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E3 2016


So this board hasn't seen activity for almost a year now! Time to change that. E3's coming up this year. I haven't checked the list of companies/games being shown this year, but I was able to find this list of Wikipedia.
So, I'm pretty sure since almost everyone here plays SL, you probably also play other video games as well. So, what games are everyone looking forward to seeing?

--- Quote ---Activision
Untitled Call of Duty game (TBA)

Deep Silver
Untitled IP game (TBA)

Electronic Arts
Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC / PS4 / Xbox One)

Focus Home Interactive
Vampyr (PC / PS4 / Xbox One)

Untitled Forza Motorsport game (Xbox One)

Square Enix
Final Fantasy XV (PS4 / Xbox One)
--- End quote ---

Apparently God of War 4 might be featured with a bearded Kratos ripping through the pantheon of Norse mythology this time. Sign me up!

I heard about that and saw some of the concept art. It would be really cool if real, because I greatly enjoyed the God of War series. Even when it was 'bad', it was still fun :)
If they ever need more gods, they could always dive into Egyptian mythology too. Also, if they wanted to be more modern, they could also have him go after the Hindu gods. There's a huge line-up there to be knocked down. But, I feel like they'll stay with ancient religions to avoid hurting anyone's feelings.
Though, I feel like Kratos has no reason to really go after them unless he just wants to go and kill every god out there. I don't think it would be bad having a new God of War protagonist either.


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