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Author Topic: 犀犬, Saiken The 6-Tailed Slug (六尾, Rokubi) Challenge/Preferences Thread  (Read 791 times)


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In accordance with the following rule:

A host must create a thread with the name of his or her bijuu in the title to the Bijuu Arena board, and use this thread to: state his or her preference for battle, keep a list of challengers, indicate if he or she is a new host and when his or her grace period will be over, and post any notices of absence.

The purpose of this thread is for the current host of the beast listed on the title to maintain a post of preferences for battle, grace period ending, challenger list, and a post regarding leaves of absence.

Challengers are also required to post here in order to formally challenge the host. Any challenges made outside of this thread for this beast are, from this point forward, are not considered official and should not hold up in a Council verdict as legitimate.

Each new preference listing starts as the beginning of a new preferences cycle; if, for whatever reason, a challenge is made before the preference goes up, then that challenge is still valid and must be included in the challenger's listing. Each beast thread will have this same notice as a reminder of how these challenge threads should operate.
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Anything you can think of I can't think of, let me know; that's how the sharing circle works.


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Jinchuriki: Kojiro Yokuzu
Character Profile:
Affiliation: Otogakure (音隠れの里, Otogakure no Sato)
(Preferred) Battle Method: X vs. X (IC)
Preferred Medium: SL.
Preferred Judges: Athos or Conker (Anyone Willing?)
Current Challengers: None
Grace Period Ends: 6/25/2017

My Rules:

Please don't be afraid to get hit. I understand that this is a game of words and you're reading what's going to happen at any given time, but you cannot use that knowledge to give your character any advantage they would not normally have.

You can't be aware of something that your character shouldn't be aware of. This ties into the last rule on a much more absolute scale.

If you want to trash talk in the fight, I'm for it, but please keep the cursing/insults down to a minimum. I want an authentic fight, complete with strong emotions if they can be brought out.

If you want to make the fight interesting, you can shoot your idea to me and we can talk about it in private.

Judge(s) Info:

Once a judge is agreed upon, either before the fight starts or the first time a decision is needed, they are the judge for the rest of the fight.

The Challenger and Jinchuriki each have a one time ability to boot a judge. If the agreed upon judge makes a decision just so despicable that you need to get a new one you can say that after this decision you are requesting a new judge. Each participant can do this ONCE, and NOT while a decision is being made. Once a new judge is picked they are the set judge for the rest of the fight, or until the remaining boot is used on them.

Resets and Claims:

You cannot borrow techniques from your friends. You can only use what abilities and tools you have in-Character during the fight.

The abilities you claim to have must have been in your possession prior to issuing a challenge and must have been verified through RP in some manner. I would like proof of training for most, if not all, Kekkei Genkai. I will provide you all of mine.

Posting in a reasonable time:

If you take seven days to post, the fight will be called off and you will be declared the loser. Please note that the timer does not reset if you posted once and then have to repost. I'm pretty lenient. If you give me a reason, I will wait for you to get your situation in order.

Even if you use clones or summons, you still only get three actions, this will prevent clones from being spammed.

How to Challenge and Prerequisites:

If the challenger has a bijuu(s) they will be putting said beast(s) on the line as well. I don't want it, but giving to my village would be nice.

Because I'm in a situation where my techniques and training are in a collection, I'm going to be an asshole and ask a challenger to have a page for their techniques or at least several different references.

If you found a way to bring a technique from out of the Naruto world, I would like to know the logic you're using to claim it. I'm an understanding person, so I'm not going to be an asshole about it.


Swift Release
Body Revival Technique
Hijutsu: Kirisame
Sharingan/Mangekyou Sharingan (Unless you're an Uchiha)
Truth-Seeking Balls

------------------------------------------------------- MISC -------------------------------------------------------
[|] Please read. [|]

I am new to this site, but I am not new to role-play in the Naruto universe. I have looked around this site and have seen that some of you have ridiculous characters. I mean like Hachimon, Mangekyou Sharingan, and Senjutsu in a single character. In some cases, even more. I'm not knocking the hustle. Please keep in mind, however, that I'm starting this character from scratch. I will be role-playing every event, every training session, and every interaction for my character until my departure from this site. However, if you would like to bring your character with five mastered affinities and three Kekkei Genkais into a fight with a Genin, so be in. I'll at least give you a show.

In addition to this, I cannot guarantee that I will be alone if I'm outside or inside Otogakure no Sato.   

This template is not mine. I assume it has been "stolen" several times, but I do appreciate the original owner for making it. Even if I made several changes, I give the owner full credit.
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Hello I'd like to issue a challenge. :3
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I decided to come back at the right time! I look forward to our search and eventual fight. If you could send me all the information I require, we'll get started promptly. :)

Iburi Ray

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Since I have won Saiken I am posting my challenge stuff.
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Iburi Ray

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[Format Stolen From everyone~]
Jinchūriki: Iburi Ray

Tails Mastered: None

Affiliation: none

Preferred Method: OOC 1v1 or IC 1v1

Preferred Zone: Empty Town

Preferred Judges: PM for details regarding the selection of a judge (I have no preferred judge and want to come to a choice on equal terms with the challenger)

Preferred Outlet: SL Forum

Special rules

-The match is to be a 1v1 death match, if the preferred method was agreed to be IC. However the match will be defaulted to OOC, if that player doesn't agree to *IC* terms of engagement.

