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Author Topic: Kokuō aka Gobi aka Dolphin Horse | Uzumaki Keitō: Uzushiogakure  (Read 277 times)

Keito Uzumaki

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Jinchūriki: Uzumaki Keitō
Affiliation: Uzushiogakure
Battle Method: 1v1 OOC
Preferred Judge: PM to discuss such matter.
Preferred Zone: Plains
Preferred Outlet: SL Forum

Special Terms

- I reserve the right to alter any of my preferences above or add to/change/omit any of my rules below on a case-by-case basis.

- The match will not commence until both participants accept the terms and a judge is decided and agreed upon. The judge will be absolute throughout the match and won't be viable to change.

- For anyone, including myself, participants will be allowed any common, general, and basic skills that their character possesses as long as those skills are backed by reasonable explanations and achieved IC. Both participants have the option to display their skill set upon request prior to the fight in order to prevent that there is no sudden 'powerups' your character has attained during the match; meaning what your character started with at the beginning, is what they'll be using throughout, no last minute cover ups either. As well as to cover the basic ground of legitimacy when it comes to accounts whom don't hone resets to back up claims.

- The match is to be OOC at the expense of both the challenger and the host in the event the battle becomes out of hand and narrates either character's death. This also frees both characters from having to become stuck within RP due to the on-going match.

- Despite the nature of the match, you need to learn of my possession of the beast before you may challenge for it. Thus, you may not challenge for it without proof of how your character learned of my possession of the beast. Once that is confirmed, a hunt/match is then reasonable and you will be put on the challenge list.

- Re-posts are allowed, within reason. (I.E. If either participant has to repeatedly re-post, the match will be concluded.) Re-posts are only to fix the issue brought up by the judge. Modifying the entire post to save yourself or completely change up strategy is an automatic disqualification from the match. Edits are NOT allowed. An edited post is an automatic disqualification. A brand new "Reply" must be made so there is a full history of the entire fight for judge and other readers.

- In order to keep the participants engaged and not drag out the fight, both combatants are required to post within a 1 week time frame. Failure to keep up with such limit shows a slight un-interest from either side holding up the match and will cause the challenge to be voided. The cooldown will be initiated to challenger (if challenger is the problem) and the host will be stripped (if host's activity is the problem).

- If, by some chance, the match should reach a point of true stalemate after a minimum of 30 days then a judge may be called in to determine a winner based on how the fight has progressed up to this point. Both participants must request this of the judge in person (I.E. Both fighters MUST send a PM for this option.] If this is chosen, then the judge may declare a  winner based on these criteria:

•Who effectively manipulated the flow of the battle the best? The strategy employed (based on the posts) may have been defensive and attrition-based, but was it effective in the long run in wearing down the opponent?
•What caused the stalemate? The challenger being unable to defeat the challenged, or vice versa? Is it constant cancellation of jutsu and techniques by both sides, or merely one side taking refuge in a relatively inaccessible area (such as pocket dimension) in order to avoid defeat entirely?
•Who showed the greatest skill in the fight? This is completely and utterly at the discretion of the judge. His(her) decision is final on the matter, regardless of accusations of cheating or bribery or otherwise. This should be kept in mind when deciding on a judge for the fight.

If neither side can be conclusively declared the winner, then the fight either proceeds or a draw is declared. In the case of a draw, the challenger may rejoin the queue of challengers after the latest challenger without having to wait for cooldown (this circumvention for the benefit of the challenger for not technically being declared the loser, though by not succeeding the host can be considered a winner in this situation). Note, this is a technical victory for the host, so unless the challenger truly believes that a restart is necessary to increase victory chances, then it is not recommended to settle for a draw without reviewing this process a second time.

- Should any play come into contention it would be advised that both parties use the SL feature of 'Dice Roll' within the private zones, specifically 1:6 whereas the severity of their posts would be based of luck instead of the common amateur-lawyer defense as if we created the Naruto lore ourselves. i.e. A 1:6 winning is a clear and complete overpower for winner, whereas a roll of 3:4 gives lee way of a not so perfect overpower for the winner showing resistance. and so on so forth with whatever the dice roll on. This is opted for a swifter and smother process, instead of having to stop and bring 'factual' wikia or databook date in an attempt to prove a point which only drags the fights longer.

Challenge List : Bocchiere, Trev, Ichiro

I hope that there is a basic understanding that each challenger, unless already not a jinchuriki is going up against one. Meaning that said ninja will already be empowered by a Tailed Beast, let alone any other powers they seem to naturally have. Claiming to be up to par with a ninja while enhanced by a Tailed Beast is like admitting you possess a Tailed Beast without actually having one. Know your skill set and abilities when it comes to claiming 'extraordinaire' powers and 'untraceable' speeds. The character known as Keitō having his lineage tie to both Uzumaki and Senju alone backs up the claims to his enormous chakra reserves, don't come at me thinking you have as much chakra as he does, even when amplified by the Gobi. Although OOC, both characters aren't granted a sense of immunity.

Non-Negotiable Voids

* Swift Release
* Hijutsu: Kirisame
* Claims of immunity to Ototon
* Izanami
* Liquefying Super Senjutsu Ototon(whatever that may be)
* Demon empowerment, vampirism, etc. Pretty much anything that doesn't make sense in the Naruto lore
* Borrowing resets when you already have resets
* Any of the recent Rikudou/Kaguya powered abilities
* Claiming to use an "undodgable/unavoidable/unblockable" attack
* Just happening to have "a seal" that eliminates one or more of your weaknesses
* Non Zetsu Mayfly
* Ridiculously absurd AoE techniques that would ultimately result in a character being in a vegetative state to perform. (Even the Six Paths of Pain had to be operated by a stationary Nagato)

Any Questions feel free to ask. Modified my own terms based off everyone else's, thanks.
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