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Author Topic: Ninja:Shinobi Legend [Chakra: The Elephant in the Room]  (Read 1749 times)


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Ninja:Shinobi Legend [Chakra: The Elephant in the Room]
« on: November 15, 2016, 10:38:24 AM »

So...let's not talk about running out of chakra just yet. For now, we will hand wave infinite chakra levels just like usual.

What this is for, is how many dots in Ninjutsu do I have to have to use a ranked jutsu.

Rank E, D = one dot
Rank C = two dots
Rank B = three dots
Rank A = four dots
Rank S = five dots

So currently my test character has two dots, she can't use anything over a C Rank jutsu.

Hiro did something cool in the test fight. He took over my water jet.

How? With many stipulations. order to take over my jutsu, which is rank C, he has to first be able to make rank B jutsu...meaning he needs at least 3 dots in Ninjutsu or its pointless to attempt. [one dot over the requirement to make the ranked jutsu]

Next...because it is an elemental jutsu, he has to have that elemental affinity. Which he does. Suiton user.

Finally...he has to roll two successes to take over the jutsu. Because it is hard to wrest away the control of another person's jutsu. However, S-ranked jutsu cannot be taken over, because you would need ninjutsu with 6 dots, and they do not go that high.

This is an example of a custom hidan. So jutsu creation is quite accessible with this system.

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