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穆王, Kokuō The 5-Tailed Dolphin Horse (五尾, Gobi) Challenge/Preferences Thread

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In accordance with the following rule:

--- Quote ---A host must create a thread with the name of his or her bijuu in the title to the Bijuu Arena board, and use this thread to: state his or her preference for battle, keep a list of challengers, indicate if he or she is a new host and when his or her grace period will be over, and post any notices of absence.
--- End quote ---

The purpose of this thread is for the current host of the beast listed on the title to maintain a post of preferences for battle, grace period ending, challenger list, and a post regarding leaves of absence.

Challengers are also required to post here in order to formally challenge the host. Any challenges made outside of this thread for this beast are, from this point forward, are not considered official and should not hold up in a Council verdict as legitimate.

Each new preference listing starts as the beginning of a new preferences cycle; if, for whatever reason, a challenge is made before the preference goes up, then that challenge is still valid and must be included in the challenger's listing. Each beast thread will have this same notice as a reminder of how these challenge threads should operate.

Summoner Name: Eric Nara

Active Notices: Jisiegakure

Mastery: Summoner with a previous history with the tailed beast

Current Challenger: Sabumaru

Preferred Judges: Shadow, Athos, Tomi, Jay, Kirk

Challenger History:

1] 09/11/14 (9/22/2014 - 10/28/2014) Elemental Seraph :conceded due to inactivity.  (Forum)
2] 09/27/14 (10/29/2014 - 11/20/2014) Senju Ichirou     :challenger conceded    (Forum)
3] 10/28/14 (11/22/2014 - 12/1/2014)  Athos                 :challenger conceded (Forum)
4]  11/29/14  (12/3/2014 - 1/14/2015) Senju Ichirou           :challenger defeated (Forum)
5] 12/10/14 (1/16/2015 - 1/31/2015) Uzumaki Machina        : challenger conceded (Forum)
6] 4/19/15                                        Miyamoto Batou : booted due to inactivity (In-game)
7] 5/24/15                                        Ichirou Hyuuga: Passed over
8] 5/29/15 ( 6/15/2015 - 7/8/2015)              Rikudou   Victory for the Challenger

9] 6/4/15 ( ? - ?)                              Sarutobi, Shin:   From old list
10] 6/8/15 (? - ?)                             Masane: From old list
11] 9/15/17 (? - ?)                           Sabumaru

OOC Battle Conditions

* No insta-seal fuinjutsu
* No Izanagi, Izanami, nor Kotoamatsukami
* No demonic/Sage/special chakras that are stronger than augmentations granted by possessing and using biju chakra.
* No stacking special chakras to become stronger than a combination of sage mode + biju chakra.
* Mutipliers such as 3x or 6x or whatever for stat boosts work differently. Hierarchy for this OOC fight are as follows: Regular chakra enhancement < biju/demonic chakra enhancement < sage chakra enhancements, where each level is equal to itself. IE, Eric has biju chakra accessible, Yang release transformation, and sage mode. Yang release transformation < 5-tails chakra or Yang release transformation + shunshin < sage mode, 5-tails chakra + yang release transformation, etc. Each power clash will be taken on a case-by-case basis with the judge using this scheme as a guide.
* Jutsu with possible control disputes such as genjutsu, shadow binding, arm wrestling, etc. are in the favor of the initiator for at least one turn unless explicit criteria for nullification is executed by the target(s) (different kind of physical pain for genjutsu, shadow disconnecting for shadow binding, sudden intangibility in an arm wrestling match).
* No intangibililty in any form is allowed for player characters. Summons and the like may be intangible.
* All OOC fights take place on the forum.
* All accusations/claims/disputes must take place outside of the fight thread, and must include both participants and the judge.
All of these terms, of course, are negotiable. By either party, violation of any of these terms twice in a fight warrants a repost, but a 3rd time warrants disqualification.

RP Hunt Conditions
Preferred BGM: Shadow, Athos, Kamui, Kirk, Kayenta, Tomi, Asadi, Gyururu, Kage, Rusaku, Rikudo, Becquerel

Preferred Scenario: Eric is a missing ninja who leads the Nara Order organization. Knowledge of him being a summoner/host would come from him practicing/training with Kokuo out in the field. The BGM would most likely have a random witness, be it some bird randomly interrogated or a civilian watching from a guard post.  They can also learn directly from Athos Uzumaki, who gifted Eric the biju in the first place.

Whether the summoned biju engages in battle or not, the beast cannot be transported by anyone other than the summoner via space-time ninjutsu unless the contract is broken via contract seal. The beast does not have to be fought for, however, as Eric is not above handing over his latest tool in exchange for something valuable, or in exchange for a favor (to be done IC).

If a fight though is preferred, then the first 4 points of my OOC list apply, with the inclusion that the fight itself should take place in biju arena, not on SL. Once the fight concludes the RP then can move back to the zone.

Like the OOC stuff, this is all of course negotiable, but I would rather not stray from this. Also, any arguments need to be settled in between the parties, in public, so no RPing party is left out of the loop here.

This is me making an official challenge for this bijuu.

This honestly should have happened a long time ago, but this is me officially relinquishing the 5-tails, as I have not and probably will not for quite some time be active enough to really do anything with it RPwise. I regret that this turned out to be the better of my options.

I told myself I'll stay away from bijuu matters, but heck... maybe I can try injecting it into IC roleplay somehow.
So perhaps this is me stating my interest in hosting the beast... if no one wants it?


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