time greatly increased. At genin's current level, can only maintain stage 2 release for 15-20 minutes before fatigue. Will remain fatigued for at least 24 hours before seal can be released again. Genin's perception declines at this stage, despite greatly increased reaction time. Basically becomes more head strong and forward in his attacks, and relies more on his increased healing ability then to simply dodge attacks. Genin is easily agitated and enraged at this stage, and could potentially be coaxed into focusing attacks on aggressor alone for better or for worse.
    --->??Stage 3 release??: Genin has not yet achieved this stage, additional training and/or a stressful event needed to unlock.
  • Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan
    --->Has yet to emerge. Awaiting a special event/milestone.
  • High Marks in Taijutsu, along with chakra infusion into attacks.
  • Moderate Marks in Medical Ninjutsu: Able to heal most small injuries, repair most moderate injuries, control bleeding in severe injuries for self and others.
  • Some marks in Katon and Fūton, mainly using Fūton to strengthen Katon attacks and increase sharpness/speed of weapons. Higher grade attacks more easily utilized with Kekkei Genkai stage releases.
  • Wolf Technique (Ōkami no jutsu): Transforms users partially/fully into wolf. Through use of nature chakra this has true physical form and will not dispel from being attacked. Wolf form obviously faster, has increased senses, can be armed, harder to detect when on the move. Weakness is limitations in use of weapons and some Katon/Fūton jutsu, also cannot use taijutsu.
  • Shadow Clone Jutsu: Katsuro can spawn two shadow clones.
  • Wolf Communication: Members of the Ōkami clan can speak to one another while in wolf form using wolf tongue, along with simple gestures. This is useful in communicating verbal information more openly while in enemy territory without fear of enemy nin intercepting the communication, except of course nin with well trained ears and/or some ability that makes them adept at communicating/understanding animals. If necessary, nin can speak human tongue while in wolf form to other human's; however, speech is grizzly and spoken through growls which can make it difficult to understand for some. Members can also speak to, and understand, wild wolves and other canine like species similar to the Inuzuka clan. More experienced clan members can understand the speech of other animals/species; however, the genin cannot do this yet at his current level of experience.

  • Duel Kusarigamas (sickle blades) each with 5m in length chain attached, light/medium weight. Chains have special clasp at end that can be worn on the wrist of each hand for throwing, swinging, recalling weapon, or to interconnect chains together for longer reaching attack with one blade, among various other techniques/uses. Can be coated in chakra to strengthen/speed up attacks. Great for close to medium distance combat. Released from seal tag during time of need.
  • Duel pair of battle claws, worn like brass knuckles, with three sharp, slightly curved yet thick, blades that are aprox 10 inches in length. Close combat use obviously, light weight, thickness and curvature of blades allow deflection of large weapon attacks up close, great deflection tool for distant attacks. Can be coated in chakra to strengthen/speed up attacks. Each individual pair of claws are worn on quick release clasps hanging on either side of the genin's waist for quick access, plus it just looks pretty dang cool to him :P Go to weapon for most close encounters.
  • Katsuro himself wears studded leather nin attire that have thin plates of metal concealed underneath. Armor is designed in such a way to not conflict with movements, with material thinner and more flexible near joints. Katsuro has a silver/red fur hooded coat he likes to wear that was made from the fur he sheds from his wolf form. The coat not only provides warmth, but is used to conceal his human scent from the various beasts he may encounter, as well as from special tracking nin units where it gives off the scent of a wolf. Given its thickness though, Katsuro is known to take the coat off during direct encounters and tying it around his waist so his movements are not restricted.
  • Set of wolf armor with metal plates across vital areas, legs, and head, studded soft leather like material in areas requiring freedom to move/bend, even thinner material under the pits of the legs that serves nothing but to hold everything together and not hinder leg movement. A few side pouches holstering kunai among other small ninja tools and pills easily accessible by a wolf's mouth. Full set contained within a small summoning seal somewhere on the genin's person, can be released during full wolf transformation technique or sometime later after the transformation had occurred. Resealable of course after finished being used.
  • Various other common shinobi tools such as explosive tags, smoke bombs/releasing tags, kunai, shuriken, food pills, first aid supplies, flash bombs, list goes on.


After all these years, why didn't I think about utilizing the forums as a place to post a bio and edit it as time goes on. Duh! :P
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