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Author Topic: Senshi Uchiha  (Read 529 times)

Garō, Ichirou

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Senshi Uchiha
« on: January 12, 2016, 05:57:24 pm »

Backstory: Senshi was raised as an Uchiha, sacrificed by his father to an inhumane and unruly scientist with intention to awaken a power within him that no other bore. Several years of experiments imbued Senshi with an ability that even he has not discovered yet, though a passive by product of the procedures done to him have left him with extremely enhanced strength for his size. But he's not complaining. He was released from the grips of the scientist later in life, his memory completely wiped of what had happened to him. He travels the land now, gathering knowledge to further his control of his elemental Kekkai Genkais.

Personality: Senshi is reserved. Though if he is approached by someone he becomes much more sociable and easy to talk to, he bares quite the people skills beneath his stoic disposition.

- Katon
- Futon
- Doton
- Shakuton
- Sharingan - Mangekyou
- Jinton
- Hachimon

Senshi's custom Techniques;
- Remnant of Nova:
- Swords of Revealing Light:
- Zanka no Tachi:
(These three techniques were given to Senshi via Ryoji)
- Solar Flare: Concentrating the chakra within one of his orbs or other creations of Shakuton, Senshi releases all of the heat within the construct in the form of a massive blinding light, searing the opponents eyes and leaving them blinded for at least 2 turns with full exposure
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