-Victory for the challenger is the defeat of the host through any means necessary, and vice versa. Death in the fight does NOT equate to death IC, unless such a term was agreed upon.

-Skills acquired during an OOC match are not carried over IC. Similarly, knowledge of participants' abilities do NOT carry over to IC RP.

-If, by some chance, the match should reach a point of true stalemate after a minimum of 30 days then a judge may be called in to determine a winner based on how the fight has progressed up to this point. Both participants must request this of the judge in person (I.E. Both fighters MUST send a PM for this option.] If this is chosen, then the judge may declare a  winner based on these criteria:

     • Who effectively manipulated the flow of the battle the best? The strategy employed (based on the posts) may have been defensive and attrition-based, but was it effective in the long run in wearing down the opponent?

     • What caused the stalemate? The challenger being unable to defeat the challenged, or vice versa? Is it constant cancellation of jutsu and techniques by both sides, or merely one side taking refuge in a relatively inaccessible area (such as pocket dimension) in order to avoid defeat entirely?

     • Who showed the greatest skill in the fight? This is completely and utterly at the discretion of the judge. His(her) decision is final on the matter, regardless of accusations of cheating or bribery or otherwise. This should be kept in mind when deciding on a judge for the fight.

-If neither side can be conclusively declared the winner, then the fight either proceeds or a draw is declared. In the case of a draw, the challenger may rejoin the queue of challengers after the latest challenger without having to wait for cool-down (this circumvention for the benefit of the challenger for not technically being declared the loser, though by not succeeding the host can be considered a winner in this situation.)
Note, this is a technical victory for the host, so unless the challenger truly believes that a restart is necessary to increase victory chances, then it is not recommended to settle for a draw without reviewing this process a second time.

-Prefers SL forum, as it is most useful for fights where long periods of time may pass between postings, serves as a record of the fight's progress for other challengers, and for that damned time-out option.

-Must post at least once every seven days. Though if a pattern of postings persists (I.E. If either player stretches their posting to the full seven days each and every post without prior notification to the other), then the challenge will be voided. The cool-down will be initiated to challenger (if challenger is problem) and the host will be stripped (if host's activity is problem).

- A judge *must* be picked before or during the first round of initial entrance posting by both parties, if the chosen judge makes a ruling that is deemed ridiculous by either party, a new judge may be chosen ONCE by either side. If the matter still can't be settled, it must be brought to the forums for a final decision.

-Re-posts are allowed, within reason. (I.E. If either participant has to repeatedly re-post, the match will be concluded. See inactivity clause.) Re-posts are only to fix the issue brought up by the judge. Modifying the entire post to save yourself or completely change your character's strategy is an automatic disqualification from the match. (See inactive clause for consequences.) Edits are NOT allowed. An edited post is an automatic disqualification. A brand new "Reply" must be made so there is a full history of the entire fight for judge and other readers.

-Can only use skills that are known IC at the official start of the match. No borrowing from others. No immediate power ups within the match.

-Discussion of non-allowed techniques will vary by challenger and discussed via PM, only.

-Inflammatory, racial, harassing, or abusive language aimed at each other either in the match or in PM will result in an immediate void of the challenge. If challenger, (s)he loses all rights to ever challenge the current Jinchūriki. If host, he loses the match and Bijū given to the challenger.

-In the event that a host is defeated, the new host has the cool-down challenge period time-frame to either accept the special regulations for the tailed beast or completely re-write or alter the special rules. If they do not post their own variant by the beginning of the next challenge, then it is to be assumed that they comply with the previous special regulations.

-If host defeated, allow host to finish up any roleplay that may involve having the beast. Then a reasonable RP will be concluded as to how the beast transferred hands.

Any questions, PM me please.

(Mostly) Non-Negotiable Voids

* Swift Release
* Senjutsu-enhanced Dust Release techniques
* Rinnegan + Sage Mode or Tenseigan + Sage Mode
* Tenseigan
* Claims of immunity to Ototon
* Liquefying Super Senjutsu Ototon
* Body Revival Technique (when used to survive the Hachimon Tonkō no Jin)
* Demon empowerment, vampirism, etc. Pretty much anything that doesn't make sense in the Naruto lore
* Borrowing resets when you already have resets
* Izanami
* Kotoamatsukami
* If you have Kamui with other MS Jutsu (Such as Amaterasu or Tsukiyomi). It's either Kamui/Susano'o or Tsukiyomi/Amaterasu/Susano'o. Pick one set of techniques or the other.
* Using Izanagi to circumvent the negative effects of the Gate of Death
* Any of the recent Rikudou powered abilities
* Claiming to use an "undodgable/unavoidable/unblockable" attack
* Just happening to have "a seal" that eliminates one or more of your weaknesses
* Non Zetsu Mayfly

**All of this is subject to any change at the host's discretion**

[Challenge List]:
“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."


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