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Please petition corrupted/Badnavs in game, nothing can be done from the forums.

Author Topic: 穆王, Kokuō The Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse [五尾, Gobi] Trev: Otogakure  (Read 164 times)


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Current Host: Trev

Affiliation: Otogakure

Preferred method: IC or OOC fight. May be negotiated.

(Grace Ends 10/3/16)
Current Challengers: None

Special Conditions

-Any judge may be used, but must be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

-Arguing is discouraged if it goes nowhere, and a judge should be used sooner or later to forward the progress of an rp. (Basically, I'm not going to argue with you for an hour over a post.)

-The setting will be zone six.

-You cannot borrow techniques or anything else from your friends or anyone else.

-You have one week to post a reply or forfeit.

-Even if you use clones or summons, you still only get 3 actions

Non-Negotiable Voids

-Swift Release
- Kamui (intangible version)
-Anything to survive 8 gates
-Any of the recent sage power-ups (Tomoe rinngegan, etc, etc)
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Don't say f*ck any more because f*ck is the worst word that you can say

So just use the word mmmkay!

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