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Mangekyou Sharingan seems preeeetty underpowered. Sure, on paper, you look at it and think "Hey, that lasts 15 turns for 10 chakra and if I'm lucky they'll be flawless turns!" But as I'm sure most people know by now, Tsubame Fubuki(3rd chakra skill of Hyouton Ninjutsu) can do the exact same with less chakra and it's even stronger. I feel no need to use Tsukiyomi and there aren't any enemies tough enough for me to want to break out Amaterasu. It does OP damage and lasts two turns. Better off using Tsubame. With just a cost of 3 chakra, Hyuga can take out enemies for 18turns! Anyway! Long story short, Mangekyou Sharingan needs to get buffed, ALTHOUGH it is my first time getting it so I don't know if the cost lowers as you level or maybe strength buffs. If so, feel free to bark at me!  ;)

For one, almost every KG (uchiha included) is going to be getting updates, so although I can't give any kind of time estimate you can still expect changes for the better eventually.

Secondly, you're ignoring the fact tsukuyomi gets stronger as you get more uchiha resets, AND as you get more oro kills. Add on top of that the fact it also mostly stuns the current target, as well as the fact it doesn't really have an upper limit to its damage unlike tsubame, it becomes far superior overall.

Thanks for the info and the response. Like I said I just got it so I didn't know for sure if it got stronger or not. Neji told me to make a forum topic about it so I did XD I'll see what I think after the other resets I guess.

Edit: Byakugan's still superior to it though. I'd say giving Tsukiyomi double the turns would be more fair, or half the chakra use. All ya need is 3 chakra uses for 18flawless suicidal turns(even with multiple opponents) with Byakugan.


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