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Author Topic: Uchiha 爆 弾 Masane  (Read 567 times)


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Uchiha 爆 弾 Masane
« on: January 04, 2016, 12:10:31 am »

Masane was born to an Uzumaki mother and an Uchiha father. Specifically bred this way, Masane was raised in isolation by her power hungry father. For many years she was pushed through grueling training sessions in order to become a ninja.
The girl reached her limit at the age of 18. She rebelled against her father resulting in his deathe and the awakening of her Mangekyō. Her father wasted no time telling her about the secrets of the Uchiha once her Sharingan activated so she was aware of the power she would gain from taking his eyes. Doing just that, the little Uchiha fled her prison of a home
Over the years time had taken her to Amegakure where she learned she had a dead sister. In her death, the elder sibling passed on her belongings.
This lead to the discovery of the Phoenix for the young girl. For many years the girl trained under the phoenix learning the way of the Sage. During her training she learned she possessed a second Kekkei Genkai, Bakuton. After completing her training with the phoenix Masane returned to Amegakure to further her training where she was gifted Koton through DNA Transplant.


Kekkei Genkai:
Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan


Special Techniques:
Sennin Modo
Mind's Eye
Bakuton Susano'o
Edo Tensei

Inuzuka ichizoku
Incineration technique
Paper Ninjutsu
Chakra Chains

Iwagakure Kinjutsu

Phoenix (Contract holder)
Sphinx (Contract holder)

Custom Techniques:

Reverse Hiraishin - Version of Hiraishin created by her brother. This technique is used to summon a marked target to the caster, though it requires a few handseals as of now.

Hiraishin: Final Step- Another version Hiraishin, though this particular technique was created by Bocchiere, Machina Uchiha, and Ichirou. This technique consists of a Hiraishin formula placed onto a targets heart that activates upon death of the target, immediately transporting them to a predetermined location.

Kekkai Genjutsu - Barriers that afflict anyone within them with a Genjutsu of varying types, these Genjutsu can be broken, But will re-cast upon the victim after a short time span


Kekkai Genjutsu: Stone Body: A Genjutsu that freezes the body of the victim, causing them to feel as though their body has turned to stone and they are stuck in place.

Kekkai Genjutsu: Sands of Time: A genjutsu that afflicts the victims senses, causing the area around the to Appear to be a bellowing sea of sand, Waves of Sand crashing down upon them as they are sucked through the ground, only to re-emerge and be submerged once again. This Genjutsu also afflicts the victims ability to move, as it constantly pulls them 'down' into the sand they believe to be standing on

Kekkai Genjutsu: City of dreams: A genjutsu that forces the victim to believe that they are within a large labrinth like city, usually placed upon an area before battle, as a means to confuse the opponent of the battlefield around them.

Kekkai Genjutsu: Sands of time: A genjutsu that effects the user by slowing their reaction time to extensive levels, causing 1 second in real time to seem like 10 seconds to the victims, slowing their reactions time and causing it to take longer for them to realize they are even within the Genjutsu
Kekkai - The Sphinx Kekkai and Kekkai related techniques


Pyramid of Light - The most Basic of the Sphinx Kekkai, this creates a pyramid shaped barrier of bright golden light,The barrier is a physical entrapment and is reliably sturdy against most forms of attack

Pyramid of Light: Coliseum of the Mortals - Formed in the same manner as the pyramid of light, the coliseum of mortals is designed to force Taijutsu battles for those afflicted by the barrier, as utilizing Senjutsu chakra funneled throughout the barrier, it works to surpress it's victims chakra levels to an extent where even simple jutsu may be difficult to cast
Pyramid of Light: Banishing Shield - a barrier commonly used on a personal level, but can be expanded to bigger sizes (though more tasking to do so) This barrier is a defensive barrier, as any chakra that comes into contact with the barrier is immediately banished into the realm of light. The barrier is also a physical defense, being able to withstand attacks differing in strength depending on the dimensions of the barrier

Pyramid of Light: Pulse of Light - A jutsu commonly used with smaller version of the barriers though still possible through larger version (though tasking). Utilizing a physical barrier as a catalyst, this technique releases a blast of Senjutsu chakra From the walls of the barrier, the force of this attack is dependent on the chakra expended from the caster

Fuinjutsu- Various Fuinjutsu that has been provided by the Sphinx

Pyramid of Light: Prison of the Guilty - Utilizing a physical barrier as a catalyst, Ichirou or his Kuchiyose can cast this Fuinjutsu upon the barrier to seal the barrier and all it's contents within the realm of light,

Pyramid of Light: Gateway to freedom - The polar opposite to the Prison of the guilty, this is a Fuinjutsu used to recover things from the realm of Light

Masane's ANBU:

With his status as Amebuki, Ichirou was also gifted a team of five ANBU, specifically tasked with serving and assisting Ichirou in any way and by any means. The Anbu were all marked for Reverse Hiraishin by Ichirou but are now controlled by his sister since his death, and they come fitted with a prototype model of mechanized armor causing their appearance to be odd as opposed to the norm of shinobi anbu. Each ninja is marked by the young Sage.
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