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Author Topic: Ninja: Shinobi Legend [Character Sheet Descriptions]  (Read 1800 times)


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Ninja: Shinobi Legend [Character Sheet Descriptions]
« on: November 15, 2016, 09:22:36 AM »

I was able to link the same website for most of the skills and none of the attributes. Luckily I was able to find a different site that described them. The linked ones have more in-depth descriptions.



[Strength] Raw physical strength
[Dexterity] Speed and ease of movement, covering both full body movement (i.e. gymnastics) and hand-eye coordination.
[Stamina] Physical hardiness, including resistance to disease and physical trauma and how fast you can recover.


[Presence] Social Power. (Needs more in-depth description)
[Manipulation] How easily you bend others to your will, either through persuasion or threats.
[Composure] Social Resistance; the ability to stay focused and calm under emotional pressure, and to resist emotional manipulation.


[Intelligence] Memory and raw brain power.
[Wits] Quickness of thinking; measures how easily you make leaps of logic or intuition.
[Resolve] Mental Resistance; a character's strength of will and intellectual focus. Directly contributes to a character's Willpower trait.



[Drive] (Only found Driving; Needs desc. | Operating automobiles under rough conditions)
[Ranged] (Identifying, using, and maintaining bows and ranged weapons)
[Larceny] (Picking locks, burglary, bypassing security, sleight of hand, etc)



[Animal Ken]
[Persuasion] (Convincing others and inspiring their emotions)
[Socialize] (Social interaction in various situations)



[Academics] (Knowledge in Arts and Humanities)
[Craft] (Constructing, crafting, and repairing objects)
[Science] (Physical and natural sciences)
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